Ohiti Circuit Graded RR BOTs Race 2

Saturday, July 17, 2021 14:01 (GMT+12) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling
Location: Crownthorpe, New Zealand
Start type: Manual wave start
Wave grouping: By distance
Racers: 69
Timed on: samsung SM-T805Y
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 4.8
Chip timing: RFID - LLRP
RFID reader: Motorola
Updated: Friday, July 23, 2021 07:52 (GMT+12)
Organized by: SuperVision Sports
Race website: https://www.facebook.com/supervisionsports/

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  • A Elite - Hub Cycle Centre A Elite
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1302Ben EarnshawPedal Cartel Hub Cycle Centre A Elite 1:30:27.40--100%0.00%0.00%14:01:39.00
  • A Grade - Hub Cycle Centre A Grade
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1391Phil MurphyPedal Cartel Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:30:22.26--100%5.43%5.66%14:01:39.00
234Jackson FellowesTeamfellowes Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:30:23.28+0:01.02+0.02%99.98%5.41%5.64%14:01:39.00
3100Gary HallTaradale Clocktower Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:32:39.28+2:17.03+2.53%97.54%3.04%3.27%14:01:39.00
4253Andrew TownsendPedal Cartel Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:35:46.70+5:24.44+5.98%94.35%-0.23%0.01%14:01:39.00
547Chris ClarkTaradale Clocktower Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:35:47.31+5:25.05+5.99%94.34%-0.24%0.00%14:01:39.00
6138Jason KellyGangstas Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:35:48.66+5:26.40+6.02%94.32%-0.26%-0.02%14:01:39.00
767Marcus FellowesTeamfellowes Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:38:12.65+7:50.39+8.68%92.02%-2.77%-2.53%14:01:39.00
8283Kent WilsonPedal Cartel Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:39:43.97+9:21.71+10.36%90.61%-4.37%-4.12%14:01:39.00
9183Doug McIntoshPedal Cartel Hub Cycle Centre A Grade 1:41:18.51+10:56.25+12.10%89.20%-6.02%-5.76%14:01:39.00
  • B Grade - Cycle Nation B Grade
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1360Steven SawyersTaradale Clocktower Cycle Nation B Grade 1:38:24.23--100%2.05%1.62%14:02:49.00
2173Ben StephensonPedal Cartel Cycle Nation B Grade 1:38:24.51+0:00.28+0.00%100.00%2.05%1.61%14:02:49.00
3140Patrick KellyGangstas Cycle Nation B Grade 1:38:29.45+0:05.22+0.09%99.91%1.97%1.53%14:02:49.00
4168Reeve DooneyTaradale Clocktower Cycle Nation B Grade 1:39:55.39+1:31.16+1.54%98.48%0.54%0.10%14:02:49.00
5240Darryl StrachanTaradale Clocktower Cycle Nation B Grade 1:40:01.42+1:37.19+1.65%98.38%0.44%0.00%14:02:49.00
6327Ben WilsonPedal Cartel Cycle Nation B Grade 1:40:01.63+1:37.40+1.65%98.38%0.44%0.00%14:02:49.00
787Hamish GoodwinGPC Cycle Nation B Grade 1:40:10.20+1:45.97+1.79%98.24%0.29%-0.15%14:02:49.00
8315Lindsay SheppardGPC Cycle Nation B Grade 1:43:21.06+4:56.83+5.03%95.21%-2.87%-3.33%14:02:49.00
933Willem BruinsPedal Cartel Cycle Nation B Grade 1:45:23.80+6:59.56+7.11%93.37%-4.91%-5.37%14:02:49.00
  • C Grade - HB Technologies C Grade
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1514Regan BangCCHB HB Technologies C Grade 1:38:47.01--100%3.99%2.42%14:04:05.00
22426Matt LockTaradale Clocktower HB Technologies C Grade 1:38:50.86+0:03.85+0.06%99.94%3.92%2.36%14:04:05.00
3495Dylan CameronPedal Cartel HB Technologies C Grade 1:38:52.15+0:05.14+0.09%99.91%3.90%2.34%14:04:05.00
4398Doug HainesPedal Cartel HB Technologies C Grade 1:40:17.11+1:30.10+1.52%98.50%2.53%0.94%14:04:05.00
564Ross DyerTaradale Clocktower HB Technologies C Grade 1:40:19.90+1:32.89+1.57%98.46%2.48%0.89%14:04:05.00
6145Nat KerwinPedal Cartel HB Technologies C Grade 1:40:23.32+1:36.31+1.62%98.40%2.43%0.84%14:04:05.00
7174Carol McCallumGPC HB Technologies C Grade 1:40:23.91+1:36.90+1.63%98.39%2.42%0.83%14:04:05.00
8362Wayne FileGangstas HB Technologies C Grade 1:40:24.28+1:37.27+1.64%98.39%2.41%0.82%14:04:05.00
944Stephen HulenaCCHB HB Technologies C Grade 1:42:03.82+3:16.81+3.32%96.79%0.80%-0.82%14:04:05.00
10265Keri WakelyTaradale Clocktower HB Technologies C Grade 1:42:08.62+3:21.61+3.40%96.71%0.72%-0.90%14:04:05.00
11409Jason ByePedal Cartel HB Technologies C Grade 1:42:08.86+3:21.85+3.41%96.71%0.72%-0.90%14:04:05.00
12278Peter WeskettGangstas HB Technologies C Grade 1:43:39.89+4:52.88+4.94%95.29%-0.76%-2.40%14:04:05.00
13120Ian HollwayGangstas HB Technologies C Grade 1:43:40.50+4:53.49+4.95%95.28%-0.77%-2.41%14:04:05.00
1423Michael EmeryTaradale Clocktower HB Technologies C Grade 1:43:55.22+5:08.21+5.20%95.06%-1.01%-2.65%14:04:05.00
152406Peter SatterthwaiteGangstas HB Technologies C Grade 1:54:20.01+15:33.00+15.74%86.40%-11.13%-12.94%14:04:05.00
1638Gavin BushGangstas HB Technologies C Grade 1:55:53.10+17:06.09+17.31%85.24%-12.64%-14.47%14:04:05.00
-75Simon PepperCCHB HB Technologies C Grade DNF-----14:04:05.00
  • D Grade - E Bike
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
142Dave ChotePedal Cartel E Bike 1:50:29.76--100%0.00%0.00%14:05:38.00
2285Ian WrightPeak Performers E Bike 1:50:29.93+0:00.17+0.00%100.00%0.00%0.00%14:05:38.00
  • D Grade - My Ride Hastings D Grade
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1515Christopher JarrettTaradale Clocktower My Ride Hastings D Grade 1:50:15.15--100%4.46%1.62%14:05:38.00
2111Jason YangGPC My Ride Hastings D Grade 1:50:15.31+0:00.16+0.00%100.00%4.45%1.62%14:05:38.00
3123Rick WentzTaradale Clocktower My Ride Hastings D Grade 1:51:15.82+1:00.67+0.92%99.09%3.58%0.72%14:05:38.00
4436Eddie KattenbergPedal Cartel My Ride Hastings D Grade 1:51:17.85+1:02.70+0.95%99.06%3.55%0.69%14:05:38.00
5210Steve LeonardPeak Performers My Ride Hastings D Grade 1:51:18.89+1:03.74+0.96%99.05%3.54%0.67%14:05:38.00
6132Rachel BartellsGangstas My Ride Hastings D Grade 1:51:21.61+1:06.46+1.00%99.01%3.50%0.63%14:05:38.00
7130Murray JamiesonPeak Performers My Ride Hastings D Grade 1:52:46.77+2:31.62+2.29%97.76%2.27%-0.63%14:05:38.00
8154David LinganPeak Performers My Ride Hastings D Grade 1:53:53.25+3:38.10+3.30%96.81%1.31%-1.62%14:05:38.00
9379Doug RobertsCCHB My Ride Hastings D Grade 2:01:14.77+10:59.62+9.97%90.93%-5.07%-8.19%14:05:38.00
10148Steve CavellPedal Cartel My Ride Hastings D Grade 2:01:15.37+11:00.22+9.98%90.93%-5.08%-8.20%14:05:38.00
1112Ryan SutherlandPedal Cartel My Ride Hastings D Grade 2:04:52.96+14:37.81+13.27%88.28%-8.22%-11.43%14:05:38.00
1227Trevor KitchinTaradale Clocktower My Ride Hastings D Grade 2:04:56.35+14:41.20+13.32%88.24%-8.27%-11.48%14:05:38.00
-163Colin MacDonaldPeak Performers My Ride Hastings D Grade DNF-----14:05:38.00
-139Nicholas KellyGangstas My Ride Hastings D Grade DNF-----14:05:38.00
  • E Grade - Pedal Power E Grade
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
118Gus MoroneyCCHB Pedal Power E Grade 58:56.38--100%3.43%0.98%14:06:46.00
2208Torin LeonardPeak Performers Pedal Power E Grade 59:30.10+0:33.72+0.95%99.06%2.51%0.04%14:06:46.00
3906Lacey FellowesTeamfellowes Pedal Power E Grade 59:30.17+0:33.79+0.96%99.05%2.51%0.03%14:06:46.00
4150David LayPeak Performers Pedal Power E Grade 59:31.18+0:34.80+0.98%99.03%2.48%0.01%14:06:46.00
555Mary CullenGPC Pedal Power E Grade 59:31.60+0:35.22+1.00%99.01%2.47%-0.01%14:06:46.00
6274Mal WarrenPeak Performers Pedal Power E Grade 59:33.47+0:37.09+1.05%98.96%2.42%-0.06%14:06:46.00
7169Rob StephensonPedal Cartel Pedal Power E Grade 1:03:12.35+4:15.97+7.24%93.25%-3.56%-6.19%14:06:46.00
8386Baylee LinganPeak Performers Pedal Power E Grade 1:08:30.39+9:34.01+16.23%86.04%-12.25%-15.09%14:06:46.00
  • F Grade - Fast Eddie's F Grade
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
166Noel EvansTaradale Clocktower Fast Eddie's F Grade 1:04:31.05--100%4.78%4.93%14:07:24.00
2919Joshua ByePedal Cartel Fast Eddie's F Grade 1:04:37.91+0:06.86+0.18%99.82%4.61%4.76%14:07:24.00
3167David MarettPedal Cartel Fast Eddie's F Grade 1:05:54.01+1:22.96+2.14%97.90%2.74%2.89%14:07:24.00
4377Carney MilneGangstas Fast Eddie's F Grade 1:07:51.62+3:20.56+5.18%95.07%-0.15%0.00%14:07:24.00
5182Angus McInnesGangstas Fast Eddie's F Grade 1:09:44.36+5:13.31+8.09%92.51%-2.93%-2.77%14:07:24.00
6141Kelly TandemGangstas Fast Eddie's F Grade 1:09:45.19+5:14.14+8.12%92.49%-2.95%-2.79%14:07:24.00
7195Tighe LeonardPeak Performers Fast Eddie's F Grade 1:11:53.61+7:22.56+11.43%89.74%-6.11%-5.94%14:07:24.00
-54Warren JacksonCCHB Fast Eddie's F Grade DNF-----14:07:24.00
  • F Grade - Mentor
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1160Mike LucinskyTaradale Clocktower Mentor 1:07:52.00--100%0.00%0.00%14:07:24.00