Sample files - start lists

Please see the Post start list from file tutorial for instructions.

Download these generic sample files, or to find a sample start list that matches your race:

  1. Search for results that match your race type (sport, start type, race features etc.)
  2. Once you find the results, click on race name
  3. On the results page, click on the "Start list" menu button
  4. On the start list page, click on the "Download start list" menu button
  5. Choose "Tab-delimited TXT file" or "Excel XLSX file" to download


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Template name Download .TXT Download .XLSX
expand collapse Sample start list for individual races
  • The sample file includes all possible columns, delete the ones you don't need
  • Note that the start type is defined after uploading the .TXT start list file
  • The racer name can be supplied in 2 ways:
    • Name column, or
    • First name / Last name columns
  • The Start time column applies only to the following start types:
    • Interval start
    • Pursuit start
    • Interval wave start
  • The Wave column can be used with the following start types:
    • Manual wave start
    • Interval wave start
    • The Wave is used to determine the starting wave of racer regardless of distance or category
    • The sample shows how you can set up an "early start" for a few racers
      • Racers who start at the normal time are assigned a wave name that's the same as the distance name
      • Racers who start early are assigned a custom wave name
    • You can also setup a "Fully custom" wave start by assigning custom wave names to all racers
TXT file XLSX file
expand collapse Sample start list for fixed relay races
  • Team members can share the same bib, or use a different bib number
  • If a team uses multiple bibs, they must be included in the "Bib" column, separated by a comma
  • The Leg 1, Leg 2 columns are used to denote which order the team members race
  • The same team member can do multiple legs
  • Start time column can be used for interval start, pursuit start or interval wave start
  • Team name column is used as the relay team name
  • Team name 2 column is optional and can be used for hometown, sponsor etc.
TXT file XLSX file
expand collapse Sample start list for flexible relay races
  • The start list looks exactly like an individual race start list
  • The only difference is that all team members have the same “Team name”
  • Everyone has a unique bib number
  • Solo racers must have no “Team name” or a unique “Team name”
  • The number of laps is set on the app (this sample race would have 10 laps)
  • Team members can choose during the race who does which leg (and how many each)
TXT file XLSX file