Sample files - Bib recording sheets

Whenever timing a race with Webscorer where there's a possibility of group finishes, we recommend utilizing a 2-person timing crew:
  • One person operating the device running Webscorer PRO
  • Another person writing down bib numbers (and occasional time stamps) with pen & paper as backup
  • The app should be used in the "Fast-tap view" – which allows you to separate the two key functions:
  • taking accurate time stamps for finishing racers
  • recording bib numbers in the correct order
  • In a group finish, the app operator can focus on getting just time stamps, and rely on the bib recorder to get the bib numbers in the correct order
  • When there's a break in action, the app operator can get the bib numbers from the bib recorder without time pressure and enter them into the app
  • In the fast-tap view, Webscorer PRO displays a "sequence number" on the left-most column which corresponds to the ordinal number of the time stamp recorded
  • Example: number 10 means it was the 10th time stamp recorded in the race

We're offering pre-configured bib recording sheets that are handy in ensuring the two sides stay in sync:
  • The bib recording sheets have pre-numbered boxes where the bib numbers are recorded, which correspond to the sequence number on the app
  • Example: the bib number entered in box 10 should correspond to the 10th time stamp recorded on the app
  • These sequence numbers help the app operator request certain bib numbers from the bib recorder
  • The two can check from time to time that each is on the same sequence number, so that there are no missing time stamps or extra ones recorded
  • Recording an occasional time stamp on the bib recording sheets also acts as an effective backup in case something goes wrong during the timing
  • It is possible to reconstruct all the results from the bib recording sheets with reasonably good accuracy
  • The bib recording sheets are provided as an Excel spreadsheet, ready to be printed from Excel, and as a PDF
  • There are 1,000 entries in the file – meaning that the sample sheet is good for a 1-lap race with 1,000 racers, or for a 4-lap race with 250 racers
  • If you only need say 200 slots, just print the first 2 pages (100 entries per page)
  • Note that the sheets can also be used in a names-only race (no bib numbers), the app uses the same sequence number system in both cases

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Webscorer bib recording sheets
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