Webscorer PRO supports two start types where the racers start individually:

Individual start
- Racers can start in any order and at any interval
- Starting is done by tapping the racer on the screen
- No audible countdown
- You can use 2 devices if some racers are still starting while others are already finishing:
  - One device for starting, another for finishing
  - Both devices operate in “Timing mode = Multi-device splits"
  - You need to combine the start & finish times to get complete results

Interval start
- Racers start at pre-determined intervals
- Starting is automatic and start order can’t be changed
- The app will give an audible 5-second countdown for each racer
- You can use 2 devices if some racers are still starting while others are already finishing:
  - One device for starting, another for finishing
  - Both devices operate in “Timing mode = Normal"
  - The finish device has complete results as the start times were fixed

Steps to to time an individual start race with 2 devices:

Steps to to time an interval start race with 2 devices:

 1. Create a start list
   - Either post the start list via file upload to
      - Instructions here:
   - Or create the start list on the app
      - Navigate to the “Start List” panel
      - Tap the “Add racer” toolbar button
      - “Automate TIME” toolbar button helps automate start time assignments
      - “Automate BIB” toolbar button helps automate bib assignments

2. Start time assignment tips via “Automate TIME” option
  - Drag racers up / down using the icon in the “Move” column
  - Tap the “Sort list” toolbar button until the status line says “Sort order: random” to do a draw
  - Once you get the desired start order, select the first start time
  - You can add time gaps in between categories or distances to the start list
  - Tap the “Reset times” toolbar button to start over
  - It’s a good idea to first assign the start times, then assign the bibs

3. Once you have a final start list on one device
  - Navigate to the “Race Start” panel
  - Tap the “Post start list” toolbar button
  - Tap “Post to” or tap “Share via Bluetooth”

 4. On the 2nd device
  - Tap “Race with start list”
  - Either tap “Download start list from” / “My posted start lists”
  - Or tap “Download start list via Bluetooth"
  - Navigate to the “Race Start” panel without making any changes 

5. On both devices
  - If the start times are set as time-of-day / clock times (e.g. 11:00:00)
    - Tap the “Race clock adjustment” option
    - Choose the “Adjust for start time” option
    - Set the dials to "11 hours 0 mins 0 secs"" & tap “Done"
  - Tap the “Start Race” button at the same time on both devices
  - The race clocks should be now be in sync
  - If there’s a 1 second difference, that won’t affect the order of finish as the time offset is the same for everyone
  - Tap “Race control” / “Restart race” to resynchronize the race clocks

 6. On the device used for starting
   - Remain on the “Race Start” panel
   - The app will give a 5-second audible countdown beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-BEEP
   - You can turn this option off by tapping the “Settings” toolbar icon
   - Once all the racers have started, you can end the race via “Race control”
   - The finish device knows the start times so there’s no need to share the data from this device 

7. On the device used for finishing
  - Tap the “Race Finish” navigation button
  - You can turn the screen off if it’ll be a while before first racers finish
  - Finish racers using Normal view / Fast-tap view / Keypad view, as appropriate
  - The results will be available on the finish device immediately


- Using the “Pause start” option in “Race control” only works if you do it on both devices
- If you want flexibility to change the start times and / or start order during the race, consider using “Start type = Individual"
- You can use a 3rd device at the finish in “Timing mode = Bib sync” if you want to record times & bibs on separate devices
- Post the final start list before the race to give coaches / parents access to the start list for split-timing with the app




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