Webscorer app version 2.9 known issues

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iPad and iPhone app

  1. If your device is running iOS 8, the app crashes when tapping any option after install. The workaround is to upgrade iOS to the latest available version. All iOS devices that can run iOS 8 can be updated to iOS 9 or later.
  2. When tapping time stamps with the Flic button, the times are delayed by 0.5 seconds. The workaround is to tap on the screen when accuracy is required. It appears this is a problem with the Flic app running on iOS 11, and a fix will require Flic to update their app. We have a support request to Flic but to increase the urgency of the fix, please send email to emails@flic.io.
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Android app

There are presently no known issues in version 2.9.

If you suspect you've found a problem, please send us a note at support@webscorer.com.