Webscorer PRO timing subscription

FREEFirst 30 days (all features, limited to 10 racers)
USD $50 / yearPRO Manual timing (for race timers - unlimited races & racers)
USD $100 / yearPRO Multi-device timing (includes manual timing)
USD $250 / yearPRO Automated timing (includes manual and multi-device timing)


  • All subscriptions include FREE unlimited email and phone support via
  • 5 devices (iOS, Android, or Windows) included in each subscription
  • USD $50 / year for 5 additional devices
  • Subscriptions do not auto-renew
  • Features available in Multi-device timing subscription:
    1. Bib sync
    2. Name sync
    3. Multi-device splits
    4. Merge start lists over Bluetooth from multiple devices
    5. Bluetooth Flic button support to tap time stamps
    6. Bluetooth bar code scanner support to record bibs
  • Features available only in Automated timing subscription:
    1. RFID chip-timing
    2. NFC chip-timing
    3. Start gate & photocell support
  • We recommend to use Webscorer online registration with Webscorer PRO timing - but this is optional
  • You can upload your non-Webscorer registration data as a CSV or XLS file

Webscorer online registration

FREE Online registration that does not charge fees
USD $1 / participant Online registration that charges an entry fee
Volume discounts for large organizers - see details here


  • Participants make the payment directly to your account
  • For credit card payments, you’ll need your own PayPal, Stripe or merchant bank account
  • In the US, PayPal and Stripe will charge you 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for a credit card payment
  • When participants pay you via bank transfer or check, the only fee that applies is the $1 Webscorer fee
  • The Webscorer fee is payable to us online after your registration has closed
  • There is no Webscorer fee for:
    1. Any entries where the fee is $0
    2. Any entries where applying a discount code makes the fee $0
    3. Registrations entered manually using the admin tool
    4. Registrations uploaded via a XLS file
  • These fees apply only if you’re using Webscorer online registration
  • If you’re using Webscorer just for timing, no per-racer fees apply

Webscorer PRO embedded results subscription

USD $50 / year Embedding of results without Webscorer branding


  • Your web page includes an IFrame to contain the Webscorer results pages
  • You provide the link to the page with an additional "embed=1" parameter. See Blog
  • You can optionally specify the default language with an additional "lang=xx" parameter. See Blog
  • If your subscription is valid we show the results without the Webscorer logo, menus, ads, or footer
  • There is no Webscorer fee for:
    1. Viewing your results on the Webscorer web site