Webscorer PRO timing subscription

FREEPRO Trial (All features, limited to 10 racers)
USD $50 / yearPRO Single-device timing (1 PRO device, unlimited races & racers)
USD $100 / yearPRO Multi-device timing (5 PRO devices, additional multi-device features)
USD $250 / yearPRO Automated timing (5 PRO devices, chip timing, start gate & photo cell)


  • Subscriptions do not auto-renew
  • All subscriptions include FREE unlimited email and phone support via
  • PRO Single-device timing is limited to 1 PRO device (iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac)
  • PRO Multi-device and PRO Automated timing include 5 PRO devices
    1. USD $50 / year for 5 additional devices
  • Features available in Multi-device timing subscription:
    1. Back-up timing with a 2nd device
    2. Use separate devices for start & finish
    3. Use one device for recording time stamps, another for recording bibs
    4. Use multiple devices to record multiple timing points on the same race
    5. Use multiple devices at the finish to scale up manual timing in a busy race
    6. Use multiple devices for day-of-race entries, then merge via Bluetooth
    7. Use Bluetooth Flic button to tap time stamps
    8. Use Bluetooth bar code scanner support to record bibs
  • Features available only in Automated timing subscription:
    1. RFID chip-timing
    2. NFC chip-timing
    3. Start gate & photocell support
  • We recommend to use Webscorer online registration with Webscorer PRO timing - but this is optional
  • You can upload your non-Webscorer registration data as a CSV or XLS file

Webscorer online registration

FREE Online registration that does not charge fees, unless used as a registration for a self-timed QR code race
USD $1 / participant Online registration that charges an entry fee, or is used for QR code self-timing races
Volume discounts for large organizers - see details here


  • Participants make the payment directly to your account
  • For credit card payments, you’ll need your own PayPal, Stripe or merchant bank account
  • In the US, PayPal and Stripe will charge you 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for a credit card payment
  • When participants pay you via bank transfer or check, the only fee that applies is the $1 Webscorer fee
  • The Webscorer fee is payable to us online after your registration has closed
  • There is no Webscorer fee for:
    1. Any entries where the fee is $0, unless used as a registration for a self-timed QR code race
    2. Any entries where applying a discount code makes the fee $0
    3. Registrations entered manually using the admin tool
    4. Registrations uploaded via a XLS file
  • These fees apply only if you’re using Webscorer online registration

Webscorer PRO embedded results subscription

USD $75 / year Embedding of results without Webscorer branding


  • Your web page includes an IFrame to contain the Webscorer results pages
  • You provide the link to the page with an additional "embed=1" parameter. See Blog
  • You can optionally specify the default language with an additional "lang=xx" parameter. See Blog
  • If your subscription is valid we show the results without the Webscorer logo, menus, ads, or footer
  • There is no Webscorer fee for:
    1. Viewing your results on the Webscorer web site