We just introduced an automatic discounting structure for Webscorer online registration for organizers with 2,500 or more participants registering through Webscorer for one or multiple events in a 12-month period.

Here's how it works:

1. The system is fully automatic - no manual intervention required on our behalf, or paperwork / agreements by the organizer
2. Any organizer who has at least 2,500 paid registrations in a 12 month period automatically qualifies
3. The 12-month clock starts from the date of 1st paid registration following the introduction of this program (Aug 15, 2015)
4. At the 12-month anniversary, the website code checks the number of paid registrations for the past 12 months
5. If the count exceeds the minimum threshold, all registrations qualify for the credit
6. There are several thresholds, higher volume qualifies for an ever higher credit
7. The code calculates a credit which is then automatically applied to subsequent registration fees due
8. Ie. for year 2, you’d use the credit to cover the Webscorer fee (until the credit runs out)
9. Year 2 counting starts from scratch, but all paid registrations count even if the fee is covered by the credit

There's no need to sign up to get the benefits of this program - simply start using Webscorer online registrations for your events, and click on the "Volume credits" menu button on "My registrations" page to see how close you are to qualify for the next available volume credit level.

Discounting levels & amounts (in USD):

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