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Part of the Webscorer race timing ecosystem

Webscorer is a complete system for organizing timing-sport races:
  • Race registration: Webscorer.com provides easy-to-use online registration
  • Race timing: Webscorer PRO is a full-featured timing app that runs on an iPad / iPhone or an Android tablet / phone
  • Race results: Webscorer.com supports posting of results directly from Webscorer PRO, or via a file upload
Racers and spectators can follow the registration confirmations, start lists and results on Webscorer.com or download the free Webscorer PRO app that runs on an iPad / iPhone or an Android tablet / phone
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Feature highlights

The Webscorer registration provides a full compliment of features in an easy-to-use format:
  • Support for races which collect an entry fee or races which are free
  • Registration for single-day races, multi-day races or for entire series of races
  • Built-in support for races with multiple distances, multiple categories or both
  • Designed for use by 40+ different timing sports in 100+ countries
  • Support for local time zones, local currency (local language support coming soon)
  • Entry fees can be set by distance, category and set to increase by date (no limit)
  • Support for custom questions, including selling T-shirts / shuttle rides for an additional fee
  • Offer discount codes for an amount or % off the entry fee, which can be valid for just a set # of times or for a date range
  • Distribute single-use discount codes via sites such as Groupon, valid for a single race or any of your races
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Racer experience

The registration is optimized to make it super easy for racers to register and to generate clean start list data:
  • Racers don't have to create an account to register
  • Wherever possible, the racer input is from a dropdown, eliminating input errors
  • Racers select first their race distance off a dropdown (e.g. 5k or 10k) and are they presented with a choice of (age) categories that apply to that distance
  • This makes it MUCH cleaner to choose your race category, no bewildering list that includes each distance / category combination
  • Racers can view a Confirmation list showing which of their competitors have already signed up
  • Registration page provides a Google map to the race site
  • A coach or a parent can register multiple racers and pay once for all
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Distances & categories

One of the unique advantages in Webscorer registration is that it simplifies the distance & category configuration for your race:
  • When setting up the registration, you'll first choose race distances and then add categories to each distance
  • The Distance and Category concepts directly translate to the same terms in the Webscorer PRO app
  • Results are classified first by Distance and within each distance you can have multiple Category entries
  • The Distance concept can be understood as having multiple races within the same event (that start together or in separate waves)
  • However, if you want a separate results for Men and Women in a single-distance race but still want a listing of overall results:
    • Setup two distances: "10k Men" and "10K Women"
    • Setup categories for each distance: "19 & Under", "20-39", "40-49", "50-59", "60+"
    • When timing with Webscorer PRO, turn on Category results, Overall by distance and Overall all distances
    • You'll end up getting the following results listing: www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=2614
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Steps when used with Webscorer PRO

You'll follow these steps when using Webscorer.com for registration and Webscorer PRO for timing:
  1. The registered racer list is downloaded directly to Webscorer PRO, no .TXT files to deal with, no Excel required
  2. This allows you to keep the registration open longer, reducing day-of-race entries which are always a hassle
  3. Once the online registration closes, the steps to get ready for your race will take you 5 minutes tops:
    • Download the registered racer list directly from Webscorer.com to Webscorer PRO (one tap)
    • Most race parameters are already set, including race name, distances, categories, racer names, team name(s), age, gender
    • You'll set the race start type, whether lap times are taken and results options with the Webscorer PRO setup panels
    • Bibs and start times (if applicable) are assigned on the app using a graphical tool that automates the process
    • Day-of-race entries are added directly on the app
    • Final start list can then be posted to Webscorer.com for coaches, spectators & stay-at-home supporters
    • Race is ready to be started
Notes about downloading the registered racer list to Webscorer PRO:
  • The registered racer list can be downloaded any time (even before the registration closes)
  • The registration list stays on Webscorer.com and can be downloaded again later
  • To post a start list with bibs & start times (if applicable)
    • Download the registered racer list to the app
    • Set up the race details such as start type & results options
    • Assign bib numbers & start times using the automated tools on the app
    • Navigate to the Race Start panel & tap the Post start list toolbar button
Specific steps, starting from Webscorer PRO home panel:
  1. Tap Time a race
  2. Tap Download start list from Webscorer.com
  3. Tap My registration lists
  4. Tap your race name
  5. Choose the start type, race details & results options
  6. Navigate to Start List panel
  7. Tap the Automate BIB toolbar button to assign bibs
  8. Tap the Automate TIME toolbar button to assign start times in an interval start race
  9. Note that the bibs and start times can also be assigned / corrected one racer at a time
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Money flow, pricing and fees

If you're using Webscorer registration to collect entry fees, here's how the money flows work:
  • You'll need to have a bank account linked to a payment processor to use the paid registration
  • Webscorer supports several payment processors that you can choose from:
    • PayPal works in 40+ countries
    • Stripe.com works in a few countries and is actively adding more
    • Authorize.net works in the United States
    • Elavon, Caledon, and Moneris work in Canada
  • Racers pay directly to your own account via the payment processor, Webscorer does not collect the money as a middleman
  • Racers can pay via credit or debit card or by using their PayPal account
  • The payment processor clears the transaction, deducts the credit card fees and deposits the balance to your account
  • PayPal will send an email receipt of the payment to the racer and another to you
  • Other payment processors may send email, depending on how you configure your account
  • After registration closes, you'll pay the Webscorer fee (USD $1 / racer) to our PayPal account
  • The Race organizers page will present you with a PayPal payment link once the registration has closed
  • PayPal's credit card fees are very competitive, a non-profit organization in the US can qualify for 2.2% plus $0.30 / transaction
  • Even if you're not a non-profit, you can qualify for volume discounts through PayPal to lower the fees
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How to trial

Here are some suggestions how to experience and test the Webscorer online registration:
  • You'll need to create an account on Webscorer.com to gain access to the Race organizers area of the site
  • All that's required is an email address as the userid and a password
  • Easiest first step is to create a registration that does not charge entry fees
  • By choosing No for the option Race registration visible to public, you can test in private
  • We'd encourage you to test the whole process from registration to timing to results to gain a full understanding how it works
  • You can sign up for a free 30-day Webscorer PRO subscription to include the timing & results testing for free
  • If you already have a payment processor account, you can set it up to receive payments via the registration form
  • If you don't yet have an account, you can experiment with the Webscorer PayPal account payments@webscorer.com
  • If you want to test payments, set the race fees low, e.g. $0.50 / entry to see how it all works
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To create an online registration, follow these steps:
  • Create an account on Webscorer - which is free
  • To sign up, you'll need to provide just an email address as the userid and pick a password
  • Navigate to My registrations and click on the Add a new event button
As the Webscorer registration uses a single webpage design, the following should be kept in mind:
  • Whenever making edits, you must click Save changes to save your work
  • If you inadvertently navigate away from the registration page without saving, use the browser's Back button to return & then click Save changes
  • You can edit the same registration setup only from one browser window
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Use previous race as template

This is a handy option if you're creating multiple registrations - or you're repeating the same race from the previous week or perhaps the previous year. Notes:
  • Once you've created a race registration, the summary page includes a menu button called Use race as template
  • By clicking on this option, a new registration is created that looks identical to the previous setup
  • All options are copies over, including distances, categories, registration dates, fees and custom questions
  • To create the new registration, edit / modify the setup; either the race name or the race date must be changed to save the setup
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Race info

  • The race name will be shown on the registration page and can be max 40 characters long
  • The quickest way to pick the race date is to use the calendar icon to the right of the date fields
  • The Race location is specified on a map for the following reasons:
    • It provides a convenient way for your racers to find the race site
    • Racers can search for your race based on a map location filter
  • The Organized by and Race website answers are displayed on the registration page
  • The Sport type is used as another filter by racers to find your race
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Receive payments

  • You can use the online registration for free if you're not collecting race payments via Webscorer
  • The race setup is the same, but you won't be asked to setup entry fees
  • Webscorer online registration can be used to collect entry fees in multiple countries
  • Webscorer registration enables you to receive the racer payments directly to your own payment processor account
  • If you are using PayPal, when the racer has entered their name & race details, Webscorer will send the racer to PayPal's site to pay the entry fee
  • If you are using a different payment processor, when the racer has entered their name & race details, Webscorer will present a form to get their credit card number and other billing information, and then pass this on to your payment processor
  • Racers can use credit or debit cards or use their own PayPal account
  • The payment processor will deduct the credit card charges and then pay the balance directly to your account
  • PayPal's maximum charge in the US is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction - non-profit and volume discounts are available
  • Other payment processors have similar fees
  • Webscorer charges USD $1 / racer when there is a payment to be processed
  • The Webscorer fee is paid to our PayPal account after the registration closes using a link on your registration summary page
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Setting up PayPal account

  • If you don't yet have a PayPal account, it's easy to apply for one online and you can be setup as quickly as in 10-15 minutes
  • You'll need to apply for a PayPal business account or a PayPal personal premier account
  • A personal PayPal account can be upgraded to a premier account with a simple online request on your PayPal account page
  • To enable your PayPal account to work with Webscorer, a setting called Instant Payment Notification (IPN) must be enabled
    • PayPal business account: go to My account / Profile / Selling preferences / Instant payment notification preferences
    • PayPal personal premier account: go to My account / Profile / My selling tools / Getting paid and managing my risk / Instant payment notifications
  • Set the Notification URL to "https://www.webscorer.com/paypal"
  • Choose the option Receive IPN messages (enabled)
  • If you already have IPN turned on for another purpose, there's no need to change the Notification URL you presently have setup
    • Webscorer can work alongside with your other eCommerce sites, the notification URL gets set on the background during the payment process
  • Once the IPN has been turned on, it's time to do a one-time test to make sure the PayPal account is setup correctly
    • Click on the Add account button on the registration page
    • Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account
    • Click on the Create PayPal button which will enable you to make a test payment of 0.50 (in your local currency) to your own PayPal account
    • Click on the Pay Now button to make the payment
    • Webscorer will send you to PayPal's secure site to make the payment
    • Note that to make the test payment, PayPal may require you to use a credit card that's not associated with your PayPal account
    • Alternatively, you can use another PayPal account to pay
    • Once done, Webscorer will receive a message from PayPal that the payment was completed successfully if everything was setup correctly
    • If there's a problem, check the spelling of the PayPal email address and the PayPal IPN settings, and try again
  • Other possible problems:
    • If you're making the test payment with another PayPal account, make sure the payment is using your PayPal balance and not an eCheck
    • If you have the following setting set to No or Ask me on your PayPal account, the test payment may not be confirmed immediately:
    • "Block Payments for the items not sold on eBay from U.S. users who do not provide a confirmed address"
  • If the problem persists, send us an email at support@webscorer.com and we will walk you through the steps
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Race details

  • A confirmation list is accessible on the registration page and you can also provide a link to it from your own website
  • You can choose to make the confirmation list available later in the registration process, by editing the race setup when you're ready to do so
  • Race notes are shown on the registration page as supplemental information pertaining to your race
  • You can display your own logo or photo on the registration page, the default is a stock sports photo for your race sport type
  • The Age and Gender questions are optional and not required for setting up age categories
    • If these are supplied and the registration is used with Webscorer PRO timing, the Age and Gender fields are shown on the results
    • Example race results with Age & Gender defined: www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=2614
  • You can to choose how to normalize the racer name input: SMITH, James / James Smith / James SMITH etc.
    • E.g. if the racer enters his name as "First name = james" and "Last name = smith", the missing capitalization will be corrected
  • There are 3 ways in which the racer can get a confirmation that the registration succeeded:
    • You can enable the online confirmation list (referred to above)
    • The racer will get a payment confirmation email from PayPal
    • You can set the option Always send confirmation email to have Webscorer send an email to the racer
  • The option Allow registration of a team simply changes the name prompt from asking for a first & last name to a single team name field
    • The registration page will include a dropdown asking Who are you registering? - Yourself or Team
    • The Team name can contain multiple racer names (e.g. Ron Carmichael / Ben Jones) or an actual team name (e.g. Team Webscorer)
    • When using Webscorer PRO for timing, the text in the Team name field will be used as the Name to identify the racer
    • The same race may contain teams as well as individuals (e.g. racing the same distance, but in different categories)
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Team / club / hometown / license fields

  • If the race timing is done with Webscorer PRO, there are two parameters associated with each racer: Team name and Team name 2
  • These parameters can be used to identify e.g. the home town of the racer, sports club, team name or the license number
  • For example, if:
    • Racer name is "Jim Borth"
    • Team name is "Montclair, NJ"
    • Team name 2 is "Team Webscorer"
    • Then in the confirmation list, start list & results, the fields are displayed as follows: www.webscorer.com/startlist?raceid=1532&details=1
      Jim Borth
      Montclair, NJ - Team Webscorer
  • You can give these two fields any labels you like or use the standard labels supplied on the form
  • If you use the Hometown standard label, the registration form will normalize the capitalization of the racer entry as in the racer name field
    • The State / Province will be provided as a dropdown for US / Canada
    • Racers from outside of US / Canada can skip the dropdown (it is not required input)
  • These questions are optional, if they're not included, results will show racer name only
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Registration dates

  • Set the date & time when you want the registration to open and close
  • If you're using Webscorer PRO for race timing, you can keep the registration open until the night before the race to reduce the day-of-race entries
  • Since the registered racer list get downloaded directly to the timing app, there are no .TXT files to process, no Excel manipulation required
  • You can change the open and close dates any time you want and the changes are effective immediately after clicking on Save changes
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  • The distances you create here correspond to the Distances in Webscorer PRO
  • Webscorer PRO allows you to time multiple races at the same time, e.g. 5k and 10k runs which start together or in waves
  • There is no limit how many distances you can have in a single race
  • A single race way consist of 10 distances and one race can be completed before the next one is started (using wave starts)
  • You can also use the distance concept to separate the overall results for men and women
    • Say you have two distances, 5k and 10k and want to separate the men's results from the women's
    • You'd define the distances as "5k Men", "5k Women", "10k Men" and "10k Women"
    • This will give you separate gender-specific overall results for each distance
    • You can now use gender-neutral age categories for each distance (e.g. "19 & Under", "20-39", "40-49" and so on)
  • If you want the overall results classified regardless of gender
    • Define the distances as "5k" and "10k"
    • Use gender-specific age categories to separate the results between men and women
  • Each distance name can be max 25 characters long
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  • The categories you create here correspond to the Categories in Webscorer PRO
  • Note that the categories are defined per distance and each distance may have the same categories or different ones
  • Categories are used for results classification between males / females or across different age groups
  • When used with distances, categories can provide 2 levels of results classification
    • The Distances can also include a sub-category (e.g. 30km Road-bike, 30km TT-bike)
    • The Categories can then provide further results classification within each distance
  • If the same categories repeat across multiple distances, you only have to type the category names once
  • Each category name can be max 25 characters long
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Limit number of entries

  • You can limit the number of racers allowed to register, once the limit is reached, the next racer gets a message:
    "Sorry the race is full"
  • You can limit the total number or set the limit for each distance or category
  • Optionally, you can also set up a waiting list which racers can enter (without paying)
  • You can then choose to invite racers from the waiting list to register:
    • Using the waiting list management tool, you will see a list of racers who have entered their information for the waiting list
    • You'll select a racer (or a group of racers) and "invite" them to register; an email is sent to each racer
    • You can optionally set a time limit in which the racer must register, otherwise the invitation will be cancelled
    • The racer gets a customized registration link that's valid only for their own registration
    • Once the racer completes the payment, the racer is confirmed to be registered for the race
    • You can also send an email to everyone on the waiting list informing them e.g. that no more racers are accepted into the race
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Race entry fees

  • You can setup the entry fees by distance by category or by distance / category combination
  • You can set the fees to go up on a given date to offer "early bird" discounts or to penalize for signing up late
  • There is no limit how many times the entry fee may increase
  • Here's how to set the entry fees when you have different entry fees depending on distance or category:
    • First, define all the different entry fee amounts for your race by clicking on the + button next to Add a new entry fee
    • Once all the different entry fees are defined, then assign each fee to a distance or category by clicking on the Edit button
  • An example:
    • You have two distances, 5k and 10k
    • You have four categories: Men, Women, Junior boys and Junior Girls
    • The entry fee is $40 for adults and $20 for juniors
    • You want to offer a $10 discount for signing up early (e.g. before March 1)
  • First you'd add the two entry fees as follows:
    • $10 at open and $20 after March 1
    • $30 at open and $40 after March 1
  • Next, you'd click Edit next to each entry fee and assign the fees as follows:
    • The $10 / $20 entry fee is assigned to "Any distance" and "Junior boys" & "Junior girls"
    • The $30 / $40 entry fee is assigned to "Any distance" and "Men" & "Women"
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Discount codes

  • If you want to offer some racers a discount off the race entry fee, the easiest way to do that is via discount codes
  • A discount code is a string such as "SUPER-VOLUNTEER" that racers will enter as part of the registration
  • A discount code can be maximum of 20 characters long
  • You can set the discount to be a fixed amount off the entry fee, a percentage of the entry fee or of all race charges
  • E.g. a discount code that gives 100% off all race charges will results in a free entry to the race
  • You can have as many discount codes as you like
  • Discount codes can be race-specific or if you're organizing many races, they can apply to all your races
  • You can enable the any-race discount codes to apply on a race-by-race basis
  • Discount codes can also have a limit how many times they can be used
  • E.g. a discount code with a limit of 1 can be used by only one racer
  • You can also import discount codes as a .TXT file
  • Here's an example of the .TXT file format (note that the column headers must match):
Discount codeDiscount typeAmount or %Usage limit
Bavarian AFGX1Fixed amount101
Bavarian AFGX2Fixed amount101
Bavarian AFGX3Fixed amount101
Bavarian AFGX4Fixed amount101
VolunteerPercent of race fees5010
Super-volunteerPercent of all charges1005
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Online waiver

  • You can import (copy / paste) your own waiver text that gets displayed during the registration
  • The racer must click on a check box, confirming that he / she has read the text and agrees with it
  • The maximum length for the waiver text is 8000 characters
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Custom questions

Custom questions can be used for practically anything from selling T-shirts and shuttle rides to asking for address or birth date:
  • The form provides a few "standard" custom questions that saves you from typing the text
  • You can always type your own specific text and request the racer input in any format you like
  • The racer answers are displayed on the admin page (by clicking on the Edit button next to the racer name)
  • The racer answers are also included as part of the downloadable .TXT file that includes all registered racer info
  • Here are some examples for the various types of custom questions / answers possible:
    • Single line of text: Cycling BC license number
    • Multiple lines of text: Mailing address
    • Drop down selection: T-Shirt size
    • No / Yes radio button: Are you a member of Cycling BC?
    • No / Yes with a fee: Purchase dinner ticket?
    • URL link of image: (a link to an image of a T-shirt)
    • Prompt only - no input: Adults only (to precede question about Cycling BC license number)
  • To delete a custom question, click on the x to the right of the question
  • You change the order of the questions by clicking on the arrow to the right of the custom question
  • You can edit the custom question text by clicking on Edit button
  • Once you have registrations for your race, you may edit the question text without impacting the existing answers
  • If you delete a custom question after some racers have already registered, you will lose the answers
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Welcome message

When the racer has successfully registered for your race, you can display a customized "Welcome" message that may include some simple formatting:
  • The message can be up to 2000 characters long
  • You can use basic formatting for the text, including links, images and headers
  • The message can refer to the race name & date
  • You can include a clickable link or an image, such as your Facebook page link
  • The race setup page allows you to see the converted message in place so you'll know what the racers will see
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  • You can transfer the "ownership" of the race registration to another Webscorer account
    • Only the owner of the race can view the race setup and make changes
    • This same feature is also available for transferring the ownership of start lists and results
    • This may be necessary when e.g. the person responsible for your club's online registration changes
    • This feature allows you to use your own email address for Webscorer accounts and then transfer races as needed
    • Once you've transferred the ownership, the only way you can get it back is to have the new owner transfer it back to you
  • For registrations, you can also allow others to download the registered racer list to Webscorer PRO
    • This may be useful when one person in the club handles the registration and another handles the timing
    • Hence someone with their own device (and their own Webscorer account) can download the registration created by you
    • You may allow multiple users to download the registered racer list
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  • The series registration is intended for multi-day events or for a way to offer a discount for signing up for an entire series of races
  • A single race registration can be included in more than one series registrations
  • To create a series registration:
    • First create the registration for each race that's part of the series
    • Then click Add series registration and add each race to the series
  • There are several advantages for this method of series registration:
    • You can allow racers to sign up for each race separately or through the series registration
    • The racers who register for the series are automatically added to the registered racer list of each race
    • Each race can have different distances & categories and different fees
    • The discounting is done as a fixed amount per race or a fixed percentage per race
  • If you're holding a two-day race which you don't want racers to sign up separately for each day
    • Create a separate race registration for each race and a series registration that includes the two registrations
    • Set the visibility for the separate registrations to private so racers can't find the registrations
    • Set the visibility for the series registration to public and offer only the link to the series registration on your website
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Series form

  • Since the series registration is really just a "wrapper" for individual registrations, there's not much to configure
  • You'll need to give the series a name, e.g. "Methow Pursuit - both days"
  • After setting the name, pick one registration that's part of the series (does not matter which one)
    • The series registration will get default values from the first registration
    • You'll add the other registrations to the series after the rest of the form is loaded
  • You can define a different set of dates when the series registration is open from the dates for the individual races
  • You can change any of the default values copied over from your first registration
  • You can set the series discount as either
    • Fixed amount per race (e.g. $10 off the entry fee for each race in the series)
    • Fixed percentage per race (e.g. 20% off the entry fee for each race in the series)
  • If you're setting up a 2-day race and there's no registration available for each race separately
    • Set the pricing for each of the 2 races to be the same, e.g. if the entry fee is $50, set each race to cost $25
    • Set the series discount at 0
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  • The entry fees paid by racers when registering for a series are shown as part of each race accounting
  • E.g. if there's a $10 discount per race for registering through the series, then the racer's entry fee shown for each race will be $10 less
  • In other words, there's no separate accounting how much money has been obtained through the series registration
  • By setting up a confirmation list, you'll be able to see who has registered to your races through the series registration
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  • There are multiple ways in which you can offer incentives for your racers to register for your races
  • Discount codes also allow you to offer free entries for your volunteers or VIP racers
  • You can combine the various discounting methods for a single registration
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Entry fees go up by certain date

  • The most typical way of discounting is to offer an "early bird" price for those that sign up early, by certain date
  • Many race organizers also utilize multiple step-ups of the entry fee, in order to encourage racers to register before the last minute
  • Webscorer registration allows you to setup any number of dates when the entry fees go up
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Race-specific discount codes

  • A race-specific discount code is simply a character string such as "VOLUNTEER" that the racer enters when registering to receive a discount
  • You can define any number of discount codes per race, each code is maximum of 20 characters long (and may contain numbers or non-case-sensitive characters)
  • A discount code has three possible values:
    • "Fixed amount", which may be $10 off the entry fee
    • "Percentage of race fees", which may be 20% of the entry fee
    • "Percentage of all charges", which may be 20% of the entry fee and 20% off the optional lunch fee
  • You can optionally also set limits how many times a discount code may be used, e.g. the discount code "CLUB PRESIDENT" can be set to a limit of 1
  • You can use race-specific discount codes (with a limit of 1) for a promotional offer via Groupon or other similar marketing sites
  • You can import a .TXT file containing the discount codes to the race setup (no limit on the # of codes supported)
  • If a racer signs up for your race using a discount code, the code used can be viewed as part of the registration .TXT file you can download from the registration setup page
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Any-race discount codes

  • Any-race discount codes are typically used by race organizers who have multiple races per season
  • Any-race discount codes are just like race-specific discount codes, but may be used in any of your registrations
  • The discounting works exactly the same as for race-specific discount codes
  • Similar to race-specific discount codes, you can import them via a .TXT file
  • You can define a large number of single-use discount codes that are good for any of your races during a season
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Series discount

  • You can offer a discount to sign up for multiple races
  • The discount can be a fixed amount per race or a percentage of the entry fee for each race
  • A single race can be included in multiple series
  • Series discounting works well for multi-day races where some racers may want to race just one day, yet you can sign up for all days and get a discount
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Frequent racer program

  • We're planning on offering a further discounting method that we're calling "Frequent racer program"
  • The idea is that racers will pay the normal fee for the first few races, but thereafter will qualify for a discount
  • For example:
    • A trail-running organizer is offering a total of 12 races per season
    • Racers would get a 20% discount off the entry fee after 4 races
    • After 8 races, the discount would jump to 40% off
    • Unlike the series registration discount. the racers don't have to pre-pay for multiple races
    • They'd qualify for the discount automatically when registering for their 5th race
  • Racers who want to participate in the frequent racer program will need to create a Webscorer account (not required for normal registration)
  • We're interested in getting feedback on this feature, if this is something that interests you, please email us at support@webscorer.com
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  • The race organizer has control of the registration process using multiple admin tools
  • The admin tools allow you to
    • Add, edit and delete racer data
    • Send email to your racers
    • Sort the registered racer list by name, distance, category, age, registration date
    • Download the registrations as a file
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View / edit race details

  • You can edit all the information submitted by the racer during registration by clicking on Edit next to the racer name
  • The popup form includes answers to all registration page questions and contains the email address of the racer
  • You can delete a racer from the registered racer list by clicking on the x on the far right column
  • This is the tool you'll want to use if a racer emails you and wants to change their distance or category or to correct a misspelling of a name
  • If you have another registrations open at the same time, this tool will also allow you to m ove a racer from one race to another
    • If a racer can't make a race due to illness etc., this is the easiest way to move racer's data to another race
    • If the required racer data is different for the other race, the tool will ask you to make the choices
    • Answers to custom questions (such as emergency contact info) are transferred, provided the custom questions are identical
    • The race fee accounting will stay with the original race, but the racer is removed from the registered racer list of the original race
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Add a new racer

  • If you want to add someone to the registered racer list, click on the Add racer menu button
  • You'll be filling in the exact same information the racer would on the self-registration form
  • The racer will be added to the registered racer list and if enabled, to the confirmation list
  • No entry fee payment is required and no Webscorer fee is due for manual additions
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Use as race template

  • If you've previously created a registration, the easiest way to start a new one is to use the previous registration as a template
  • By clicking on Use race as template will create a new race that copies the setup from the previous race
  • You'll need to pick a new race name or race date before saving the new registration
  • Modify the setup as needed for the new race, then click Save race setup to save it
  • If you've created complicated custom questions or discount codes, using the option will save you lots of work
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Email all registered racers

  • You can use the menu item Email all registered racers to easily send race notices to everyone
  • The email will be sent from donotreply@webscorer.com, with your email address shown in the body of the message
  • The message automatically includes the race name, date & location, the racer's name, distance & category
  • You can always download the registered racer list as a .TXT file, get all email addresses from there and use your own email program
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Manage waiting list

  • If you have enabled the waiting list feature as part of your registration setup, you will have access to the Manage waiting list tool
  • The menu option appears on the registration admin page once someone enters the waiting list
  • On the Manage waiting list tool, you can
    • View / sort racers that have signed up for the waiting list
    • Email all or selected racers
    • Invite a racer or multiple racers to register
  • When you invite the racer to register, an email will be sent to the racer with a link to register
  • When the racer clicks on the link, a registration page will open with the racer's name, distance & category pre-filled (which cannot be changed)
  • You can optionally set an expiration date & time for the invitation
    • If the racer does not register by the expiration date, the invitation will no longer be valid
    • The racer is returned to the waiting list, but can be invited later again
  • The same racer name can be on the invitation list only once (i.e. you cannot be waitlisted for multiple distances)
  • Once an invited racer registered, the racer's entry is automatically removed from the waiting list
  • You can remove racers from the waiting list manually by clicking on the x on the far right column
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Download registrations as .TXT file

  • All the data entered by the racer as part of the registration process can be download as a file at any time
  • The file can easily be read into Excel
  • Note that if timing is done with Webscorer PRO
    • There's no need to download the .TXT file to create a start list
    • The registered racer list can be downloaded directly to the app
    • Bib assignment and start time assignment (if applicable) are done on the app
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Get HTML to link to registration page

  • At the bottom of the registration page, you can obtain ready-to-use HTML code that provides a link to your registration
  • Use of this HTML code is optional, but it's intended to provide an accurate, well-designed way to link to Webscorer
  • We also offer:
    • HTML code link to your start list on Webscorer.com (available after posting)
    • HTML code to link to your results on Webscorer.com (available after posting)
    • HTML code to download the free Webscorer results app for the iPhone (links to the Apple App Store)
  • We'd encourage you to use these as a way to help your racers easily recognize where to go for registration, start list & results
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Payment flow / refunds & disputes

  • All the money flow for the entry fees and items sold as part of the registration is between your racer and you
  • Racers pay using credit cards or their own PayPal account directly to your PayPal account
  • Webscorer is not involved in any of the money flow and does not subtract any fees from the payments made
  • PayPal subtracts its fee for handling the credit card transaction or the PayPal-to-PayPal transaction before depositing the balance to your PayPal account
  • The racer will get an email receipt of the payment from PayPal and so will you (you can turn your own email receipts off using PayPal admin options)
  • Any disputed transactions will be between you and the registered racer
  • PayPal provides flexible tools for managing returns and refunds both for credit card transactions as well as PayPal transactions
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Paying the Webscorer fee

  • Once the registration has closed the Webscorer fee (USD $1 / racer registered via PayPal) is due
  • The main registration admin page will show a link to PayPal where you can pay the shown amount due to our PayPal account
  • Note that there's no Webscorer fee due for
    • A racer that received a 100% discount and hence did not go through PayPal
    • A racer that was added manually to the registered racer list
    • A racer that was moved to the race from another race using the Edit racer button