Printing is quickly becoming obsolete due to its many disadvantages:
1. During the race, you have to frequently print more pages as racers finish
2. Inevitable results corrections require another printed update
3. Printing typically requires a generator & shelter for printer and paper
4. The printing task alone can tie up a volunteer of two
With Webscorer timing, you have the following alternatives to printing:
If you have internet connectivity at the race site
- You can post the results live to
- Racers can use their own smart phones to check results as soon as they finish
- Results stay up to date, and corrections are immediately online
If you don't have internet connectivity at the race site
- An extra iPad or iPhone can be used as an electronic bulletin board
- The timing device can share the results via Bluetooth to the results device
- Preliminary results can be shared during the race (the transfer takes 10-15 seconds)
- The results device can share the results further with racers' own devices running Webscorer FAN
If you still want to print, you have the following options:
If you have internet connectivity at the race site
- Post the results from the app to
- You can print the results directly from the results page
- Click on the "Print this page" menu button
- The printed output looks exactly the same as the website results page
- The target printer can be any browser-attached printer, including Apple AirPrint
If you don't have internet connectivity at the race site
- You can print directly from the app to a printer available via a wireless connection
- Or, you can transfer the results to your laptop as follows:
  - On the app, navigate to "Results" -> "Post results"
   - Tap on the "Save as iTunes document" option
   - This will save the results as a tab-delimited .TXT file
   - Sync your device with iTunes
   - Copy the .TXT file to your laptop
   - Read the .TXT file into Excel
   - Print from Excel

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