Steps to organize a race

Before race


  1. Create an online registration on (Optional)
  2. Install the Webscorer app to your phone or tablet
  3. Upgrade the app to PRO
On race day


  1. Download the registration list to the app
  2. Time the race on the app
  3. Post the results to
After race


  1. Edit the results, as needed, on the app & repost
  2. Email racer certificates to racers from the results page
  3. Post results link to your Facebook page or website

3 options if you don’t have pre-registration for your race

Create from start list

Create the start list on the app

  1. Navigate to the “Start List” panel
  2. Tap the “Add racer” toolbar button
Create from spreadsheet

Create the start list in Excel

  1. Create column headers as listed under help files
  2. Enter racer data into Excel
  3. Navigate to Organizers / My start lists on
  4. Click on the “Post start list from file” menu button
Create from registration

Create a (free) online registration on

  1. Navigate to Organizers / My registrations
  2. Click on the “Add a new event” menu button
  3. Define your race setup including distances & categories
  4. Save your setup
  5. Return to the reg admin page
  6. Click on the “Add a new participant” menu button to add racers

If you use a non-Webscorer registration platform

  • Download the registration data as CSV
  • Edit the column headers to match what Webscorer expects
  • Navigate to Organizers / My start lists on
  • Click on the “Post start list from file” menu button

How to download the start list or registration list to the app

  • Tap “Time a race”
  • Tap “Download start list from”
  • Tap “My registration lists” or “My start lists"
  • Tap your event name
  • This will download a copy of your reg / start list data, which can be done while the reg is still open
  • You can practice setting up the race parameters & scoring the racers
  • You can also post the practice results (as “private”)

Useful first-time-user resources