Tutorial - Post results from file to Webscorer.com

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  • Posting results to Webscorer.com from the Webscorer timing app requires no file upload
  • However, after posting, you can download the results as a file, make edits in Excel, and repost the edited results as a file
  • You can also post results timed with other tools (e.g. chip timing) to Webscorer.com by uploading a results file
  • Many organizers using the Webscorer app have uploaded their old results to Webscorer.com for a complete race archive
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Results file format

  • The results file can be in XLS, XLSX, CSV or tab-delimited TXT format
  • The column headers in the file must match those listed in the “Valid column headers section below
  • Use of Excel as the authoring tool is recommended but not required
    • When using Excel, save the results file as XLS or XLSX for uploading to Webscorer.com
    • When using other tools, you can choose to use CSV or tab-delimited TXT format
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Pricing / licensing

  • Posting results via file upload requires a PRO subscription
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  • To post start lists to Webscorer.com, you'll need to first sign in to Webscorer.com with your email address / password
    • If you don't yet have a Webscorer account, you can sign up as follows:
    • Click on the Sign in link on the top right corner of Webscorer.com
    • On the next page, click on the green Sign up now button
    • Type in your email address and choose a password (minimum of 6 characters)
  • Click on the Race organizers section and choose the My results option, and then click on the Post results from file menu button
  • First click on the Browse… button to locate the file on your computer
  • Once located, click on the Upload button to transfer the contents of the file to the web page
  • Thereafter, fill in the required field on the page and finally click on the Post results menu button
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Input fields

  • Race name
    • The name can be up to 40 characters long
  • Race location
    • Move the pin to the race location (or enter address to find the location on the map)
    • Allows search for your race with the map on the Find results page
  • Race date & Race time
    • Set the date & start time for the race
  • Time zone
    • GMT+0 is the time zone for UK
    • GMT+1 is the daylight savings time zone for UK
  • Sport type
    • Allows search for your race based on the type of sport
  • Start type
    • Specify how the racers were started
  • Race visibility
    • Public results are searchable (including via Google)
    • Private results can be found only by knowing the URL
  • Timed on / Timed with
    • Specify how the results were timed
    • And with what type of timing device
  • Results options
    • The tool will automatically create separate results listings by distance, by category, by gender
    • In a lap race, you can also specify the results to be ordered by fastest lap
  • Pace calculation
    • You can optionally specify the race distance to show the racers’ pace
    • The options are km / min, km / hour, miles / min, miles / hour
  • Optional info
    • If you’ve set your organizer settings to include your organizer name, website & logo, these will be auto-filled
    • You can add race notes to explain conditions for the race, special prices etc.
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Additional notes

  • After posting the results file, if you need to make changes, click on the Edit race info menu button on the results page
  • If you want to post an updated results file, click on the Edit race info button, then click Upload new file
  • This will replace the previously posted results and will allow you to keep the same URL / raceid for the results
  • If you accidentally delete results from your account, they can be recovered by contacting us at support@webscorer.com
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Valid column headers

  • Place
  • Bib
  • Name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Team name
  • Team name 2
  • Distance
  • Category
  • Age
  • Year of birth
  • Gender
  • Info 1
  • Info 2
  • Email
  • Handicap
  • Penalty
  • Time
  • Chip time
  • Lap 1, Lap 2 etc.
  • Leg 1, Leg 2 etc.
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Additional column notes

  • Place
    • Place is optional, as the upload tool can determine place based on the time
    • If the Place column is supplied, the upload tool has an option that allows you to preserve the place for each racer (e.g. in a bike race finish racers may have the same time, but not the same place)
  • Bib
    • Bib is optional, the results can use name only
    • Duplicate bibs are not allowed in the same results file
  • Name, First name, Last name
    • You can either supply a Name, or First name and Last name
    • If both are supplied, the upload tool will use the Name field
  • Team name, Team name 2
    • Team name and Team name 2 can be used for hometown, club name, sponsor etc.
    • The data is shown in the results below the racer’s name as follows:
      • Racer name
      • Team name - Team name 2
  • Distance
    • Required for a multi-distance race
    • The upload tool will automatically separate the results by distance
  • Category
    • Use for age group, boat type, etc,
    • The upload tool will automatically create category results, if so specified
  • Age, Year of birth
    • If specified, the Age or Year of birth is shown in the results for each racer
    • If both are provided, only Age will be shown
  • Gender
    • By providing Gender, the upload tool can create automatic results by gender
    • The categories can be gender-neutral, if Gender is provided
  • Handicap
    • The upload tool can calculate handicap-adjusted results if Handicap is provided
    • Handicaps supported include
      • % Handicap
      • Fractional handicap
      • Time handicap
      • Sailboat racing handicaps: Portsmouth / RYA and D-PN, PHRF / TOD and TOT
  • Penalty
    • Penalties can be numeric or a time
    • After uploading the file, you can specify how the penalties get applied
    • Penalty can be a display-only (number of penalty loops) or can affect the penalty-adjusted time (time penalty)
    • A time penalty can be positive (time added to the finish time) or negative (i.e. bonus - time subtracted from finish time)
  • Time
    • Time is the racer’s finish time
    • The handicap- or penalty-adjusted time is calculated by the upload tool
  • Lap 1, Lap 2 etc.
    • The lap times are per lap and are not split times (e.g. racer’s time after x laps)
    • For example, in a 2-lap race, Time = Lap 1 + Lap 2
  • Leg 1, Leg 2 etc.
    • E.g. Leg 1 is used in a relay race to denote the name of the racer who did the first leg for the team
    • Team name is used in the relay race to specify the name of the team
    • Lap 1 is the lap time for leg 1
    • Note that Name, First name, Last name fields are not used in a relay race
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Valid data

  • Place is a numeric value from 1 to 99999
  • Bib can be any number from 1 to 99999
  • Name can be 40 characters long
  • First name and Last name fields can be 20 characters long
  • Team name and Team name 2 can be 40 characters long
  • Distance and Category can be 25 characters long
  • Age is a number from 1 to 100
  • Year of birth is a numeric value from 1915 to 2015
  • Gender can be Female, Male, Female/Male - or F, M, F/M
  • Handicap can be a number or a fractional value
  • Penalty can be a string (e.g. 2+2+2=6) or a time (+12:22)
  • Time can have an accuracy from 1 second (e.g. 1:22:55) to 1/1000th of a second (e.g. 45.442)
  • Lap 1, Lap 2 etc, times can have the same accuracy as the Time
  • Info 1, Info 2, and Email are not shown on the website, but will be included in a subsequent download
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Excel tips when using tab-delimited TXT format

  • When saving the file as Unicode text, Excel may give two warning popups - answer Yes / OK to each:
    • The [Race name] may contain features that are not compatible with Unicode text. Do you want to keep the workbook in this format?
    • The selected file type does not support workbooks that contain multiple sheets. To save only the active sheet, click OK.
  • When reading in a .TXT file into Excel, the columns with times must be specified as type=Text (with the default type=General will lose the hh from hh:mm:ss
  • If special characters (e.g. ä, ö) are not showing properly, the TXT file was not saved as Unicode text
  • If you're using Excel as the authoring tool, use file type = Unicode text in Windows Excel and UTF-16 Unicode Text (.txt) in Mac Excel
  • If you are using some other tool, the easiest way to convert the file to UTF-8 is to open the saved .TXT file in Windows Notepad or Mac Text Edit
    • Once loaded, do a Save as and choose the Encoding to be UTF-8
    • On Windows Notepad, the Encoding option is next to the Save button
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How to use the sample files

  • Go to Webscorer.com / Help resources / Sample files / Results
  • The sample files are offered both in .XLS and tab-delimited TXT file formats
  • Load the sample file into Excel (or another authoring tool) and replace the sample data with your own
  • Or modify your own results file by modifying the column headers to match with those in the sample files
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Additional sample files

  • For additional samples, you can download the results from any race posted on Webscorer.com
  • To find a race type that matches yours, use the Find results page to search races by Map / Sport / Date / Type
  • The results can be downloaded as an XLS or tab-delimited TXT file
  • The downloaded results may include sub-headers (e.g. 5 Mile Overall) which must be deleted for an upload file
  • For example, to find the results file format for a relay race, search results with the filter Features = Relay