Webscorer race results

Webscorer PRO supports posting race results directly to Webscorer.com. Results can also be posted via a file upload – even if not timed with the Webscorer app.


Mobile results
  • Once posted to Webscorer.com, the results can be downloaded to the free Webscorer app
  • Racers get a copy of the results “to go” (similar to taking home printed results)
  • The app is the easiest & fastest way to browse results
  • The app can also be used to follow live results in real time
  • Results can also be viewed via a browser on a smart phone
Website results
  • Winners page showing overall, gender and category winner with winning time
  • Separate results pages per distance & per category
  • Download results as file for:
    • Reposting to your own website
    • Archiving for backup
    • Editing with Excel / reposting back to Webscorer.com
  • Language for result pages other than English, selectable by user
  • Results can be embedded in your web site, if you have an Embedding subscription. See Blog
  • Send email to racers with your own message plus the racer's race time and place
High-end features, yet super easy to use
  • Posting results from the app is automatic (live results), or can be done with a single tap
  • Posting results from a file is done with a simple “Post results” tool
  • Racers can create their own racer profiles to highlight their achievements
  • Anyone can leave comments on the results pages to note timing issues – or compliments
Combine results from multiple races into results series
  • Easy to setup & use, works off the (unique) racer name
  • The “Results series tool” supports 5 types of points systems:
    • Total time
    • Points per place
    • Custom points per place
    • % back
    • % of winning time
  • Choose how many best races are counted (e.g best 3 of 5)
  • Series standings are automatically updated as results are reposted
  • For more details see the results series tutorial
  • Multiple results views:
    • Winners page
    • Overall results by distance
    • Overall results by gender
    • Category results
  • For races with laps:
    • Lap times per racer including lap rank & race rank per lap
    • Lap rankings by lap / overall / by category
    • Situation after each lap
  • For races with handicaps or penalties:
    • Separate finish times & handicap- or penalty-adjusted times
    • Racer's penalty, bonus or handicap shown in results
  • Show racer "pace" as:
    • km / hour
    • miles / hour
    • time / km
    • time / mile
  • Search for / filter races by:
    • Map location
    • Sports type
    • Race name
    • Start type
    • Race features
  • Three different file results downloads:
    • Combined overall & category results
    • Raw results data which can be edited in Excel & uploaded back
    • Taps recorded data from the app including all the time taps during the race
  • Posting results via file upload requires a PRO subscription
  • Posting start lists via file upload is FREE
  • Posting results via file upload or from the app requires a PRO subscription
  • Creating a results series is included in the PRO subscription price
  • Webscorer race results is available worldwide
    • Translated results pages with language selected by user (9 languages so far)
  • Embedding results in your own web page without Webscorer branding requires a PRO Embedded results subscription. See Blog

For more information, please see our FAQ.