PASTSteps to prepare for a race with a 3rd party online registration:
A. Online registration:
    - Download the registration list from the online reg site as .CSV and read into Excel
    - Sort the data, assign bibs and rename column headers in Excel
    - Post the preliminary start list to and download to Webscorer PRO
    - Print the registration list for the race check-in desk personnel
B. Day-of-race registration:
    - Racers fill out a paper form, sign a waiver and hand in the form to be processed
    - Racers can pay the entry fee with cash only & get their bib
    - Reading from the hand-written registration forms, you’ll re-enter the data on the app
    - Pre-registered racers may have also requested changes to their distance or category
Key problems:
1. Requires closing online registration 1-2 days before race to allow for processing time
2. Requires downloading & uploading CSV and XLS files and working knowledge of Excel
3. Chaotic check-in desk, with some racers lining up to pick up their bibs and others to register for the race
4. Open to operator errors:  Excel mistakes, misplaced paper forms, misinterpreting hand-written data, lost waivers
5. There’s no easy way to accept credit cards for day-of-race entries
6. Retyping the day-of-race registration entries into Webscorer PRO can take a long time


FUTURE: Steps to prepare for a race with Webscorer online registration:
A. Online registration:
    - You can keep the Webscorer online registration open until 15 minutes before the race start:
    - Racers can be instructed to sign up online using a credit card with their own smart phones, or
    - You can make an extra iPad (or laptop) available for racers to do their own online registration
    - You can still accept cash and your staff can enter the racer data using the reg admin tool into
B. Onsite reg desk:
     - Bib numbers can be pre-assigned on the registration admin tool for those pre-registered
     - And the day-of-race entries can get their bib assignment on the spot via the reg admin tool 
     - Any change requests for distance, category etc. can be done conveniently online
C. 15 minutes before the start of the race:
     - Download the registration list from to your timing device running Webscorer PRO
     - Setup the start type, lap counts, live results on/off, results options on the app
     - Share the start list (via or Bluetooth) if more than one device is used for timing
Key benefits:
1. The reg desk task is reduced to assigning / handing out bibs (and chips) only
2. No Excel required
3. No paper / printer required
4. No need to upload / download or manipulate CSV or XLS files
5. No need to deal with cash at the race site
6. You can have multiple check-in stations
7. No paper forms, all waivers are electronic
8. Less operator errors leads to more reliable timing data
If you don’t have internet connectivity at the race site, you can still keep the online registration open until the morning of the race, download the registered racer list from to the iPad just before leaving home – and enter the late registrations directly to the iPad.
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