Follow these steps to timing a point-to-point race with 2 devices running Webscorer PRO:
1. Download the preliminary start list from to the 1st device
    - Any of the start types can be used in a point-to-point race:
      -> Individual start
      -> Mass start
      -> Manual wave start
      -> Interval wave start
      -> Interval start
      -> Pursuit start
    - The 2-device timing mode makes most sense for manual wave start and for individual start
    - The other start options make sense with 2 devices if:
      -> The person timing the finish must leave to his/her timing station before the start of the race, and
      -> You want to retain flexibility to delay the start if necessary
2. Add day-of-race registrations via the “Start List” panel
    - Once the start list is final:
      -> Navigate to the “Race Start” panel
      -> Tap “Timing mode”
      -> Set “Timing mode = Multi-device splits”
      -> Set “This device records = Race start”
3a. Share the start list with the 2nd device via Bluetooth:
    - On the 1st device
      -> Tap the "Post start list" toolbar button on the "Race Start" panel
      -> Tap "Share via Bluetooth"
    - On the 2nd device
      -> Tap "Race with start list"
      -> "Download start list via Bluetooth"
3b. Share the start list with the 2nd device via
    - On the 1st device
      -> Tap the "Post start list" toolbar button on the "Race Start" panel
     -> Tap "Post start list to"
    - On the 2nd device
      -> Tap "Race with start list"
     -> Tap "Download start list from" / "My posted start lists" / "Race name"
4. Make no changes on the 2nd device:
    - The app will automatically jump to the "Timing Mode" panel
    - Set “This device records = Race finish”
    - Navigate to the "Race Start" panel
5. Start race clocks:
    - Tap the green “Start race clock” button at the same time on both devices
    - Thereafter, each device will be timing the race independent of the other
    - The devices don't need to be connected to the internet during the timing 

6. To time the race on the 1st device:
    - Mass start:
      -> Tap "Start race" (note this is done separately after starting the race clock)
    - Manual wave start:

      -> Select the wave to start next, then tap the “Start wave(s)” button
      -> Repeat for each wave
    - Individual start:
      -> Tap "Fast-tap view"
      -> Tap the racer box to start next
         (you can also tap multiple racer boxes to start as a group)
      -> Then tap the green timer button to start the racer(s)
      -> Note that in a large race, you can use the keypad to pre-enter the bib number
      -> You can also use "Normal view" and tap the racer box & start time together
    - Interval start or Interval wave start:
       -> There's no need to use "Timing mode = Multi-device splits"
       -> You can simply share the start list & start the race clocks together
       -> Either device can be used for starting or finishing
       -> Since the start times are known, the finish device knows how to calculate the elapsed times
7. To time the race on the 2nd device:
    - Finish racers as usual (the “Race Finish” panel looks like a normal race)
    - Racer times will be “Race clock” times, the wave start times will be subtracted when the results are combined
8. To combine results from the 2 devices:
    - Post the results from each device to, or
    - Collect the results from one device to the other via Bluetooth:
      -> Tap “Race control” / “Finish race” on 1st device
      -> Navigate to “Post results”
      -> Tap “Collect split results via Bluetooth”
      -> At the same time, on the 2nd device, navigate to “Post results”
      -> Tap “Share via Bluetooth”
      -> Your 1st device will now have the results
      -> You can collect preliminary results (without finishing the race on 2nd device)
    - You can also collect the results via Bluetooth to a 3rd device:
      -> On the 3rd device, tap "Download races" / "Download via Bluetooth"
      -> On the 1st device, tap "Share via Bluetooth"
      -> Then, on the 3rd device, tap "Collect splits via Bluetooth"
      -> On the 2nd device, tap "Share via Bluetooth"

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