2018 CentralWest InterclubR3 Yellomundee

Sunday, September 16, 2018 11:00 (GMT-8) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn cross-country
Location: Yarramundi, Australia
Start type: Mass start
Racers: 106
Timed on: Notepad
Timed with: Other software
Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2018 18:13 (GMT-8)
Organized by: Western Sydney Mountain Bike Club
Race website: https://wsmtb.com/

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  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1364WSMTB Juniors 1Western Sydney Team Junior 3:16:58.011--100%0.00%0.00%
2371WSMTB Juniors 3Western Sydney Team Junior -2 laps9-----
3367WSMTB Juniors 2Western Sydney Team Junior -2 laps9-----
4185Owen GordonWestern Sydney Male Open -3 laps8-----
530Luke and DaveWestern Sydney Team male -3 laps8-----
6257Double Espresso Bois Team male -3 laps8-----
7184David GraddenWestern Sydney Male Open -4 laps7-----
854Simon EbbelingWestern Sydney Male +40 -4 laps7-----
9361WSMTB Juniors 4Western Sydney Team Junior -4 laps7-----
107Joel StearnesWestern Sydney Male Open -4 laps7-----
11307Scott CampbellWestern Sydney Male +40 -4 laps7-----
1233Larry and CurlyWestern Sydney Team male -4 laps7-----
1339Bevan SpaullWestern Sydney Male Open -4 laps7-----
14280Halo's HeroesWestern Sydney Team male -4 laps7-----
1557David O'Connell Male +40 -4 laps7-----
16166Peter BeggsCTMBC Male +40 -4 laps7-----
1719KazMattWestern Sydney Team mixed -4 laps7-----
18299My Name Is Luca Team male -4 laps7-----
1940lean machineBathurst Team male -4 laps7-----
20260NWSCCWestern Sydney Team male -4 laps7-----
21283Him & HerWestern Sydney Team mixed -4 laps7-----
2250Liam DowningOrange Male Open -4 laps7-----
23288Mrs Price Is RightWestern Sydney Team mixed -4 laps7-----
24291Bikeminded BrothersWestern Sydney Team male -4 laps7-----
25263Team shicarntiaWestern Sydney Team male -4 laps7-----
26265NWSCC-BMH Team male -4 laps7-----
27187Jasko AlispahicWestern Sydney Male Open -4 laps7-----
2860Mark ChapmanOrange Male +40 -4 laps7-----
29268Bikeminded teensWestern Sydney Team male -4 laps7-----
30194Bradley WestonWestern Sydney Junior U17 -4 laps7-----
31374Philip PidgeonWestern Sydney Single Speed -5 laps6-----
32289Bikeminded the UntrainableWestern Sydney Team male -5 laps6-----
33375Jonathan Battle Single Speed -5 laps6-----
3411Becky Mates Female Open -5 laps6-----
3513Simon CotteeWestern Sydney Male Open -5 laps6-----
3624The CampbellsCTMBC Team male -5 laps6-----
3753Dominic StammersWestern Sydney Male +40 -5 laps6-----
38301Malcolm HaighOrange Male +40 -5 laps6-----
39182Are We There YetOrange Team male -5 laps6-----
4029Nigel EgginsWestern Sydney Male Open -5 laps6-----
41191Hugh Phillips Junior U17 -5 laps6-----
4235Mark DavisWestern Sydney Male +40 -5 laps6-----
42272Clockwork OrangeOrange Team male -5 laps6-----
44285Limited Skill RacingWestern Sydney Team mixed -5 laps6-----
4551Anth StrbikWestern Sydney Male +40 -5 laps6-----
46163James SirmaisWestern Sydney Male +40 -5 laps6-----
47165Simon Kane Male +40 -5 laps6-----
486Michael BergWestern Sydney Male Open -5 laps6-----
4922Zane de Vries aloneWestern Sydney Team Junior -5 laps6-----
50176Allie Blackwell Female +40 -5 laps6-----
5127R&MWestern Sydney Team male -5 laps6-----
5258Paul ThomsonWestern Sydney Male +40 -5 laps6-----
53294The OnionWestern Sydney Team mixed -5 laps6-----
54180Rocket MenWestern Sydney Team male -5 laps6-----
55278Ryan BoysWestern Sydney Team male -5 laps6-----
5636The SquidsWestern Sydney Team male -5 laps6-----
57275Jack Jac JnrsWestern Sydney Team male -5 laps6-----
58178Joseph BreenWestern Sydney Male +40 -5 laps6-----
59255Cupcake GirlsWestern Sydney Team female -5 laps6-----
6026Sonia VetischWestern Sydney Team Junior -6 laps5-----
6156Stephen Bell Male +40 -6 laps5-----
62304Wesley Turner Male Open -6 laps5-----
6361Daniel Smith Male +40 -6 laps5-----
642173Land Male +40 -6 laps5-----
655Russell HandClandulla Male Open -6 laps5-----
66192Luca Bell Junior U17 -6 laps5-----
67302Matt QuirkWestern Sydney Male Open -6 laps5-----
68297Dads ArmyWestern Sydney Team male -6 laps5-----
6915Evan CratchleyWestern Sydney Male Open -6 laps5-----
701Alex MurphyWestern Sydney Male Open -6 laps5-----
719Dylan TravisBathurst Male Open -6 laps5-----
722Patricia HussainWestern Sydney Female Open -6 laps5-----
73276EwoksWestern Sydney Team male -6 laps5-----
7452Mark Hebden Male +40 -6 laps5-----
758Jarrod DelanderWestern Sydney Male Open -6 laps5-----
7616Ben VandenbeltWestern Sydney Male Open -6 laps5-----
77193Rainbow Team mixed -6 laps5-----
7812cam wriOrange Team female -6 laps5-----
79168Darren Bender Male +40 -6 laps5-----
80295DitchesWestern Sydney Team mixed -6 laps5-----
81195Emma BonwickWestern Sydney Junior U17 -6 laps5-----
82186The EgginsWestern Sydney Team Junior -7 laps4-----
8314Pascal Daners Male Open -7 laps4-----
84167Adrian McKeownClandulla Male +40 -7 laps4-----
8510Adrian ShoobridgeWestern Sydney Male Open -7 laps4-----
86303Finn QuirkWestern Sydney Junior U17 -7 laps4-----
87177Tom VandenbeltWestern Sydney Male +40 -7 laps4-----
88170Paul LuterWestern Sydney Male +40 -7 laps4-----
89373Dave StandfieldClandulla Single Speed -7 laps4-----
90164Matthew DoyleWestern Sydney Male +40 -7 laps4-----
9132Thomas CarrollOrange Male Open -7 laps4-----
9218Dan BreenWestern Sydney Team Junior -8 laps3-----
934Ethan Hebden-Sharp Male Open -8 laps3-----
94305Madhu TamilarasanCTMBC Female +40 -8 laps3-----
9555Philip McFarlandCTMBC Male +40 -8 laps3-----
9662Kendal ClarkWestern Sydney Male +40 -8 laps3-----
97309Greg Fountain Male +40 -8 laps3-----
98179Jeremy StacyWestern Sydney Male +40 -9 laps2-----
9917Trent Kable Male Open -9 laps2-----
100175Ian ButlerWestern Sydney Male +40 -9 laps2-----
10123Alex Kok Male Open -9 laps2-----
102308Niki HaleWestern Sydney Female +40 -9 laps2-----
103189FionaWestern Sydney Female +40 -9 laps2-----
104306Lesley CollierCTMBC Female +40 -9 laps2-----
105174Gerard ScifoWestern Sydney Male +40 -10 laps1-----
106310Amanda Allen Female +40 -10 laps1-----
  • Female +40
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1176Allie Blackwell Female +40 3:18:09.06--100%0.00%0.00%
2305Madhu TamilarasanCTMBC Female +40 -3 laps3-----
3308Niki HaleWestern Sydney Female +40 -4 laps2-----
4189FionaWestern Sydney Female +40 -4 laps2-----
5306Lesley CollierCTMBC Female +40 -4 laps2-----
6310Amanda Allen Female +40 -5 laps1-----
  • Female Open
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
111Becky Mates Female Open 3:04:15.06--100%0.00%0.00%
22Patricia HussainWestern Sydney Female Open -1 lap5-----
  • Junior U17
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1194Bradley WestonWestern Sydney Junior U17 3:32:30.07--100%0.00%0.00%
2191Hugh Phillips Junior U17 -1 lap6-----
3192Luca Bell Junior U17 -2 laps5-----
4195Emma BonwickWestern Sydney Junior U17 -2 laps5-----
5303Finn QuirkWestern Sydney Junior U17 -3 laps4-----
  • Male +40
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
154Simon EbbelingWestern Sydney Male +40 3:05:13.07--100%5.37%5.63%
2307Scott CampbellWestern Sydney Male +40 3:11:22.07+6:09.0+3.32%96.79%2.23%2.50%
357David O'Connell Male +40 3:16:16.07+11:03.0+5.97%94.37%-0.27%0.00%
4166Peter BeggsCTMBC Male +40 3:16:37.07+11:24.0+6.15%94.20%-0.45%-0.18%
560Mark ChapmanOrange Male +40 3:29:13.07+24:00.0+12.96%88.53%-6.89%-6.60%
653Dominic StammersWestern Sydney Male +40 -1 lap6-----
7301Malcolm HaighOrange Male +40 -1 lap6-----
835Mark DavisWestern Sydney Male +40 -1 lap6-----
951Anth StrbikWestern Sydney Male +40 -1 lap6-----
10163James SirmaisWestern Sydney Male +40 -1 lap6-----
11165Simon Kane Male +40 -1 lap6-----
1258Paul ThomsonWestern Sydney Male +40 -1 lap6-----
13178Joseph BreenWestern Sydney Male +40 -1 lap6-----
1456Stephen Bell Male +40 -2 laps5-----
1561Daniel Smith Male +40 -2 laps5-----
162173Land Male +40 -2 laps5-----
1752Mark Hebden Male +40 -2 laps5-----
18168Darren Bender Male +40 -2 laps5-----
19167Adrian McKeownClandulla Male +40 -3 laps4-----
20177Tom VandenbeltWestern Sydney Male +40 -3 laps4-----
21170Paul LuterWestern Sydney Male +40 -3 laps4-----
22164Matthew DoyleWestern Sydney Male +40 -3 laps4-----
2355Philip McFarlandCTMBC Male +40 -4 laps3-----
2462Kendal ClarkWestern Sydney Male +40 -4 laps3-----
25309Greg Fountain Male +40 -4 laps3-----
26179Jeremy StacyWestern Sydney Male +40 -5 laps2-----
27175Ian ButlerWestern Sydney Male +40 -5 laps2-----
28174Gerard ScifoWestern Sydney Male +40 -6 laps1-----
  • Male Open
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1185Owen GordonWestern Sydney Male Open 3:15:31.08--100%0.00%0.00%
2184David GraddenWestern Sydney Male Open -1 lap7-----
37Joel StearnesWestern Sydney Male Open -1 lap7-----
439Bevan SpaullWestern Sydney Male Open -1 lap7-----
550Liam DowningOrange Male Open -1 lap7-----
6187Jasko AlispahicWestern Sydney Male Open -1 lap7-----
713Simon CotteeWestern Sydney Male Open -2 laps6-----
829Nigel EgginsWestern Sydney Male Open -2 laps6-----
96Michael BergWestern Sydney Male Open -2 laps6-----
10304Wesley Turner Male Open -3 laps5-----
115Russell HandClandulla Male Open -3 laps5-----
12302Matt QuirkWestern Sydney Male Open -3 laps5-----
1315Evan CratchleyWestern Sydney Male Open -3 laps5-----
141Alex MurphyWestern Sydney Male Open -3 laps5-----
159Dylan TravisBathurst Male Open -3 laps5-----
168Jarrod DelanderWestern Sydney Male Open -3 laps5-----
1716Ben VandenbeltWestern Sydney Male Open -3 laps5-----
1814Pascal Daners Male Open -4 laps4-----
1910Adrian ShoobridgeWestern Sydney Male Open -4 laps4-----
2032Thomas CarrollOrange Male Open -4 laps4-----
214Ethan Hebden-Sharp Male Open -5 laps3-----
2217Trent Kable Male Open -6 laps2-----
2323Alex Kok Male Open -6 laps2-----
  • Single Speed
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1374Philip PidgeonWestern Sydney Single Speed 3:01:22.06--100%0.73%0.73%
2375Jonathan Battle Single Speed 3:04:03.06+2:41.0+1.48%98.54%-0.73%-0.73%
3373Dave StandfieldClandulla Single Speed -2 laps4-----
  • Team female
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1255Cupcake GirlsWestern Sydney Team female 3:34:39.06--100%0.00%0.00%
212cam wriOrange Team female -1 lap5-----
  • Team Junior
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1364WSMTB Juniors 1Western Sydney Team Junior 3:16:58.011--100%0.00%0.00%
2371WSMTB Juniors 3Western Sydney Team Junior -2 laps9-----
3367WSMTB Juniors 2Western Sydney Team Junior -2 laps9-----
4361WSMTB Juniors 4Western Sydney Team Junior -4 laps7-----
522Zane de Vries aloneWestern Sydney Team Junior -5 laps6-----
626Sonia VetischWestern Sydney Team Junior -6 laps5-----
7186The EgginsWestern Sydney Team Junior -7 laps4-----
818Dan BreenWestern Sydney Team Junior -8 laps3-----
  • Team male
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
130Luke and DaveWestern Sydney Team male 3:16:04.08--100%0.27%0.27%
2257Double Espresso Bois Team male 3:17:08.08+1:04.0+0.54%99.46%-0.27%-0.27%
333Larry and CurlyWestern Sydney Team male -1 lap7-----
4280Halo's HeroesWestern Sydney Team male -1 lap7-----
5299My Name Is Luca Team male -1 lap7-----
640lean machineBathurst Team male -1 lap7-----
7260NWSCCWestern Sydney Team male -1 lap7-----
8291Bikeminded BrothersWestern Sydney Team male -1 lap7-----
9263Team shicarntiaWestern Sydney Team male -1 lap7-----
10265NWSCC-BMH Team male -1 lap7-----
11268Bikeminded teensWestern Sydney Team male -1 lap7-----
12289Bikeminded the UntrainableWestern Sydney Team male -2 laps6-----
1324The CampbellsCTMBC Team male -2 laps6-----
14182Are We There YetOrange Team male -2 laps6-----
15272Clockwork OrangeOrange Team male -2 laps6-----
1627R&MWestern Sydney Team male -2 laps6-----
17180Rocket MenWestern Sydney Team male -2 laps6-----
18278Ryan BoysWestern Sydney Team male -2 laps6-----
1936The SquidsWestern Sydney Team male -2 laps6-----
20275Jack Jac JnrsWestern Sydney Team male -2 laps6-----
21297Dads ArmyWestern Sydney Team male -3 laps5-----
22276EwoksWestern Sydney Team male -3 laps5-----
  • Team mixed
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
119KazMattWestern Sydney Team mixed 3:18:22.07--100%1.41%1.53%
2283Him & HerWestern Sydney Team mixed 3:21:27.07+3:05.0+1.55%98.47%-0.12%0.00%
3288Mrs Price Is RightWestern Sydney Team mixed 3:23:48.07+5:26.0+2.74%97.33%-1.29%-1.17%
4285Limited Skill RacingWestern Sydney Team mixed -1 lap6-----
5294The OnionWestern Sydney Team mixed -1 lap6-----
6193Rainbow Team mixed -2 laps5-----
7295DitchesWestern Sydney Team mixed -2 laps5-----