Besides signing up for races, Webscorer online reg can be used to sign up for club memberships.  The author of this article is a director for Seattle Nordic, a new cross-country ski club in the US Northwest - and we use Webscorer as the club registration system.  Our club organizes weekly training sessions, ski clinics, group travel to events and a few club races each year.

Our club had the following objectives for the membership registration:

1. We wanted to offer 2 types of memberships
   - Individual membership ($30 / year)
   - Family membership ($50 / year)

2. For insurance purposes, we needed each member to sign their own waiver
   - For family memberships, we needed both parents to sign
   - Parents would need to sign for children under 18

3. Our objective was to be able to use Webscorer as the club email system
   - We wanted each family member to enter their own email address

   - And we needed to get everyone’s name, age, gender etc. for a complete club member database

4. To sign up online for club events, we wanted to be able to check for a valid membership
   - We allow club members to organize events, with online reg via Webscorer

   - To stay within our insurance coverage, we require all participants to be members 

Here’s how we set up the registration: 

Reg #1 for the membership payment:
Reg #2 for member details & waiver:
We then tied the two together via a series reg:

We set "Event visibility = Public" only for the series reg (the other 2 are set as "Private") so that everyone starts on the series reg page.


Here’s a club event that checks for membership:

Send a note to if you want to learn more details - we can copy the reg templates to your Webscorer account as a starting point.


Example of a family of 4 signing up for the club membership:


1. Series reg page




2. Membership reg page




3. Member details reg page (shown 4 times - once for each family member):



4. Membership payment page 

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