Three Peaks

Sunday, April 7, 2019 08:30 (GMT+12) - Start list

Race info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Start type: Manual wave start
Wave grouping: Custom
Racers: 183
Updated: Sunday, April 7, 2019 11:12 (GMT+12)
Organized by: Leith Harriers
Race website:

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Bib Racer name
Distance Category Wave Gender Start time
1 Miriam Bielski   MW35-49 Early F
3 Cougan Brown   OM Early M
4 Wai Nok Chan   OM Early M
5 Simon Chu   OM Early M
6 Brad Clark   MM35-49 Early M
7 Clifford Clarke   OM Early M
8 Fiona Clarke   OW Early F
9 Ryan Cole   OM Early M
10 James Collins   MM35-49 Early M
11 Allie Cunninghame   MW35-49 Early F
12 Steven De Graaf   OM Early M
13 Ryan Deregnier   OM Early M
14 Haley Edmonds   OW Early F
15 Matthew Garry   OM Early M
16 Riley Hall   OM Early M
17 Carol Hand   MW50-59 Early F
18 Robert Hardie   MM50-59 Early M
19 William Harris   MM60+ Scratch M
20 Chloe Hawken   OW Early F
21 Andrea Heazlwood   MW35-49 Early F
22 Annelies Inghelbrecht   MW35-49 Early F
23 Ruth Jeffery   MW50-59 Early F
24 Hugh Jenkins   OM Early M
25 Harrison Jolly   OM Early M
26 Stijn Lamberts   OM Early M
27 Roger Leslie   MM60+ Early M
28 Richard Linscott   MM50-59 Early M
29 Levi Marshall   OM Early M
30 Orion Marshall   OM Early M
31 Anna McDonald   MW35-49 Early F
32 Stewart McDonald   MM35-49 Early M
33 Grace Moses   OW Early F
35 Seb On   OM Early M
36 Prue Orchiston   MW50-59 Early F
37 Martin Page   OM Early M
38 Phil Page   MM35-49 Early M
39 Robbie Perry   OM Early M
40 Melanie Piri   OW Early F
41 Grant Ritchie   MM50-59 Early M
42 Nicholas Rutledge   MM35-49 Early M
43 Sarah Saunderson-Warner   MW35-49 Early F
44 Drew Schievink   OM Early M
45 Christopher Seibt   OM Early M
46 Neville Shanks Caversham  MM60+ Early M
47 Billy Sheard   OM Scratch M
48 Debbie Standring   MW35-49 Early F
49 Fraser Stephens   MM50-59 Early M
50 Steve Stewart Caversham  MM50-59 Early M
51 Jan Taylor   MW50-59 Early F
52 William Taylor   OM Early M
53 Graeme Ting   MM50-59 Early M
54 Donna Tumaru Caversham  MW50-59 Early F
55 Lesley Van Blerk   MW35-49 Early F
56 Oliver Walker   OM Early M
57 Johannes Walter   OM Early M
58 Kyla Welsh   MW35-49 Early F
59 Merrilee Williams   MW35-49 Early F
60 Amelia Wilson   OW Early F
61 Sophie Wright   OW Early F
62 Sally Nicoll   MW60+ Early F
63 Becky Nixon   MW35-49 Scratch F
64 Nick Plimmer   OM Early M
65 Brent Knox   MM35-49 Early M
66 Jo McLaughlin   MW35-49 Early F
67 Richard Collins   MM35-49 Scratch M
68 Ben Gmelch   MM35-49 Scratch M
69 Timothy Bartholomew   MM35-49 Scratch M
70 Nicola Chisholm   OW Early F
71 Kathy Hapur   MW35-49 Scratch F
72 Ian Rashleigh-Mcnally   OM Early M
73 Manya Sabherwal   OW Scratch F
74 Eiren Sweetman   OW Early F
75 Madison Wikinson   OW Early F
76 Sarah Martyn   OW Early F
77 Christopher Pinel   MM35-49 Early M
78 Steve Williams   MM35-49 Scratch M
79 Jonali Belk   OM Scratch M
80 Bradley Goodall   OM Scratch M
81 Bruce Smith   MM50-59 Scratch M
82 Alex Gorrie   OM Scratch M
83 Kashi Leuchs   MM35-49 Scratch M
84 Markus Renner   MM35-49 Scratch M
85 Michael Gray   OM Scratch M
86 Murray Gray   MM50-59 Scratch M
87 Geoff Wigley   OM Scratch M
88 Sam Murphy   OM Scratch M
89 Jonah Smith   OM Scratch M
90 John Bayne   MM50-59 Scratch M
95 Richard Seed   OM Scratch M
96 Fleur Pawsey   MW35-49 Scratch F
97 Penny Mouat   OW Scratch F
98 Bruce Muldrew   MM50-59 Scratch M
99 Shona Mackie   MW35-49 Scratch F
100 David Chandler   MM35-49 Scratch M
101 Lachie Ashton   MM60+ Scratch M
102 Paul Barton   MM35-49 Early M
103 Rachel Blackburn   OW Early F
104 Tim Bolter   MM35-49 Scratch M
105 Guy Bonner   MM35-49 Scratch M
106 Dan Boulton   MM35-49 Scratch M
107 Elliot Bowie   OM Scratch M
108 Ronald Braselton   MM35-49 Scratch M
109 Josiah Brough   OM Scratch M
110 Dave Candy New Brighton Olympic  MM50-59 Scratch M
111 Harjinder Singh Chander   OM Scratch M
112 David Coburn   MM35-49 Scratch M
113 Kat Cockroft   MW35-49 Early F
114 Liam Cosgrove   OM Scratch M
115 Matthew Cosgrove   MM35-49 Scratch M
116 Aly Craigie Hill City University  MW35-49 Scratch F
117 Shane De La Harpe   MM50-59 Scratch M
118 Dean Delaney   MM35-49 Scratch M
119 Megan Detels   OW Early F
120 Lucas Dickison   OM Scratch M
121 Andrew Douglas   MM35-49 Scratch M
122 Madeline Dykes   OW Scratch F
123 Hamish Elliott   OM Scratch M
124 John Empson   MM35-49 Scratch M
125 Sarah Fien   MW50-59 Early F
126 Travis Gibbons   OM Scratch M
127 Daniel Gruppelaar   OM Scratch M
128 Thomas Hadley   OM Scratch M
129 Hannah Hampton   OW Scratch F
130 Orlaith Heron   OW Scratch F
131 Claire Heslop   MW35-49 Scratch F
132 Christopher Holmes   MM35-49 Scratch M
133 Michael Hoogeveen   MM35-49 Scratch M
134 Andrew Humphries   OM Scratch M
135 Natalie Jakobs   OW Scratch F
136 Zoe Jaquiery   OW Scratch F
137 Michelle King   MW35-49 Scratch F
138 Marco Kleinlangevelsloo   MM35-49 Scratch M
139 Andrew Knapik   OM Scratch M
140 Kev Knowles   MM35-49 Scratch M
141 Mark Konijn   MM35-49 Early M
142 Sharon Lequeux   OW Scratch F
143 Andrew Lonie Leith  MM35-49 Scratch M
144 Ben Ludgate   MM35-49 Scratch M
145 Sam Macaulay   OM Scratch M
146 Brooks Macdonald   OM Scratch M
147 Sim Mallard   MW35-49 Scratch F
148 Tasman Marshall   OM Early M
149 Ian McDonald Caversham  MM60+ Scratch M
150 Gunks McGoogly   MM35-49 Scratch M
151 Alex McKenna   OM Scratch M
152 Tiaan Mckinnel   OM Scratch M
153 Dave McLean Leith  MM60+ Scratch M
154 Hayden McLean   OM Scratch M
155 Scott McRodden   MM35-49 Scratch M
156 Ralph Miller   OM Scratch M
157 Jemma Morland   OW Scratch F
158 Phil Napper Ariki  MM60+ Scratch M
159 Joe Norman   OM Scratch M
160 Drew Oliphant   OM Scratch M
161 Georgina Pakeho Hill City University  MW35-49 Scratch F
162 Adam Parks   OM Scratch M
163 Luke Paterson   OM Scratch M
164 Lydia Pattillo   OW Scratch F
165 Scott Payne   MM35-49 Scratch M
166 Kieran Philip   MM35-49 Scratch M
167 Ben Pigou   OM Scratch M
168 Chris Pike   OM Scratch M
169 Gwen Pinches   OW Scratch F
170 Wayne Porteous   MM50-59 Scratch M
171 Ben Porter   OM Early M
172 Michael Pullar   MM50-59 Scratch M
173 Ailsa Rollinson   OW Scratch F
174 Jonathan Ryan   MM35-49 Scratch M
175 Eric Scharpf Hill City University  MM50-59 Scratch M
176 Nathan Shanks Caversham  OM Scratch M
177 Matthew Sheat   OM Scratch M
178 Mark Shirley   MM35-49 Scratch M
179 Paula Shortall   MW35-49 Early F
180 Leia Silby   MW35-49 Scratch F
181 Philip Somerville   MM60+ Scratch M
182 Jordan Thorn   OM Early M
183 Harry Wager   OM Scratch M
184 Tyron Wall   MM35-49 Scratch M
185 Chantal Whitby   OW Scratch F
186 Suzie White   OW Scratch F
187 Andrew Wilson Leith  OM Scratch M
188 Becky Wilson   MW35-49 Scratch F
189 Bruce Wilson   OM Scratch M