Ravenna Refresher Trail Run

Saturday, November 21, 2020 8:00 AM (GMT-8)

Event info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Seattle, WA, United States
Registrations: 121
Registration closes: Thursday, November 19, 2020 11:59 PM (GMT-8)
Organized by: Northwest Trail Runs
Event website: http://nwtrailruns.com/events/ravenna-refresher/

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Distance Age Wave Age Gender
Aaron Abajian 12k Adult 10:20-10:30am 34 M
Adam Crain 8k Adult 8:20-8:30am 38 M
Ai Nakatani 12k Adult 9:50-10:00am 39 F
Alana Killeen 12k Adult 9:10-9:20am 31 F
Amy Yunis 8k Adult 8:50-9:00am 52 F
Ana Short 12k Adult 10:40-10:50am 54 F
Angela Wicks 4k Adult 12:40-12:50pm 42 F
Aubrey Scheffel 8k Adult 9:30-9:40am 37 F
Austin Partridge 12k Adult 8:00-8:10am 32 M
Blake-Lyn Smith 8k Adult 10:30-10:40am 31 F
Brenda Mann 12k Adult 8:40-8:50am 58 F
Brent Jarosek 12k Adult 9:20-9:30am 41 M
Bret Jorgensen 12k Adult 11:50am-12:00pm 30 M
Brian Madden 12k Adult 9:00-9:10am 42 M
Caleb Qunell 8k Youth 11:20-11:30am 14 M
Callie Moore 12k Adult 9:30-9:40am 30 F
Camden Taylor 8k Youth 10:50-11:00am 15 M
Carson Bainbridge 8k Youth 11:00-11:10am 16 F
Cathy Wolkow 8k Adult 11:50am-12:00pm 52 F
Charlie Schiller 12k Adult 10:50-11:00am 38 M
Charlotte Garrison 4k Adult 9:40-9:50am 57 F
Christopher Ahlstrom 12k Adult 9:50-10:00am 38 M
Christopher Cadotte 12k Adult 10:00-10:10am 39 M
Colin Beazley 12k Adult 8:10-8:20am 37 M
Colleen Devanie 12k Adult 8:50-9:00am 40 F
Craig Kenworthy 4k Adult 10:30-10:40am 58 M
Dan Curry 8k Adult 8:10-8:20am 47 M
Dana Baril 12k Adult 11:20-11:30am 29 F
Dave Carpenter 12k Adult 9:10-9:20am 28 M
David Enger 8k Adult 11:40-11:50am 67 M
Dawna Levang 4k Adult 8:30-8:40am 45 F
Douglas Beyerlein 12k Adult 11:20-11:30am 70 M
Emily Ledina 4k Youth 12:00-12:10pm 8 F
Eric Gorton 12k Adult 9:20-9:30am 40 M
Erika Link 8k Adult 10:20-10:30am 37 F
Gabriela Debues-Stafford 4k Adult 10:40-10:50am 25 F
George Gounares 8k Youth 8:20-8:30am 12 M
Grant Buckingham 8k Adult 8:30-8:40am 52 M
Greg Bamford 4k Adult 9:10-9:20am 46 M
Gregory Barnes 8k Adult 10:10-10:20am 55 M
Hannah McPhee 12k Adult 9:00-9:10am 29 F
Heidi-Marie Wiggins 8k Adult 8:40-8:50am 39 F
Hiroki Tanida 8k Adult 11:30-11:40am 49 M
Irina Boguslavski 12k Adult 9:40-9:50am 42 F
Jamie Marose 4k Adult 11:40-11:50am 44 F
JASON POLVERARI 12k Adult 9:20-9:30am 44 M
Jay Grubb 12k Adult 9:30-9:40am 59 M
Jaynie Woodard 4k Adult 9:40-9:50am 26 F
Jeannette Stiles 8k Adult 9:50-10:00am 34 F
Jenifer Clark 12k Adult 9:40-9:50am 47 F
Jennifer Bainbridge 8k Adult 11:00-11:10am 48 F
Jennifer Rozler 8k Adult 8:10-8:20am 50 F
Jennifer Wascher 12k Adult 9:10-9:20am 40 F
Jenny Glover 4k Adult 11:00-11:10am 38 F
Jesus Iniguez 12k Adult 10:30-10:40am 33 M
Jill Philbin 4k Youth 11:30-11:40am 17 F
Jodi Reeves Eyre 4k Adult 10:00-10:10am 34 F
Jonathan Saviet 12k Adult 11:30-11:40am 34 M
Karen Odonnell 12k Adult 8:50-9:00am 37 F
Karen Wilkins 4k Adult 11:10-11:20am 52 F
Karin Martin 4k Adult 8:50-9:00am 47 F
Keith Wilkins 4k Adult 11:10-11:20am 52 M
Kelly Duff 12k Adult 9:30-9:40am 29 F
Kim Wiersma 8k Adult 10:40-10:50am 49 F
Kirk Canfield 12k Adult 8:30-8:40am 50 M
Kristen Buckingham 8k Adult 8:30-8:40am 22 F
Laura Frederick 8k Adult 8:00-8:10am 38 F
Lauren Flannery 4k Adult 9:20-9:30am 28 F
Les Frederick 8k Adult 8:00-8:10am 71 M
Leslie Maurice 12k Adult 8:50-9:00am 64 F
Leslie Qunell 8k Adult 11:20-11:30am 33 F
Lisa Gehret 8k Adult 8:40-8:50am 40 F
Lisa Jackson 12k Adult 10:30-10:40am 41 F
Lisa Maule 12k Adult 9:50-10:00am 51 F
Lori Clithero 8k Adult 11:10-11:20am 60 F
Lori Salmonsen 8k Adult 9:30-9:40am 56 F
Margaret Yim 8k Adult 9:00-9:10am 32 F
Megan Schendel Dittmann 12k Adult 12:00-12:10pm 38 F
Megan Weidlich 8k Adult 10:00-10:10am 36 F
Michael Gerdes 8k Adult 11:10-11:20am 51 M
Michael Gough 8k Adult 10:50-11:00am 30 M
Michael Jin 4k Adult 11:30-11:40am 30 M
Michael Marshino 12k Adult 10:10-10:20am 42 M
Mike Wong 12k Adult 8:20-8:30am 37 M
Mikelis Ledins 4k Youth 12:00-12:10pm 6 M
Morgan Gerstenberger 12k Adult 8:40-8:50am 27 F
Nathan Phillips 12k Adult 8:40-8:50am 39 M
Nick Carlson 12k Adult 11:00-11:10am 58 M
Nick Waine 4k Adult 9:50-10:00am 31 M
Ola Hungerford 8k Adult 8:30-8:40am 36 F
Peter Beeson 12k Adult 9:00-9:10am 52 M
Rachael Humberg 12k Adult 12:50-1:00pm 32 F
Rachel Blackburn 12k Adult 9:40-9:50am 29 F
Rachel Scheller 12k Adult 10:20-10:30am 36 F
Rebecka Hoppins 8k Adult 10:50-11:00am 43 F
Regan Noltan 12k Adult 8:00-8:10am 51 F
Renat Gounares 8k Youth 8:20-8:30am 10 M
Renee Gale 4k Adult 10:10-10:20am 62 F
Rimma Gounares 12k Adult 8:10-8:20am 43 F
Robin Pelton 12k Adult 9:00-9:10am 59 F
Scott Thiessen 12k Adult 8:50-9:00am 36 M
Sergei Boguslavski 4k Adult 9:40-9:50am 54 M
Shannon Younger 12k Adult 10:10-10:20am 48 M
Shreyans Nahata 12k Adult 9:10-9:20am 27 M
Silas Hughes 4k Youth 11:20-11:30am 9 M
Sinclaire Johnson 4k Adult 10:20-10:30am 22 F
Siobhan Baird 12k Adult 8:00-8:10am 47 F
Skyler Taylor 8k Youth 10:50-11:00am 17 F
Steve Smith 12k Adult 10:20-10:30am 48 M
Sydney Bainbridge 8k Youth 11:00-11:10am 14 F
Tamar Ben-Shachar 12k Adult 11:30-11:40am 29 F
Terry Farrah 4k Adult 10:40-10:50am 60 F
Tiffany Qunell 8k Adult 11:20-11:30am 40 F
Tim Taylor 8k Adult 10:30-10:40am 45 M
Travis Weidlich 8k Adult 10:00-10:10am 44 M
Trevor French 8k Adult 10:00-10:10am 38 M
Tyler Shutowick 4k Adult 9:20-9:30am 28 M
Victor Boguslavski 4k Youth 9:40-9:50am 11 M
VICTORIA VASSALL 12k Adult 10:00-10:10am 38 F
Zack Wilkins 8k Youth 11:10-11:20am 14 M
Zarina Parpia 4k Adult 10:40-10:50am 40 F