The Trail Monkey Double Top Ultra

Saturday, September 19, 2020 08:00 (GMT+1)

Event info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Saint Helier, Jersey
Registrations: 113
Registration closes: Friday, September 18, 2020 23:59 (GMT+1)
Organized by: Trail Monkey Jersey
Event website:

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Entry Category Age Gender
1+1 Trail Monkeys 2 Man Relay M
100% Rainbow 50% Vegan. Vegan Runners 2 Man Relay F/M
2 Tortoises And No Hare Trail Monkeys 2 Man Relay F/M
A2B   2 Man Relay M
Aaron Jody Richardson   Solo Race M
Adrian Parrish N/A Solo Race 49 M
Alan Teeling   Solo Race M
Alex Romeril N/A Solo Race M
Alexandru Apostolache   Solo Race M
Angela Milton N/A Solo Race F
Anthony Tobin   Solo Race M
Antoinette Kyriacou Jersey Spartans Solo Race F
Architects On A Run Jersey Spartans 2 Man Relay M
ARFFS Olds Trail Monkeys 2 Man Relay M
Ben Fawkes   Solo Race 36 M
Bryce Alford   Solo Race 50 M
Cameron Purcell   Solo Race M
Chris Hamon N/A Solo Race M
Chris Matthews Jersey Spartans Solo Race M
Colin Trafford   Solo Race 49 M
Dan Noding FFC Solo Race M
Darren & Carl   2 Man Relay M
Darren Osmand N/A Solo Race M
Daryl Blondel   Solo Race 36 M
Dominic & Mark   2 Man Relay M
Don't Mind Name N/A 2 Man Relay M
Double W’S   2 Man Relay F/M
Edward Fildes N/A Solo Race M
Emil & Anne-Marie   2 Man Relay F/M
Georgia Herron   Solo Race 26 F
German Engineering N/A 2 Man Relay M
Harrison Trower   Solo Race M
Harry Mcalinden Trail Monkeys Solo Race M
Hilario Mendes N/A Solo Race M
Iain Johnstone-Scott   Solo Race 47 M
James Manners Trail Monkeys Solo Race M
Jamie Ellis N/A Solo Race 47 M
Jamie Illing   Solo Race 36 M
Jeff Ferguson N/A 2 Man Relay M
John Miles N/A Solo Race 55 M
Jon & Christa   2 Man Relay F/M
Jonathan Haworth N/A Solo Race M
Jonathan Hill N/A Solo Race M
Jordan Rive N/A Solo Race M
Julian & Justin   2 Man Relay M
Kevin Blann hedge end running club Solo Race M
Leanne Rive   Solo Race 46 F
Legs Miserables Trail Monkeys 2 Man Relay F/M
Louise Smith   Solo Race 42 F
Maccies For Life Team Kraken 2 Man Relay F/M
Mark & Chris   2 Man Relay M
Mark Keeffe   Solo Race M
Martin Campbell   Solo Race 42 M
Martin Higgins N/A Solo Race M
Martyn Roberts   Solo Race M
Matt Johnson N/A Solo Race 38 M
May The Fourth Trail Monkeys 2 Man Relay M
Maybe Medics N/A 2 Man Relay M
MC/DC @Jersey.Runclub 2 Man Relay F/M
Michelle Le Mercier N/A Solo Race 39 F
Mountain Goats N/A 2 Man Relay M
Nic Hairon   Solo Race M
Nick McPhail Trail Monkeys Solo Race 57 M
Ola Przyjemska Trail Monkeys Solo Race F
Paul Lightbody N/A Solo Race M
Pete Wright   Solo Race M
Petra   2 Man Relay F
Phil Buckley   Solo Race 50 M
Phil Taylor Jersey Spartans Solo Race M
Pizza Boys   2 Man Relay M
Rene Raimondo   Solo Race M
Rex Bisson   Solo Race M
Riaan & Kyle   2 Man Relay M
Rich English @Jersey.Runclub Solo Race M
Richard Boleat N/A Solo Race M
Rikki De Louche Vegan Runners Solo Race M
Rob & Mick Trail Monkeys 2 Man Relay M
Robert Morton FFC Solo Race M
Rtr Girls In Training Trail Monkeys 2 Man Relay F
Run O&L Run Trail Monkeys 2 Man Relay F
Sam Horsfall   Solo Race F
Scott Danks   Solo Race 37 M
Scott Harben Trail Monkeys Solo Race 40 M
Scrambled Legs   2 Man Relay F/M
Shane Hugill   Solo Race 42 M
Sharon Glenister Westbourne RC 2 Man Relay F
Simon Mackenzie   Solo Race 47 M
Slow And Steady N/A 2 Man Relay M
Speedy Sparks.   2 Man Relay M
Spencer Woolley   Solo Race 49 M
Stephen Bull   Solo Race M
Steve And Charlie   2 Man Relay F/M
Steve Jarrett   Solo Race 42 M
Stuart Glenister Bournemouth AC Solo Race M
Stuart Moseley   Solo Race M
Stuart Pinnington FFC Solo Race M
Susan & Charles Jersey Run Club 2 Man Relay F/M
Team Dan N/A 2 Man Relay M
Team Kraken 2 Team Kraken 2 Man Relay M
Team Tonelessrim N/A 2 Man Relay M
The Non-Vegan Runners N/A 2 Man Relay F/M
This Ain't Rimini N/A 2 Man Relay F/M
Timothy Townsend   Solo Race 37 M
Tom Wilkinson   Solo Race M
Vicky Wiseman   Solo Race F
Virgilio Mendes Trail Monkeys Solo Race 43 M
Vytautas Krasnauskas   Solo Race 36 M
Warren Mauger N/A Solo Race M
Wendy & Jackie   2 Man Relay F
What Ironman? N/A 2 Man Relay F/M
Will Twigden   Solo Race 26 M
Zach Mahe   Solo Race M