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Tuesday, December 31, 2019 11:59 PM (GMT-8)

Event info
Sport: Cycling
Location: Richland, WA, United States
Registrations: 162
Registration closes: Tuesday, December 31, 2019 11:59 PM (GMT-8)
Organized by: Chinook Cycling Club
Event website: http://www.chinookcyclingclub.com/

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Age Gender
AIROLDI, JOHN H Richland, WA 58 M
ALMS, Joshua Kennewick, WA 40 M
AMACKER, Kirby Richland, WA 52 F
ANDERSON, Brian Kennewick, WA 43 M
ANDERSON, Kristin Pasco, WA 61 F
ANDERSON, Steve Pasco, WA 59 M
ARNOLD, David Richland, WA 53 M
ATENCIO, Alexis Richland, WA 19 F
ATENCIO, Brad Richland, WA 55 M
ATENCIO, Brenda Richland, WA 50 F
ATENCIO, Brock Richland, WA 13 F
AU, Sun-Yu Pasco, WA 17 M
BARNES, Ryan Hermiston, OR 32 M
BENNETT, Wendy West Richland, WA 64 F
BIGNESS, Dennis Richland, WA 56 M
BISSON, Tobi Kennewick, WA 53 F
BOEHNKE, Michael Kennewick, WA 53 M
BOEHNKE, Taylor Kennewick, WA 37 F
BRAYTON, Catiana Kennewick, WA 42 F
BROWN, Bronson And Kennewick, WA 44 M
BROWN, Ryan Richland, WA 44 M
BUCHKO, Garry Richland, WA 58 M
BUCK, Francis Richland, WA 60 M
BUCK, Marcy Richland, WA 54 F
BURKE, Deborah Kennewick, WA 49 F
BURKE, John Kennewick, WA 52 M
BURTNER, Russ Kennewick, WA 73 M
BUSSELMAN, Monte Richland, WA 52 M
CALL, Ken Kennewick, WA 53 M
CANADAY, Steve Pasco, WA 72 M
CANNON, David Kennewick, WA 41 M
CANNON, Kimberly Kennewick, WA 13 F
CANNON, Sterling Kennewick, WA 14 M
CLARK, Kevin Richland, WA 54 M
COLE, Andra Kennewick, WA 51 F
COLE, Tom Kennewick, WA 54 M
COLEMAN, DAVID Richland, WA 56 M
COOLEY STEVENS, Erin West Richland, WA 43 F
COSTAS, Brittany Kennewick, WA 33 F
EDER, Becky Richland, WA 45 F
EDER, Chad Richland, WA 45 M
EDER, Preston Richland, WA 22 M
ELERDING, Steven Prosser, WA 71 M
FARAWILA, Anne Richland, WA 44 F
FEATHER, Christopher Kennewick, WA 47 M
FISHER, Mike West Richland, WA 56 M
GAINES, Suzi Richland, WA 58 F
GIORGI, Kari Pasco, WA 54 F
GLENNEN, Barry SS Richland, WA 53 M
GROENDYKE, Craig A Richland, WA 73 M
GRONDIN, Richard Richland, WA 61 M
GROVES, Kya Eugene, OR 58 M
HANF, Diane Kennewick, WA 63 F
HANF, ROBERT Kennewick, WA 70 M
HANSEN, Ethan Richland, WA 17 M
HANSEN, Mazie Richland, WA 15 F
HANSEN, Nathan Richland, WA 48 M
HANSON, Eric Kennewick, WA 51 M
HANSON, Melanie Pasco, WA 41 F
HANSON, Morgan Kennewick, WA 18 M
HANSON, Steve Pasco, WA 47 M
HARP, Brian Kennewick, WA 53 M
HARPER, Kirk Richland, WA 51 M
HARRINGTON, Kelley West Richland, WA 52 F
HARRINGTON, Matthew West Richland, WA 47 M
HEBDON, Noah Richland, WA 18 M
HENDERSON, Addisonn Richland, WA 9 F
HENDERSON, Chloe Richland, WA 17 F
HENDERSON, Isabella Richland, WA 9 F
HENDERSON, Mikayla Richland, WA 16 F
HENDERSON, Robin Richland, WA 40 F
HENDERSON, Willow Richland, WA 13 F
HOFFMAN, Ian West Richland, WA 45 M
HOHL, Ted Kennewick, WA 57 M
JENSEN, BEN Richland, WA 25 M
JENSEN, Eric Richland, WA 60 M
JOHNSON, Chris Richland, WA 43 M
JOHNSON, Samantha Richland, WA 30 F
KENWORTHY, Lou Pasco, WA 63 M
KICHLINE, Dan Richland, WA 51 M
KLEIN, Michael Richland, WA 27 M
KOENIGS, Richard Richland, WA 74 M
LANEY, Terance Kennewick, WA 67 M
LEADON, Earl Wapato, WA 71 M
LOSEY, Jeff Kennewick, WA 50 M
MAGNUSON, Jon Richland, WA 58 M
MALM, Ryan Richland, WA 38 M
MARSHALL, Robert Pasco, WA 75 M
MCCALL, Jonathon West Richland, WA 52 M
MCCUE, Stan Pasco, WA 63 M
MCDUFFIE, Steve Richland, WA 54 M
MCLEAN, Linda Richland, WA 63 F
MCLEAN, Mark Richland, WA 64 M
MERRIMAN, Bob Kennewick, WA 65 M
MURPHY, Sean Kennewick, WA 56 M
NELSON, Alex Kennewick, WA 31 M
NELSON, Julie Kennewick, WA 38 F
O'HAGAN, Mike Richland, WA 61 M
PAINTER, David Richland, WA 65 M
PAINTER, Jimalee Richland, WA 66 F
PAINTER, Mark Richland, WA 69 M
PALMER, Rose Kennewick, WA 38 F
PENLEY, Jordan Raleigh, NC 33 M
PLUMB, Erin Kennewick, WA 46 F
PLUNKETT, Roy Richland, WA 53 M
POFAHL, Bill Richland, WA 68 M
ROBERTS, Paul Kennewick, WA 65 M
ROLEN, Jared West Richland, WA 38 M
ROMANIUK, Greg West Richland, WA 48 M
ROMINE, Jason Pasco, WA 44 M
RUSH, Stacy Richland, WA 42 F
SARBER, Scott Richland, WA 50 M
SCELLICK, Ryan Pasco, WA 36 M
SCHAFER, Brent Kennewick, WA 24 M
SCHUR, Brian Kennewick, WA 46 M
SCRIMSHER, Adam Kennewick, WA 23 M
SCRIMSHER, Angela Kennewick, WA 50 F
SCRIMSHER, Luke Kennewick, WA 19 M
SCRIMSHER, Rodney Kennewick, WA 53 M
SEDGWICK, Jeffrey Richland, WA 51 M
SELBY, Lori Richland, WA 58 F
SHRUM, Anthony Pasco, WA 56 M
SIMMONS, Carol Kennewick, WA 49 F
SMITH, Alexandra Pasco, WA 57 F
SMITH, Josh Pasco, WA 47 M
SOLBRACK, Brad Richland, WA 63 M
SOLBRACK, Missi Richland, WA 59 F
SPANGLE, Diana Richland, WA 64 F
SPANGLE, Jon Richland, WA 65 M
SPARKS, Greg Kennewick, WA 34 M
SPIVACK, Ian Richland, WA 39 M
STEVENS, Bradyn West Richland, WA 14 M
STEVENS, Sabra West Richland, WA 9 F
STEVENS, Sean West Richland, WA 45 M
STOCK, Colleen Kennewick, WA 82 F
STOCK, Sherman Kennewick, WA 83 M
STRECKER, Brent Kennewick, WA 53 M
STRYCULA, Diane Burbank, WA 58 F
STURGES, Carolyn West Richland, WA 54 F
STURGES, Lucas West Richland, WA 18 M
STURGES, Mark West Richland, WA 56 M
STURGES, Summer West Richland, WA 23 F
SWANGER, Leah Kennewick, WA 54 F
SWANGER, Pete Kennewick, WA 57 M
SWENSON, Scott West Richland, WA 41 M
TOLLACKSON, Jenn West Richland, WA 40 F
TOLLACKSON, Matt West Richland, WA 40 M
TOLLACKSON, Sophie West Richland, WA 10 F
TOLLACKSON, Wyatt West Richland, WA 13 M
TORRES, Bobby Kennewick, WA 57 M
TREADWAY, Phil Richland, WA 57 M
TUPPER, Michael Spokane, WA 30 M
TURPEN, Greg Richland, WA 53 M
TURPEN, Sharon Richland, WA 54 F
VOLK, Ben Pasco, WA 54 M
WADSWORTH, Doug Kennewick, WA 46 M
WATKINS, Mark Pasco, WA 55 M
WHITNEY, Paul Richland, WA 61 M
WILDE, Jace Richland, WA 44 M
WILLIAMS, Garrett Minneapolis, MN 22 M
WILSON, Lisa Pasco, WA 39 F