BMS Officials License & Insurance 2021

Friday, January 1, 2021 00:01 (GMT+2) - Friday, December 31, 2021 00:01 (GMT+2)

Event info
Sport: Motor sports
Location: Gaborone, Botswana
Registrations: 5
Registration closes: Monday, December 20, 2021 23:59 (GMT+2)
Organized by: Botswana Motor Sport
Event notes
1) Officials insurance fees are paid for my the federation.

2) Event Journalists, and Event Photographers are responsible for their own insurances. Annual insurance fees are P562.11 per annum and includes P200.00 BMS license fees

3) Once your insurance and License fees are paid, you will be issued with a BMS official license card which you will have to produce at every race.

4) Licensed officials lists will also be shared with clubs. Only licensed officials will be allowed to officiate races in Botswana.

5) Insurance and Licenses applications are done online, for assistance please email or WhatsApp +267 71393494

6) You will be issued with an invoice indicating the full amount payable. Banking details will be provided

7) You can only officiate races in Botswana with your BMS license.

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Please review the waiver provided by the event organizer and click the check box below to accept it. Print waiver
By agreeing below, I, the applicant hereby certify that: I understand that should I, at the time of an event in which I intend taking part, be suffering for any condition/disability (whether permanent or temporary) which is likely to pre-judicially affect control of my vehicle, I may not take part in the event concerned unless expressly permitted to do so by BMS following a declaration of my condition/disability. I will comply with WADA codes, I further understand that, notwithstanding the issue of a licence to me by BMS it remains my responsibility not to participate in an event where a condition or disability suffered by me, may in any way affect my, or any other person's safety. I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, I possess the standard of competence necessary to take part in any event entered, and that any vehicle entered by me will be suitable and race-worthy, having regards to the speeds which will be reached. I declare that any vehicle entered by me will comply with all regulations and specifications pertaining to the event entered/category of motor sport concerned. I accept that, subject to my rights of protest and appeal, action will be taken against me, as the driver/rider in accordance with the provision of the FIA/FIM rules if my vehicle is found not to comply with the relevant regulations and specifications. I agree to abide by and familiarise myself with the medical insurance policy and protocols. I agree to abide by the BMS general competition rules and regulations and have made myself familiar with these and understand their contents. I agree to receive correspondence by e-mail from BMS.I declare that the information furnished in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

By agreeing to the below, I, the applicant, agree that neither Botswana Motor Sport (BMS), Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) nor the promoter, organiser, any vehicle owners or possessor, guarantor and /or sponsor of all motorsport events or the owner/s of the property on which these events are held, nor any government, provincial or municipal body, and their respective officials, agents, servants or representatives shall be liable under any circumstances for any damage done by any vehicle entered or ridden in/on or attended upon by me in these events or for any personal injury-fatal or otherwise- or loss of whatever kind sustained by myself or any person riding in or attending upon it on any person whatsoever, whether caused during this event or in any practice run, or while the said vehicle is on any road or area forming part of the track or route or any deviation there-from or any approach by whatever means such damages, injury or loss may be caused , and even though the same may be contributed to or caused by the wilful act, neglect or default of any official, agent, servant or representative of the above organizations, or promoter, organiser, guarantor or sponsor of the events, or the property on which the event are held or any government, provincial or municipal body. Insofar as I, at any time make use of or drive any vehicle, motorcycle or quad of which I am not the owner. I warrant that I have the owners’ permission to drive such vehicle ,motorcycle or quad and that I am duly authorised in behalf of the owner to furnish the indemnities given above on behalf of the owners of such vehicle, motorcycle or quad as well. I hereby indemnify BMS, BNSC, the promoter, organiser, guarantor and sponsor and the owner/s of any property on which the events are held and any government, provincial, municipal body and their respective officials, agents, servants and representatives against any legal liability for the damage or injury so done or sustained as aforesaid by myself or any other such persons aforesaid. I further declare that I am aware of the risk, damages and perils attendant upon riding, racing or rallying or any other form of motoring completion which I hereby assume.

If any signatory to the above form of indemnity is under 18 years of age, then the following addition shall be made and completed. By agreeing below, I, in my capacity of parent/guardian/curator* hereby do consent the participation of my son/daughter/ward* in any form of motor sport controlled by BMS.
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