The Hawkes Bay Tour 2020

Friday, January 10, 2020 17:30 (GMT+13)

Event info
Sport: Cycling
Location: Crownthorpe, New Zealand
Registration closes: Thursday, January 9, 2020 16:59 (GMT+13)
Organized by: Ramblers Cycling Club
Event website:
Event notes
The Hawkes Bay Tour welcomes riders of all ages genders and abilities.
Please enter a grade commensurate with your ability or current fitness level.
All grade choices are subject to confirmation by our grading committee.
All riders in each grade are eligible for GC, KOM and Sprint prime prize money.
There will be specific GC prize money for Open Women who will race with C Grade and be eligible for both classifications.
Separate races for Open Womens grade will be run if more than 15 riders enter. Courses and distances will be the same as for C Grade.
Early Bird Entry ends 30 November.
Standard Entry ends 31 December.
• A prize schedule will be released prior to the event beginning.
• There will be a prize for the highest placed Ramblers Rider on overall GC within each grade (A-D)

Most Grades will sell out: to avoid disappointment, GET IN QUICKLY.

Event Information
Friday Evening 10 January 2020: Individual Time Trial. Ohiti Road 8km.
Registration begins at 4:00pm, racing from 5:30pm Start order
D grade C Grade B Grade A Grade.
Time Trial Bikes and Aero wheels may be used.

Saturday Morning 11 January 2020: Crownthorpe Settlement Circuit
A Grade 9:30am start: 2 laps 89km
B Grade 9:35am start: 1 laps 57km
C Grade 9:40am start: 1 lap 57km
D Grade 9:45am start: 1 lap 57km

Saturday Afternoon 11 January 2020: Ohiti Road Circuit RR
A Grade 1:30pm start: 3 laps 84km
B Grade 1:35pm start: 3 laps 84km
C Grade 1:40pm start: 2 laps 56km
D Grade 1:45pm start: 2 laps 56km

Sunday Morning 12 January 2020: Crownthorpe Circuit RR
A Grade 9:30am start: 4 laps 112.8km
B Grade 9:35am start: 3 laps 84km.
C Grade 9:40am start: 3 laps 84km
D Grade 9:45am start: 2 laps 56km
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Please review the waiver provided by the event organizer and click the check box below to accept it. Print waiver
The Hawkes Bay Tour 2020 – Terms and Conditions

1.Acceptance of Conditions

1.1. For the well-being of all entrants, and of the event, all entrants must accept and comply with all event conditions.
1.2. I accept that it is my responsibility to contact the race organisers should any information on my entry form need to be updated e.g. emergency contact details.
1.3. Entry to all grades other than Open Men’s (A Grade) is subject to supporting information that entrants must supply to our grading committee. We reserve the right to change the grade of, or refuse entry to, any rider; there is no right of appeal to grading decisions.

2.Route Variation.

2.1. The organisers of The Hawkes Bay Tour reserve the right to vary the route of any of the events without notice should any situation requiring such action arise.

3.Expected Behavior

3.1. The Hawkes Bay Tour is a communal event, and as such it is expected that entrants will conduct themselves in a manner which reflects well upon themselves and the event. It is expected that entrants will show respect towards all event officials, marshals and security personnel as well as members of the public. A belief in what a reasonable person would find offensive or dangerous will guide the organisers’ decision making.
3.2 Respect for venues; all personal associated with or competing in the event are required to treat the venues used with respect. No smoking or drinking of alcohol is permitted at the venues during the event.

4.Preparation and Training

4.1. It is each entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they have adequately prepared themselves physically for their selected event. If you have any health issues or doubts about your health you should seek medical advice before entering. Please ensure you take any necessary medication with you on the ride and note any medical conditions by attaching a note to your jersey or holding a note in your jersey pocket.

5.Event Information

5.1. The event organisers publish a number of documents, in the form of information sheets and on the event website. The organisers will make every effort to ensure that each entrant receives all relevant information, but does not guarantee that each individual will receive all relevant information. It is each entrant’s responsibility to be informed and read all information made available. Each entrant will accept that all instructions, whether written or verbal, are clear and unambiguous.
5.2. The Hawkes Bay Tour collects and stores entrants details including postal address, email address and phone number. I agree that these may be used to contact me regarding the event.

6.Race Rules

6.1. The race will be conducted under UCI Bike Road & Track rules.
6.2. All service must be carried out by a neutral service vehicle only and on the left.
6.3. All riders are advised to carry a spare tube and pump as support will be given to the front of the race.
6.4. Riders must know the route of the race and itinerary.
6.5. Rider numbers must be displayed at all times, a single number located on the centre of the back for the prologue and an additional number located on the left side/hip for road stages.
6.6. Riders withdrawing from the event must notify the commissaires, remove race numbers and hand in their transponder. A charge of $50 will be made to any rider who fails to return their transponder.
6.7. Riders who are slower than the stage winner by more than 20% may be deemed as a DNF. Such riders will be removed from the GC for the event.

7. Service vehicles (all neutral):

7.1. Place spare wheels in the appropriate van with your number. Please note first available wheel will be given to a rider; should you be supplied with a wheel that is not your own and damage the wheel or puncture it, then you are responsible for the repair.
7.2 Service will only be from neutral event vehicles, unofficial support will result in disqualification from the event.

8.Equipment and Clothing

8.1. No yellow jerseys to be worn apart from tour leader.
8.2. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that their bicycle and any other equipment used in the event are in road-worthy condition.


9.1. Chequered flag denotes stage finish.
9.2. Yellow flag will indicate 200m to a sprint or KOM.

10.Legal Issues

10.1. Riders enter the event at their own risk. Any entrant involved in an accident will not seek to blame or make a claim against the organisers or assist anyone else in making a claim
10.2. Each entrant will release the organisers, their officers, volunteers, employees, sponsors or any party associated with the event of any liability, financial or otherwise, for any direct or indirect loss, injury or death which might be sustained from any intended or actual participation in this event or its related activities.
10.3. Notwithstanding the above, if any legal action does arise related to the event, jurisdiction is in New Zealand courts under New Zealand law.
10.4. The waiver that you sign as a condition of entry does not cover personal liability of participants for collisions caused by yourself or another rider.


11.1. Entrants accept that they may be photographed or filmed during the event, and agree to the creation and use of such footage for future promotions and publicity of the event.

12.Transfers, Cancellations and Refunds Policy

12.1. In the event of a change of route, cancellation of the event due to any act beyond the power of the organisers or grading decisions made by the event organisers, the organisers are under no obligation to refund fees paid.
12.2. There are no refunds for any rider who for any reason does not ride in the event. Subject to the agreement of the event organisers entries may be transferred to another person. There is a $20 administration fee for this service. Where there is a price difference between events chosen the extra fee is payable by the new entrant but a lower fee is not refundable.

13.Disqualification from the Event

13.1. Any entrant who, in the opinion of the organisers, fails to comply with these event conditions may be disqualified from the event. Disqualification will result in the offender’s name being completely removed from the event database, including from the prize draw, and may result in a refusal, by the event organisers, to accept entry to future Hawkes Bay Tours. No refund will be granted.
13.2. The organiser reserves the right to refuse any person’s entry, or cancel any person’s entry up to the day before the Hawkes Bay Tour. In that event the person’s entry fee will be refunded.


14.1. There is prize money for GC places in all grades and specific categories within a grade may also receive prize money. Prize schedules will be specified in the event booklet prior to the event starting.
14.2. Primes: Primes are contested in all grades. 1st place 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, and 3rd place 1 point per prime.

14.3. All major prize winners must give proof of their identity and will be required to sign for the prize.
14.4. All prizes are in NZD and include Goods and Service Tax, (if applicable)
14.4 Riders must complete all stages to be eligible for prize money.


15.1. General Classification: Riding time is taken for each stage. The rider with the lowest aggregate time will be first on general classification; the riders with the next lowest aggregate time will be second, and so on. In the event of a tie the finishing place on the last stage will decide the placing. There are no time bonuses.
16.1 The organisers recognise that injuries due to crashes may occur as part of a cycling event despite every effort made to minimise such incidents. Therefore on site medical personnel in the form of a first aid qualified representative equipped with a First Aid Kit, will be provided at the cost of the event organisers, and will be based at the daily Event HQ- START/ FINISH.
16.2 In the event of an incident on the course, the designated First Aid personnel will be dispatched from the race HQ to the incident. Any serious accidents will be serviced by Ambulance. Due to the proximity of Hawkes Bay Hospital, the ambulance will be dispatched directly from the Hospital.
16.3 First Aid kits will also be provided in each Wheel Wagon, following each grade. However, due to H & S regulations these kits may only be used by trained First Aid personnel.
16.4 If you are competing or supporting the event, it is expected that should an incident occur and you are first on site, you will stop and assist.
16.5 It is expected that any trained first aid personnel make themselves known to the race organisers in writing prior to the event.

17. These terms and conditions are binding on entrants’ relatives, personal representatives, heirs and successors.

18.Signing on behalf of others

18.1. If you are completing this Entry on behalf of others (e.g. relay team members, or on behalf of minors), then you must have read these Terms and Conditions and obtain their permission (and, in the case of a minor, their caregiver) to complete this entry on their behalf. By making the below Declaration, you will be deemed to be also making it on behalf of those persons and with their authority and they will be bound by these Terms and Conditions as if they had personally signed the Declaration.

DECLARATION. I agree to abide by the above event terms and conditions available by request to the organisers). I agree to follow all road rules and marshal's directions and in particular keep left of the centre line at all times. I accept that racing will occur on roads that are not closed to the public and non-race traffic, unless indicated to the contrary at the race briefing. I will attend all pre-race briefings and ensure any team members I am responsible for do likewise. I will ensure that no-one associated with me supports me on my ride with a vehicle without permission from the organisers in writing. I have obtained the permission of all other persons (including caregivers in the case of minors) who I make this Entry and Declaration on behalf of and do so with their authority and certify that they have read the above Terms and Conditions.
Name of parent or guardian who approves this activity