2019 Marathon 07 Upper Swan Race

Sunday, June 23, 2019 08:30 (GMT+8)

Event info
Sport: Paddling - kayak
Location: Ascot, Australia
Registrations: 52
Registration closes: Friday, June 21, 2019 12:00 (GMT+8)
Organized by: MarathonWA....Race Director Chris Hollier
Event website: http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/
Event notes

2019 Marathon 07 Upper Swan Race - Sunday, June 23, 2019

Registration closing midday Friday 21th June. No registration on the day

Long and Short Course - 7:15 at Middle Swan Reserve, Middle Swan Road, West Swan.
Novice and Guppies – 8:30 at Barkers Bridge, West Swan Rd, Guildford (North End)

Car Shuffle: REQUIRED.

Start Time:
Long and Short Course: 8:30am.
Novice and Guppies: 9:15am

Long course - Divs x 4, Team boat Divs if sufficient entries,
Short Course – Divs x 1
Novice course/Guppies - Novice Div x 1, Guppies U12 - Div x 1, feature GK2 race for Guppies U12
Guppies U10 - Div x 1

A. START at Middle Swan Reserve heading upstream to Barrett St Bridge.
B. Anticlockwise around turning point then downstream to Middle Swan Bridge.
C. 6.3 km to Barkers Bridge.
D. 2.1 km to Guildford Road Bridge.
E. 3.6 km to Ron Courtney Island. PASS ON THE RIGHT SIDE, and continue downstream, beyond Redcliffe Bridge, to the green spit post, near the International Hotel ( old Jetty has been removed). Do not pass under Garratt Road Bridge.
F. Turn anti-clockwise around the spit post then return to Garvey Park, with Ron Courtney Island on the left, to FINISH at the AKC jetty.

A. START at Middle Swan Reserve heading downstream to Ascot
B. 6.3 km to Barkers Bridge.
C. 2.1 km to Guildford Road Bridge.
D. 3.6 km to Ron Courtney Island. PASS ON THE RIGHT SIDE.
E. Turn anti-clockwise around the island then return to Garvey Park, with Ron Courtney Island on the left, to FINISH at the AKC jetty. Do not pass under the Tonkin Highway

A. START at Barkers Bridge heading downstream to Ascot
B. 2.1 km to Guildford Road Brididge.
C. 3.6 km to Ron Courtney Island. PASS ON THE RIGHT SIDE.
D. Continue on to the big orange buoy down near Katanning St boat ramp. Turn anti-clockwise around the buoy then return to Garvey Park, with Ron Courtney Island on the left to FINISH at the AKC jetty. Do not continue past the island
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