Beach Blast

Saturday, April 20, 2019 07:00 (GMT+11)

Event info
Sport: Other
Location: Towradgi, Australia
Registration closes: Friday, April 19, 2019 23:59 (GMT+11)
Organized by: Macbec Pty Ltd
Event website:

Beach Blast

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Please review the waiver provided by the event organizer and click the check box below to accept it. Print waiver
Terms and Conditions
Conditions of Entry & Event Rules
Beach Blast (“the Event”) is promoted and conducted by Macbec Pty Ltd, ABN 49 163 519 551 (“Organiser”). Any reference to the “Organiser/s” in this document shall include Macbec Pty Ltd and all persons, organisations, corporations or authorities involved with the planning, promotion and conduct of the Event

By signing the Participant’s Declaration in the Entry Form (or in the case of a person under the age of 18 years, by the parent or legal guardian of the Participant signing the Declaration), the Participant (or parent or legal guardian) acknowledges that he/she has read these Conditions of Entry & Race Rules and agrees to accept such Conditions and Rules.

All intending participants should be aware that taking part in an event of this nature involves a significant amount of risk. The Event can be physically demanding, and participants should be of good health and fitness and have undertaken sufficient training prior to participating in the Event.

Risk Warning: Section 5M Civil Liability Amendment (Personal Responsibility) Act (NSW) 2002

Warning is given to all intending participants in the Event that there is the risk of harm to their person and/or property arising from any inadequacy of their physical condition or stamina to complete the Event, and that during the Event, hazardous sea, wind and beach conditions including but not limited to, water temperatures, sea currents and waves and the presence of watercraft and sea creatures and other hazards on land or in the sea, may be encountered without warning.

The Event will consist of four race types
• 100m sand sprint,
• 5km sand run,
• 200m swim sprint
• Swim-M Course
Within each race will be four age divisions with a male and female category within each division:
• Under 16
• Under 18
• Open
• Blasters (Over 35 years)

Participants understand, consent and agree –

1. To accept full responsibility to inform themselves and assess all dangers, hazards and risks of entry to, and participation in, the Event, and to rely solely on their own assessment of these dangers, hazards and risks before participating in the Event, and notwithstanding any advice offered or decision made by the Organisers.

2. That the Participant understands he/she is participating in recreational services provided by the Organisers, and it is a Condition of Entry that Participants do so at their own risk.

3. To waive and release the Organisers from any liability that results from any breach of any express or implied warranty or statement that the services of the Organisers in respect of the Event will be rendered with reasonable care and skill.

4. That they release, indemnify and waive any liability of the Organisers for personal injury, or loss or damage to personal property to the maximum extent permitted by law and which shall be construed by the Laws applicable in New South Wales.

5. To accept such medical or other treatment or assistance which may be deemed to be advisable or appropriate by the Organisers, including their medical and first aid personnel, and/or beach or water safety patrol personnel, if injury, accident and/or illness arises during the Event.

6. To accept responsibility for their own personal possessions and equipment during the Event.

7. To permit free use by the Organisers of Participant’s image, names and photographs for the purpose of publicising the Event in broadcast, telecast and other media.

8. That entry fees are non-refundable. Entrants will not be entitled to make a claim on the Club or the Organisers for a refund of entry fees if they do not participate in the Event on the scheduled date or any date to which the Event may be postponed, or if they fail to complete their entered event, or if the Organisers determine to postpone or cancel the Event due to unforeseen circumstances.

9. To comply with all Event Rules.

General Event Rules:
· The age of the Participant is that age on the day of the Event

· With the payment of the Event entry fee the Participant can enter each of the four race types but can only enter a single age and gender division.

· All Participants must attend the Administration Tent for issue of a competitor tag, prior to proceeding to the start of their event.

· All Participants are expected to behave and compete in a fair and sportsmanlike manner without interference or aggression towards any other Participants and / or Organiser/s. Any breach of this Rule may result in disqualification of that Participants.

· The Organiser will judge the finish of each race and the decision is final.

Swim Event Rules (in addition to General Event Rules)

· All Participants must attend the mandatory safety briefing / briefing at the Administration Tent

· All Participants must swim the prescribed course, swim in the Race Category for which they are eligible, and wear the prescribed swim cap, competitor tag the swim/s.

· For safety reasons, all Participants must cross the finish line to record they have completed the swim course, or if they decide to retire and not complete the swim, must notify Organisers at the finish line.

· If in the opinion of a medical officer or water safety official appointed by the Organisers, a Participants appears to be physically or otherwise incapable of starting in, or completing the swim course, or has been in the water for an inordinate time, such person may be declined from starting or be removed from the water at any time.

· If in the opinion of the Organisers, the weather, wind, wave, current or swimming conditions are dangerous or unsuitable, the Event may be cancelled or postponed to another day, without notice.

Participant’s Agreement & Declaration
§ I declare the information provided in this Entry Form is true and correct.

§ I have read, accept and agree to the Conditions of Entry and Event Rules printed in the attached page.

§ I agree to obey directions of all persons appointed by the Organisor to officiate and/or provide water safety and other services for the Event.

§ I understand and acknowledge there are risks associated with participating in the Event. I will personally view the ocean and weather conditions on the day, prior to participating in the Event and will accept full responsibility for my decisions, and my capability to participate in the Event.

§ I accept all risks associated with participating in the Event, and agree to waive all rights and claims which may arise from my participation in the Event, against the Organiser and any persons, organisations, corporations or authorities involved with the planning, promotion, organisation and/or conduct of the Event.

Declaration by Parent/Guardian of Entrant aged under 18

§ I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the abovenamed Participant who will be ____ years of age on the day of the Event, and being confident in his/her capability to compete, give my consent to his/her entry in the Event. I have, read, accept and agree to be bound by the Conditions of Entry and Event Rules above.
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