2017 Massive Murray Paddle Day 1

Monday, November 20, 2017 07:00 (GMT+11) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Paddling
Location: Yarrawonga, Australia
Start type: Interval wave start
Wave grouping: By distance or category
Distance: 89.7 Km
Racers: 43
Handicap: Fractional
Time penalties: Off
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO
Updated: Sunday, June 17, 2018 18:35 (GMT+11)
Organized by: Sydney Harbour Kayaks
Race website: www.sydneyharbourkayaks.com.au
Race notes
Day 1: Yarrawonga to Tocumwal. Distance: 89.7 km (by GPS).
Pace results (km/hr) are correct for boats which completed the full distance. Pace results and position numbers are not applicable for part distance categories given boats in these categories have paddled varying distances. Times for part distance boats were obtained from tracking data where available.
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Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender
122Dawsons / Steve DawsonSteve Dawson - RKL1 O V40 (SladeCraft SLR1) Kayak/Ski SingleM 6:52:56.9--100%20.76%19.83%0.8254100.00%4:36.2
244R & RRobyn Bingle/Ross Bingle - RKL2 X V50 (SladeCraft SLR2) Kayak/Ski DoubleF/M 7:16:43.3+23:46.4+5.76%94.56%16.20%15.21%0.7516100.00%4:52.1
367Brown MonkeysSteven Brown/Brad Manczak - RKL2 O Open (Rec Double) Kayak/Ski DoubleM 7:21:38.0+28:41.1+6.95%93.50%15.26%14.26%0.9332100.00%4:55.4
421Dawsons / Kate DawsonKate Dawson - RKL1 W V40 (Grafton Fusion) Kayak/Ski SingleF 7:22:41.6+29:44.7+7.20%93.28%15.05%14.05%0.7523100.00%4:56.1
586Yeppoon Surf Life Saving Club - WilkinsGary Wilkins - SS1 O V50 (Gibbons Spec Ski) Kayak/Ski SingleM 7:24:20.7+31:23.8+7.60%92.93%14.74%13.73%0.7760100.00%4:57.2
631Mad F & MickFrank Kingma/Mick Dinkgreve - C2 O V50 (C2) Canoe DoubleM 7:24:41.1+31:44.2+7.69%92.86%14.67%13.67%0.7695100.00%4:57.4
79Tom SimmatTom Simmat - ORS1 O V60 (Custom Ocean Ski) Kayak/Ski SingleM 7:28:16.4+35:19.5+8.55%92.12%13.98%12.97%0.7663100.00%4:59.8
814Bushpig RacingTim Kreis - RKL1 O V50 (Rec1) Kayak/Ski SingleM 7:29:48.9+36:52.0+8.93%91.80%13.69%12.67%0.7700100.00%5:00.9
9103Andrew KeeganAndrew Keegan - SS1 O V40 (Gibbons Spec Ski) Kayak/Ski SingleM 7:33:08.5+40:11.6+9.73%91.13%13.05%12.02%0.8542100.00%5:03.1
1075Team Jester - 2Derek Chart - RKL1 O V40 (SladeCraft SLR1) Kayak/Ski SingleM 7:37:48.4+44:51.5+10.86%90.20%12.15%11.12%0.8472100.00%5:06.2
11365V360 - Michael VossMichael Voss - ORS1 O V50 (Epic V10) Kayak/Ski SingleM 7:40:44.8+47:47.9+11.57%89.63%11.59%10.55%0.8689100.00%5:08.2
1293Wooden Eye 1Brodie Cambourne - ORS1 W V40 (Fenn Elite S) Kayak/Ski SingleF 7:41:58.3+49:01.4+11.87%89.39%11.35%10.31%0.8141100.00%5:09.0
1348Rich & MaxMax Bennett/Richard Newton - SS2 O V40 (Hayden Double Spec Ski) Kayak/Ski DoubleM 7:43:54.6+50:57.7+12.34%89.01%10.98%9.93%0.8922100.00%5:10.3
1418week with the inlawsMichael Laloli - K1 O Open (Grafton Wizard) Kayak/Ski SingleM 7:53:38.6+1:00:41.7+14.70%87.19%9.12%8.04%0.9821100.00%5:16.8
1595Racy McQueenGary Creed/Tyler Creed - TC2 O Open (TC2) Canoe DoubleM 7:58:51.0+1:05:54.1+15.96%86.24%8.12%7.03%0.8328100.00%5:20.3
1684Yeppoon Surf Life Saving Club - MurrayMark Murray - ORS1 O V50 (Fenn Ski) Kayak/Ski SingleM 8:04:49.6+1:11:52.7+17.41%85.17%6.97%5.87%0.8421100.00%5:24.3
1753DILLIGAF LegacyBrett Sutton/Jack Wilson - TC2 O Open (C2) Canoe DoubleM 8:12:27.4+1:19:30.5+19.25%83.85%5.51%4.39%0.8473100.00%5:29.4
1832Karen and TimTim Fitzgerald/Karen Turner - RKL2 X V50 (M730) Kayak/Ski DoubleF/M 8:12:55.3+1:19:58.4+19.37%83.78%5.42%4.30%0.7544100.00%5:29.7
1969Paddling LunaticsDavid Hobbs/Leah Crockett - RKL2 X Open (SladeCraft Double) Kayak/Ski DoubleF/M 8:14:48.2+1:21:51.3+19.82%83.46%5.05%3.94%0.8848100.00%5:31.0
2023DILLIGAF Kelly & JamesJames Miller/Kelly Honess - TC2 X Open (TC2) Canoe DoubleF/M 8:17:10.3+1:24:13.4+20.40%83.06%4.60%3.48%0.7859100.00%5:32.6
2119Darren TannockDarren Tannock - SS1 O Open (Gibbons Spec Ski) Kayak/Ski SingleM 8:23:12.7+1:30:15.8+21.86%82.06%3.44%2.30%0.9728100.00%5:36.6
2259CoopsNeil Cooper - RKL1 O V50 (Single Kayak) Kayak/Ski SingleM 8:35:04.7+1:42:07.8+24.73%80.17%1.16%0.00%0.7995100.00%5:44.5
2333KeglessDavid Hammond - ORS1 O V50 (Epic V10) Kayak/Ski SingleM 8:36:45.5+1:43:48.6+25.14%79.91%0.84%-0.33%0.8634100.00%5:45.7
2463SHUZOKU Cotton Eye JoeBrianna Lane/Keith Lane - RKL2 X Open (M730) Kayak/Ski DoubleF/M 8:49:16.4+1:56:19.5+28.17%78.02%-1.56%-2.76%0.9320100.00%5:54.0
2557Dept of Defence Robertson BarracksMichal Panasewycz - TK1 O V40 (TK1) Kayak/Ski SingleM 8:57:49.5+2:04:52.6+30.24%76.78%-3.20%-4.42%0.8126100.00%5:59.7
266Au SablePeggy English/Susan Williams/Tony Bond - UC2 X V50 (Jensen V1-Pro) Canoe DoubleF/M 8:59:41.3+2:06:44.4+30.69%76.52%-3.56%-4.78%0.6912100.00%6:01.0
2734KANSOGreg Cairns - RKL1 O V60 (Grafton Fusion) Kayak/Ski SingleM 9:03:39.3+2:10:42.4+31.65%75.96%-4.32%-5.55%0.7651100.00%6:03.6
28106Blue Mountains Grammar School - 7Tom Delaney/Richard Delaney - RKL2 O Open (M730) Kayak/Ski DoubleM 9:04:22.2+2:11:25.3+31.83%75.86%-4.46%-5.69%0.8836100.00%6:04.1
2987Yeppoon Surf Life Saving Club - OhlKevin Ohl - SS1 O V40 (Spec Ski) Kayak/Ski SingleM 9:04:27.8+2:11:30.9+31.85%75.85%-4.47%-5.70%0.8379100.00%6:04.2
3068Joanne Hamilton-Vale / SUPJoanne Hamilton-Vale - SUP1 W V40 (Race SUP) SUP1F 9:20:56.2+2:27:59.3+35.84%73.62%-7.64%-8.90%0.6133100.00%6:15.2
31360V360 - Diane VossDiane Voss - ORS1 W V50 (Epic V10) Kayak/Ski SingleF 9:28:46.0+2:35:49.1+37.73%72.60%-9.14%-10.42%0.7593100.00%6:20.4
3252Scouts Australia Canoe Team - 2Alex Brunacci - UC1 O V50 (J-203) Canoe SingleM 9:33:41.2+2:40:44.3+38.92%71.98%-10.08%-11.38%0.7398100.00%6:23.7
3365Team Jester - 1Tracey Shwerin - RKL1 W V40 (Sladecraft Flash) Kayak/Ski SingleF 9:36:15.7+2:43:18.8+39.55%71.66%-10.58%-11.88%0.7586100.00%6:25.5
3426Family BarnesLinden Barnes/Richard Barnes - RKL2 X V40 (M730) Kayak/Ski DoubleF/M 9:36:46.2+2:43:49.3+39.67%71.60%-10.67%-11.98%0.7988100.00%6:25.8
3555Sitting DuckAnthony Duffin - RKL1 O V50 (Single Kayak) Kayak/Ski SingleM 9:42:39.3+2:49:42.4+41.10%70.87%-11.80%-13.12%0.8045100.00%6:29.7
3637Make the Murray Great AgainMeg Thornton - ORS1 W V60 (Stellar SR) Kayak/Ski SingleF 9:47:36.8+2:54:39.9+42.30%70.28%-12.75%-14.08%0.6889100.00%6:33.1
378BioPsychAnalyticsMatthew Cardinaels/Jemma King - RK2 X V40 (Plastic double) Canoe DoubleF/M 9:56:25.2+3:03:28.3+44.43%69.24%-14.44%-15.79%0.7747100.00%6:38.9
387Uncle CaryCary Sandell - TK1 O V50 (TK1) Kayak/Ski SingleM 9:59:24.7+3:06:27.8+45.15%68.89%-15.02%-16.37%0.7970100.00%6:40.9
3916Cathy MillerCathy Miller - RKL1 W V50 (M583) Kayak/Ski SingleF 10:18:01.3+3:25:04.4+49.66%66.82%-18.59%-19.99%0.6621100.00%6:53.4
4028Bill RobinsonBill Robinson - RKL1 O V70 (Home Made Wood) Kayak/Ski SingleM 10:18:01.8+3:25:04.9+49.66%66.82%-18.59%-19.99%0.6824100.00%6:53.4
4156WolffmanRobert Wolff - RKL1 O Open (M582) Kayak/Ski SingleM 10:37:07.9+3:44:11.0+54.29%64.81%-22.26%-23.70%0.9027100.00%7:06.2
4239Northwest PaddleboardsAlison Rennie/Allistair Swinsco - SUP2 X V40 (15' Tandem SUP) SUP2F/M 10:43:40.7+3:50:43.8+55.87%64.15%-23.51%-24.97%0.7133100.00%7:10.6
4312Mel's Folly - 2Mel Rosenzweig - RKL1 W V40 (M583) Kayak/Ski SingleF 11:02:13.7+4:09:16.8+60.37%62.36%-27.07%-28.57%0.7397100.00%7:23.0