Gold Coast Cup OC1/2, V1 12km Race

Sunday, April 23, 2017 09:31 (GMT+10) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Paddling - outrigger
Location: Southport, Australia
Start type: Mass start
Racers: 29
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 2.5
Updated: Monday, October 16, 2017 07:32 (GMT+10)
Organized by: AOCRA South Queensland Zone
Race website:

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  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
12973Ray ChongPacifica Ocean Paddling OCC OM OC1 1:00:13.8--100%18.07%15.41%
2575Mitchell OldsMooloolaba OCC OM V1 1:00:52.5+0:38.7+1.07%98.94%17.19%14.51%
32647L.Paine (M)/K.Paine (F)Gold Coast OCC OMx OC2 1:02:04.6+1:50.8+3.07%97.03%15.55%12.82%
43155Matt CarterPacifica Ocean Paddling OCC OM OC1 1:02:44.7+2:30.9+4.18%95.99%14.64%11.88%
5999Frank KirekaBrisbane OCC OM V1 1:05:27.6+5:13.8+8.68%92.01%10.95%8.07%
62587Daryl WetereSurfers Paradise OCC OM V1 1:06:20.0+6:06.2+10.13%90.80%9.76%6.84%
72073Gregory McgoldrickSurfers Paradise OCC OM OC1 1:06:57.6+6:43.8+11.17%89.95%8.91%5.96%
82585Teuanuku CummingsRedcliffe OCC OM V1 1:07:55.6+7:41.8+12.78%88.67%7.60%4.60%
92127Justin WharewakaSurfers Paradise OCC OM V1 1:08:03.8+7:50.0+13.01%88.49%7.41%4.41%
103235Shania PaineGold Coast OCC OW OC1 1:08:05.5+7:51.7+13.05%88.45%7.37%4.37%
112865John PaulingRedcliffe OCC OM V1 1:08:08.1+7:54.3+13.12%88.40%7.31%4.31%
12926L.Chothia (F)/C.Nicol (M)Gold Coast OCC OMx OC2 1:08:55.0+8:41.2+14.42%87.40%6.25%3.21%
132206M.Brady (M)/A.Bortman (F)Bayside OCC OMx OC2 1:09:08.5+8:54.7+14.80%87.11%5.94%2.90%
141966A.Worling (M)/A.Easton (F)Gold Coast OCC OMx OC2 1:09:45.3+9:31.5+15.81%86.35%5.11%2.03%
153190Nia RudolphOutrigger Australia OW V1 1:11:12.2+10:58.4+18.22%84.59%3.14%0.00%
163215Amelia CummingsSurfers Paradise OCC OW V1 1:13:18.3+13:04.5+21.71%82.16%0.28%-2.95%
173017Bob DeeringSurfers Paradise OCC OM OC1 1:15:08.8+14:55.0+24.77%80.15%-2.23%-5.54%
183095Courtney JoyceMooloolaba OCC OW V1 1:15:26.4+15:12.6+25.25%79.84%-2.62%-5.95%
193105Warren ParrishRedcliffe OCC OM V1 1:16:53.5+16:39.7+27.66%78.33%-4.60%-7.99%
202722Georgina PakauBayside OCC OW OC1 1:17:48.4+17:34.6+29.18%77.41%-5.84%-9.27%
211269Peter HoekwaterSurfers Paradise OCC OM OC1 1:18:19.3+18:05.5+30.04%76.90%-6.55%-10.00%
222843Melissa WetereSurfers Paradise OCC OW V1 1:19:02.5+18:48.7+31.23%76.20%-7.52%-11.01%
23133John WattsSurfers Paradise OCC OM OC1 1:21:14.3+21:00.5+34.88%74.14%-10.51%-14.09%
242126Glenn PyneGold Coast OCC OM V1 1:21:31.3+21:17.5+35.35%73.88%-10.90%-14.49%
252999Katrina HetarakaBayside OCC OW OC1 1:21:33.3+21:19.5+35.41%73.85%-10.94%-14.54%
263101Julie SmithRedcliffe OCC OW V1 1:24:14.7+24:00.9+39.87%71.49%-14.60%-18.32%
272582Maria TetohuSurfers Paradise OCC OW V1 1:28:16.9+28:03.1+46.57%68.22%-20.09%-23.99%
283032Angeline AtinaRedcliffe OCC OW OC1 1:28:29.4+28:15.6+46.92%68.06%-20.38%-24.28%
292573Ashlyn CoatesBayside OCC OW V1 1:34:36.2+34:22.4+57.07%63.67%-28.69%-32.86%
  • OM OC1
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
12973Ray ChongPacifica Ocean Paddling OCC OM OC1 1:00:13.8--100%14.90%15.23%
23155Matt CarterPacifica Ocean Paddling OCC OM OC1 1:02:44.7+2:30.9+4.18%95.99%11.34%11.69%
32073Gregory McgoldrickSurfers Paradise OCC OM OC1 1:06:57.6+6:43.8+11.17%89.95%5.39%5.76%
43017Bob DeeringSurfers Paradise OCC OM OC1 1:15:08.8+14:55.0+24.77%80.15%-6.18%-5.76%
51269Peter HoekwaterSurfers Paradise OCC OM OC1 1:18:19.3+18:05.5+30.04%76.90%-10.67%-10.23%
6133John WattsSurfers Paradise OCC OM OC1 1:21:14.3+21:00.5+34.88%74.14%-14.79%-14.33%
  • OM V1
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1575Mitchell OldsMooloolaba OCC OM V1 1:00:52.5--100%12.28%10.47%
2999Frank KirekaBrisbane OCC OM V1 1:05:27.6+4:35.1+7.53%93.00%5.68%3.73%
32587Daryl WetereSurfers Paradise OCC OM V1 1:06:20.0+5:27.5+8.97%91.77%4.42%2.44%
42585Teuanuku CummingsRedcliffe OCC OM V1 1:07:55.6+7:03.1+11.58%89.62%2.12%0.10%
52127Justin WharewakaSurfers Paradise OCC OM V1 1:08:03.8+7:11.3+11.81%89.44%1.93%-0.10%
62865John PaulingRedcliffe OCC OM V1 1:08:08.1+7:15.6+11.93%89.34%1.82%-0.21%
73105Warren ParrishRedcliffe OCC OM V1 1:16:53.5+16:01.0+26.31%79.17%-10.79%-13.08%
82126Glenn PyneGold Coast OCC OM V1 1:21:31.3+20:38.8+33.92%74.67%-17.46%-19.89%
  • OMx OC2
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
12647L.Paine (M)/K.Paine (F)Gold Coast OCC OMx OC2 1:02:04.6--100%8.00%10.07%
2926L.Chothia (F)/C.Nicol (M)Gold Coast OCC OMx OC2 1:08:55.0+6:50.4+11.02%90.07%-2.14%0.16%
32206M.Brady (M)/A.Bortman (F)Bayside OCC OMx OC2 1:09:08.5+7:03.9+11.38%89.78%-2.47%-0.16%
41966A.Worling (M)/A.Easton (F)Gold Coast OCC OMx OC2 1:09:45.3+7:40.7+12.37%88.99%-3.38%-1.05%
  • OW OC1
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
13235Shania PaineGold Coast OCC OW OC1 1:08:05.5--100%13.79%14.54%
22722Georgina PakauBayside OCC OW OC1 1:17:48.4+9:42.9+14.27%87.51%1.49%2.35%
32999Katrina HetarakaBayside OCC OW OC1 1:21:33.3+13:27.8+19.77%83.49%-3.25%-2.35%
43032Angeline AtinaRedcliffe OCC OW OC1 1:28:29.4+20:23.9+29.96%76.95%-12.03%-11.06%
  • OW V1
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
13190Nia RudolphOutrigger Australia OW V1 1:11:12.2--100%11.96%9.92%
23215Amelia CummingsSurfers Paradise OCC OW V1 1:13:18.3+2:06.1+2.95%97.13%9.36%7.26%
33095Courtney JoyceMooloolaba OCC OW V1 1:15:26.4+4:14.2+5.95%94.38%6.72%4.56%
42843Melissa WetereSurfers Paradise OCC OW V1 1:19:02.5+7:50.3+11.01%90.08%2.27%0.00%
53101Julie SmithRedcliffe OCC OW V1 1:24:14.7+13:02.5+18.32%84.52%-4.17%-6.58%
62582Maria TetohuSurfers Paradise OCC OW V1 1:28:16.9+17:04.7+23.99%80.65%-9.16%-11.69%
72573Ashlyn CoatesBayside OCC OW V1 1:34:36.2+23:24.0+32.86%75.27%-16.98%-19.69%