TK Glenbrook 3km

Sunday, August 21, 2016 08:42 (GMT+10) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Blue Mountains National Park, Australia
Start type: Mass start
Racers: 23
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 2.3
Updated: Friday, October 25, 2019 14:27 (GMT+10)

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  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1265MOLLY PEAKE9 to 1111F 17:19.6--100%30.37%21.55%
2269BROCK TUTTON9 to 1111M 17:41.6+0:22.0+2.12%97.93%28.90%19.89%
3255NICHOLAS HABER9 to 1111M 19:04.6+1:45.0+10.10%90.83%23.34%13.63%
4274THOMAS BRISCHETTO9 to 1111M 19:18.7+1:59.1+11.46%89.72%22.40%12.56%
5267SAMUEL KOPP9 to 119M 19:39.3+2:19.7+13.44%88.15%21.02%11.01%
6262DANIEL GIBSON5 to 87M 19:40.7+2:21.1+13.57%88.05%20.92%10.90%
7261XAVIER GIBSON9 to 119M 20:14.0+2:54.4+16.78%85.63%18.69%8.39%
8258EUAN OSTEN9 to 1110M 20:59.2+3:39.6+21.12%82.56%15.66%4.98%
9264ETHAN COOK5 to 88M 21:41.9+4:22.3+25.23%79.85%12.80%1.76%
10253XAVIER HALE5 to 87M 21:48.5+4:28.9+25.87%79.45%12.36%1.26%
11263ANGUS WILLS5 to 87M 22:05.2+4:45.6+27.47%78.45%11.24%0.00%
12273Xavier Potts5 to 88M 22:37.0+5:17.4+30.53%76.61%9.11%-2.40%
13257COREY PRICE9 to 1110M 23:15.8+5:56.2+34.26%74.48%6.52%-5.33%
14268BRANDON KOPP9 to 1111M 24:42.2+7:22.6+42.57%70.14%0.73%-11.85%
15256NIKEA POWELL5 to 88F 29:05.0+11:45.4+67.85%59.58%-16.87%-31.68%
16270NISHELLE NAGARETNAM5 to 87F 29:12.1+11:52.5+68.54%59.33%-17.35%-32.21%
17252RILEY COX5 to 86M 29:37.6+12:18.0+70.99%58.48%-19.06%-34.14%
18275REBECCA HALL5 to 88F 31:49.4+14:29.8+83.67%54.45%-27.88%-44.08%
19251HANNAH MOSS9 to 119F 31:50.1+14:30.5+83.73%54.43%-27.93%-44.14%
20272LUCA FIDLER5 to 86M 38:20.1+21:00.5+121.25%45.20%-54.05%-73.57%
21259SOPHIE LAUSTER5 to 88F 42:32.2+25:12.6+145.50%40.73%-70.93%-92.59%
-260JACOB LAUSTER5 to 85M DNF-----
  • Female - Overall
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1265MOLLY PEAKE9 to 1111F 17:19.6--100%42.82%43.21%
2256NIKEA POWELL5 to 88F 29:05.0+11:45.4+67.85%59.58%4.02%4.68%
3270NISHELLE NAGARETNAM5 to 87F 29:12.1+11:52.5+68.54%59.33%3.63%4.30%
4275REBECCA HALL5 to 88F 31:49.4+14:29.8+83.67%54.45%-5.02%-4.30%
5251HANNAH MOSS9 to 119F 31:50.1+14:30.5+83.73%54.43%-5.06%-4.33%
6259SOPHIE LAUSTER5 to 88F 42:32.2+25:12.6+145.50%40.73%-40.38%-39.41%
  • Female - 5 to 8
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1256NIKEA POWELL5 to 88F 29:05.0--100%12.30%4.68%
2270NISHELLE NAGARETNAM5 to 87F 29:12.1+0:07.1+0.41%99.59%11.94%4.30%
3275REBECCA HALL5 to 88F 31:49.4+2:44.4+9.42%91.39%4.03%-4.30%
4259SOPHIE LAUSTER5 to 88F 42:32.2+13:27.2+46.26%68.37%-28.27%-39.41%
  • Female - 9 to 11
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1265MOLLY PEAKE9 to 1111F 17:19.6--100%29.51%29.51%
2251HANNAH MOSS9 to 119F 31:50.1+14:30.5+83.73%54.43%-29.51%-29.51%
  • Male - Overall
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1269BROCK TUTTON9 to 1111M 17:41.6--100%22.12%18.46%
2255NICHOLAS HABER9 to 1111M 19:04.6+1:23.0+7.82%92.75%16.03%12.08%
3274THOMAS BRISCHETTO9 to 1111M 19:18.7+1:37.1+9.15%91.62%14.99%11.00%
4267SAMUEL KOPP9 to 119M 19:39.3+1:57.7+11.09%90.02%13.48%9.42%
5262DANIEL GIBSON5 to 87M 19:40.7+1:59.1+11.22%89.91%13.38%9.31%
6261XAVIER GIBSON9 to 119M 20:14.0+2:32.4+14.36%87.45%10.94%6.75%
7258EUAN OSTEN9 to 1110M 20:59.2+3:17.6+18.61%84.31%7.62%3.28%
8264ETHAN COOK5 to 88M 21:41.9+4:00.3+22.64%81.54%4.49%0.00%
9253XAVIER HALE5 to 87M 21:48.5+4:06.9+23.26%81.13%4.01%-0.51%
10263ANGUS WILLS5 to 87M 22:05.2+4:23.6+24.83%80.11%2.78%-1.79%
11273Xavier Potts5 to 88M 22:37.0+4:55.4+27.83%78.23%0.45%-4.23%
12257COREY PRICE9 to 1110M 23:15.8+5:34.2+31.48%76.06%-2.40%-7.21%
13268BRANDON KOPP9 to 1111M 24:42.2+7:00.6+39.62%71.62%-8.74%-13.85%
14252RILEY COX5 to 86M 29:37.6+11:56.0+67.45%59.72%-30.41%-36.54%
15272LUCA FIDLER5 to 86M 38:20.1+20:38.5+116.66%46.15%-68.74%-76.67%
-260JACOB LAUSTER5 to 85M DNF-----
  • Male - 5 to 8
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1262DANIEL GIBSON5 to 87M 19:40.7--100%21.67%10.90%
2264ETHAN COOK5 to 88M 21:41.9+2:01.2+10.27%90.69%13.63%1.76%
3253XAVIER HALE5 to 87M 21:48.5+2:07.8+10.82%90.23%13.19%1.26%
4263ANGUS WILLS5 to 87M 22:05.2+2:24.5+12.24%89.10%12.08%0.00%
5273Xavier Potts5 to 88M 22:37.0+2:56.3+14.93%87.01%9.97%-2.40%
6252RILEY COX5 to 86M 29:37.6+9:56.9+50.55%66.42%-17.93%-34.14%
7272LUCA FIDLER5 to 86M 38:20.1+18:39.4+94.81%51.33%-52.60%-73.57%
-260JACOB LAUSTER5 to 85M DNF-----
  • Male - 9 to 11
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1269BROCK TUTTON9 to 1111M 17:41.6--100%14.17%11.29%
2255NICHOLAS HABER9 to 1111M 19:04.6+1:23.0+7.82%92.75%7.46%4.35%
3274THOMAS BRISCHETTO9 to 1111M 19:18.7+1:37.1+9.15%91.62%6.32%3.17%
4267SAMUEL KOPP9 to 119M 19:39.3+1:57.7+11.09%90.02%4.66%1.45%
5261XAVIER GIBSON9 to 119M 20:14.0+2:32.4+14.36%87.45%1.85%-1.45%
6258EUAN OSTEN9 to 1110M 20:59.2+3:17.6+18.61%84.31%-1.80%-5.23%
7257COREY PRICE9 to 1110M 23:15.8+5:34.2+31.48%76.06%-12.84%-16.64%
8268BRANDON KOPP9 to 1111M 24:42.2+7:00.6+39.62%71.62%-19.83%-23.86%