Rotorua MTB Triple Crown 2016 Leg 2

Saturday, July 9, 2016 11:37 (GMT+12) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn enduro
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Start type: Individual start
Racers: 48
Timing mode: Multi-device splits
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 2.3
Updated: Saturday, July 9, 2016 17:44 (GMT+12)
Organized by: Rotorua Mountain Bike Club
Race website:
Race notes
Trail: Te Rua - Grade 5
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  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
1101Leonard Sonntag Solo Male 17-40M 3:41.0--100%28.54%26.23%
2102Mathew HuntRotorua - Rotorua Solo Male 17-40M 3:42.0+0:01.0+0.45%99.55%28.21%25.90%
3114Daniel Self Solo Male 17-40M 3:45.7+0:04.7+2.13%97.92%27.02%24.67%
4105Glen Riley Solo Male 17-40M 3:58.8+0:17.8+8.05%92.55%22.78%20.29%
5104Cam Osborne Solo Male 17-40M 4:11.0+0:30.0+13.57%88.05%18.83%16.22%
6107Douglas Battersby Solo Male 17-40M 4:11.8+0:30.8+13.94%87.77%18.58%15.95%
7103Liam Jackson Solo Male 17-40M 4:12.5+0:31.5+14.25%87.52%18.35%15.72%
8131Karl Shaw Solo Male 17-40M 4:14.1+0:33.1+14.98%86.97%17.83%15.19%
9115John Richardson Solo Male Under 17M 4:16.2+0:35.2+15.93%86.26%17.15%14.49%
10117Joshua Umbers Solo Male Under 17M 4:19.0+0:38.0+17.19%85.33%16.25%13.55%
11110Jeff Carter Solo Male 40+M 4:20.3+0:39.3+17.78%84.90%15.83%13.12%
12133Connor Johnston Solo Male Under 17M 4:23.3+0:42.3+19.14%83.93%14.86%12.12%
13125Sam Lumsden Solo Male Under 17M 4:23.5+0:42.5+19.23%83.87%14.79%12.05%
14134Jules Granet Solo Male 17-40M 4:24.0+0:43.0+19.46%83.71%14.63%11.88%
15138Perrie Thomas Solo Male Under 17M 4:25.5+0:44.5+20.14%83.24%14.15%11.38%
16112Erin EgglestonRotorua - RMTBC Solo Male 40+M 4:27.4+0:46.4+21.00%82.65%13.53%10.75%
17113Neil Gellatly Solo Male 40+M 4:35.2+0:54.2+24.52%80.31%11.01%8.14%
18148Cameron Dodd Solo Male 17-40M 4:36.8+0:55.8+25.25%79.84%10.49%7.61%
19159Alex Kennet Solo Male 17-40 4:38.1+0:57.1+25.84%79.47%10.07%7.18%
20143Steve Brown Solo Male 17-40M 4:40.3+0:59.3+26.83%78.84%9.36%6.44%
21145Nate Corrigan Solo Male 17-40M 4:49.5+1:08.5+31.00%76.34%6.39%3.37%
22151Stuart Mccann Solo Male 17-40M 4:53.1+1:12.1+32.62%75.40%5.22%2.17%
23135Tom Prier Solo Male Under 17M 4:54.2+1:13.2+33.12%75.12%4.87%1.80%
24142Adam Mills Solo Male 17-40M 4:56.3+1:15.3+34.07%74.59%4.19%1.10%
25118Tom Voss Solo Male Under 17M 5:02.9+1:21.9+37.06%72.96%2.05%-1.10%
26126Vaughn Blind Solo Male 40+M 5:03.5+1:22.5+37.33%72.82%1.86%-1.30%
27119Terry Frank Young Solo Male 17-40M 5:04.6+1:23.6+37.83%72.55%1.50%-1.67%
28124Jack Mccutcheon Solo Male 17-40M 5:06.3+1:25.3+38.60%72.15%0.95%-2.24%
29141Nick Jeffrey Solo Male 17-40M 5:07.8+1:26.8+39.28%71.80%0.47%-2.74%
30139Joe Hutchison Solo Male Under 17M 5:09.4+1:28.4+40.00%71.43%-0.05%-3.27%
31144Thomas Brown Solo Male Under 17M 5:09.8+1:28.8+40.18%71.34%-0.18%-3.40%
32127Mark Elder Solo Male 17-40M 5:10.1+1:29.1+40.32%71.27%-0.28%-3.50%
33152Hugh Donovan Solo Male Under 17M 5:12.0+1:31.0+41.18%70.83%-0.89%-4.14%
34136Flynn Fierro Solo Male Under 17M 5:19.7+1:38.7+44.66%69.13%-3.38%-6.71%
35149Stuart Wallace Solo Male 40+M 5:23.1+1:42.1+46.20%68.40%-4.48%-7.84%
36132Dan Mitchell Solo Male 17-40M 5:24.9+1:43.9+47.01%68.02%-5.06%-8.44%
37140Gary Campbell Solo Male 17-40M 5:34.0+1:53.0+51.13%66.17%-8.00%-11.48%
38147Henry Carr Solo Male Under 17M 5:35.6+1:54.6+51.86%65.85%-8.52%-12.02%
39146Toby Carr Solo Male Under 17M 5:38.9+1:57.9+53.35%65.21%-9.59%-13.12%
40121Katie O'Neill Solo Female 17-40F 5:43.8+2:02.8+55.57%64.28%-11.17%-14.75%
41120Cati Pearson Solo Female 17-40F 5:52.2+2:11.2+59.37%62.75%-13.89%-17.56%
42137George Cornwell Solo Male 17-40M 6:08.4+2:27.4+66.70%59.99%-19.13%-22.96%
43150Andrew Nish Solo Male 17-40M 6:18.3+2:37.3+71.18%58.42%-22.33%-26.27%
44129Matt Barker Solo Male 17-40M 6:21.5+2:40.5+72.62%57.93%-23.36%-27.34%
45128Cameron Beck Solo Male Under 17M 6:37.4+2:56.4+79.82%55.61%-28.51%-32.64%
46130Arron Frost Solo Male 40+M 6:40.6+2:59.6+81.27%55.17%-29.54%-33.71%
47116Louis Vuleta Solo Male Under 17M 9:25.7+5:44.7+155.97%39.07%-82.93%-88.82%
48122Hannah Sarten Solo Female 17-40F 10:13.7+6:32.7+177.69%36.01%-98.45%-104.84%
  • Solo Female 17-40
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1121Katie O'NeillSolo Female 17-40F 5:43.8--100%21.25%2.39%
2120Cati PearsonSolo Female 17-40F 5:52.2+0:08.4+2.44%97.61%19.33%0.00%
3122Hannah SartenSolo Female 17-40F 10:13.7+4:29.9+78.50%56.02%-40.57%-74.25%
  • Solo Male 17-40
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
1101Leonard Sonntag Solo Male 17-40M 3:41.0--100%23.25%22.43%
2102Mathew HuntRotorua - Rotorua Solo Male 17-40M 3:42.0+0:01.0+0.45%99.55%22.90%22.08%
3114Daniel Self Solo Male 17-40M 3:45.7+0:04.7+2.13%97.92%21.62%20.78%
4105Glen Riley Solo Male 17-40M 3:58.8+0:17.8+8.05%92.55%17.07%16.18%
5104Cam Osborne Solo Male 17-40M 4:11.0+0:30.0+13.57%88.05%12.83%11.90%
6107Douglas Battersby Solo Male 17-40M 4:11.8+0:30.8+13.94%87.77%12.56%11.62%
7103Liam Jackson Solo Male 17-40M 4:12.5+0:31.5+14.25%87.52%12.31%11.37%
8131Karl Shaw Solo Male 17-40M 4:14.1+0:33.1+14.98%86.97%11.76%10.81%
9134Jules Granet Solo Male 17-40M 4:24.0+0:43.0+19.46%83.71%8.32%7.34%
10148Cameron Dodd Solo Male 17-40M 4:36.8+0:55.8+25.25%79.84%3.87%2.84%
11159Alex Kennet Solo Male 17-40 4:38.1+0:57.1+25.84%79.47%3.42%2.39%
12143Steve Brown Solo Male 17-40M 4:40.3+0:59.3+26.83%78.84%2.66%1.61%
13145Nate Corrigan Solo Male 17-40M 4:49.5+1:08.5+31.00%76.34%-0.54%-1.61%
14151Stuart Mccann Solo Male 17-40M 4:53.1+1:12.1+32.62%75.40%-1.79%-2.88%
15142Adam Mills Solo Male 17-40M 4:56.3+1:15.3+34.07%74.59%-2.90%-4.00%
16119Terry Frank Young Solo Male 17-40M 5:04.6+1:23.6+37.83%72.55%-5.78%-6.91%
17124Jack Mccutcheon Solo Male 17-40M 5:06.3+1:25.3+38.60%72.15%-6.37%-7.51%
18141Nick Jeffrey Solo Male 17-40M 5:07.8+1:26.8+39.28%71.80%-6.89%-8.04%
19127Mark Elder Solo Male 17-40M 5:10.1+1:29.1+40.32%71.27%-7.69%-8.85%
20132Dan Mitchell Solo Male 17-40M 5:24.9+1:43.9+47.01%68.02%-12.83%-14.04%
21140Gary Campbell Solo Male 17-40M 5:34.0+1:53.0+51.13%66.17%-15.99%-17.23%
22137George Cornwell Solo Male 17-40M 6:08.4+2:27.4+66.70%59.99%-27.94%-29.31%
23150Andrew Nish Solo Male 17-40M 6:18.3+2:37.3+71.18%58.42%-31.38%-32.78%
24129Matt Barker Solo Male 17-40M 6:21.5+2:40.5+72.62%57.93%-32.49%-33.91%
  • Solo Male 40+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
1110Jeff Carter Solo Male 40+M 4:20.3--100%14.66%10.04%
2112Erin EgglestonRotorua - RMTBC Solo Male 40+M 4:27.4+0:07.1+2.73%97.34%12.33%7.59%
3113Neil Gellatly Solo Male 40+M 4:35.2+0:14.9+5.72%94.59%9.78%4.89%
4126Vaughn Blind Solo Male 40+M 5:03.5+0:43.2+16.60%85.77%0.50%-4.89%
5149Stuart Wallace Solo Male 40+M 5:23.1+1:02.8+24.13%80.56%-5.93%-11.66%
6130Arron Frost Solo Male 40+M 6:40.6+2:20.3+53.90%64.98%-31.34%-38.45%
  • Solo Male Under 17
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1115John RichardsonSolo Male Under 17M 4:16.2--100%19.82%17.19%
2117Joshua UmbersSolo Male Under 17M 4:19.0+0:02.8+1.09%98.92%18.95%16.29%
3133Connor JohnstonSolo Male Under 17M 4:23.3+0:07.1+2.77%97.30%17.60%14.90%
4125Sam LumsdenSolo Male Under 17M 4:23.5+0:07.3+2.85%97.23%17.54%14.84%
5138Perrie ThomasSolo Male Under 17M 4:25.5+0:09.3+3.63%96.50%16.91%14.19%
6135Tom PrierSolo Male Under 17M 4:54.2+0:38.0+14.83%87.08%7.93%4.91%
7118Tom VossSolo Male Under 17M 5:02.9+0:46.7+18.23%84.58%5.21%2.10%
8139Joe HutchisonSolo Male Under 17M 5:09.4+0:53.2+20.77%82.81%3.17%0.00%
9144Thomas BrownSolo Male Under 17M 5:09.8+0:53.6+20.92%82.70%3.05%-0.13%
10152Hugh DonovanSolo Male Under 17M 5:12.0+0:55.8+21.78%82.12%2.36%-0.84%
11136Flynn FierroSolo Male Under 17M 5:19.7+1:03.5+24.79%80.14%-0.05%-3.33%
12147Henry CarrSolo Male Under 17M 5:35.6+1:19.4+30.99%76.34%-5.03%-8.47%
13146Toby CarrSolo Male Under 17M 5:38.9+1:22.7+32.28%75.60%-6.06%-9.53%
14128Cameron BeckSolo Male Under 17M 6:37.4+2:21.2+55.11%64.47%-24.37%-28.44%
15116Louis VuletaSolo Male Under 17M 9:25.7+5:09.5+120.80%45.29%-77.04%-82.84%