Rotorua MTB Triple Crown 2016 Leg 1

Saturday, July 9, 2016 09:30 (GMT+12) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn enduro
Location: Rotorua, New Zealand
Start type: Individual start
Racers: 47
Timing mode: Multi-device splits
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 2.3
Updated: Saturday, July 9, 2016 17:41 (GMT+12)
Organized by: Rotorua Mountain Bike Club
Race website:
Race notes
Rainbow Mountain
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  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
1101Leonard Sonntag Solo Male 17-40M 7:30.1--100%18.97%15.43%
2114Daniel Self Solo Male 17-40M 7:35.8+0:05.7+1.27%98.75%17.94%14.36%
3115John Richardson Solo Male Under 17M 7:47.6+0:17.5+3.89%96.26%15.82%12.14%
4102Mathew HuntRotorua - Rotorua Solo Male 17-40M 7:50.5+0:20.4+4.53%95.66%15.29%11.59%
5107Douglas Battersby Solo Male 17-40M 7:55.1+0:25.0+5.55%94.74%14.46%10.73%
6131Karl Shaw Solo Male 17-40M 7:58.8+0:28.7+6.38%94.01%13.80%10.03%
7133Connor Johnston Solo Male Under 17M 8:03.7+0:33.6+7.47%93.05%12.92%9.11%
8104Cam Osborne Solo Male 17-40M 8:05.5+0:35.4+7.86%92.71%12.59%8.77%
9110Jeff Carter Solo Male 40+M 8:12.1+0:42.0+9.33%91.47%11.40%7.53%
10152Hugh Donovan Solo Male Under 17M 8:16.6+0:46.5+10.33%90.64%10.59%6.69%
11112Erin EgglestonRotorua - RMTBC Solo Male 40+M 8:20.5+0:50.4+11.20%89.93%9.89%5.96%
12138Perrie Thomas Solo Male Under 17M 8:21.3+0:51.2+11.38%89.79%9.75%5.81%
13103Liam Jackson Solo Male 17-40M 8:23.9+0:53.8+11.95%89.32%9.28%5.32%
14135Tom Prier Solo Male Under 17M 8:25.8+0:55.7+12.38%88.99%8.94%4.96%
15113Neil Gellatly Solo Male 40+M 8:29.3+0:59.2+13.15%88.38%8.31%4.30%
16117Joshua Umbers Solo Male Under 17M 8:29.4+0:59.3+13.17%88.36%8.29%4.28%
17148Cameron Dodd Solo Male 17-40M 8:35.6+1:05.5+14.55%87.30%7.17%3.12%
18143Steve Brown Solo Male 17-40M 8:37.9+1:07.8+15.06%86.91%6.76%2.69%
19118Tom Voss Solo Male Under 17M 8:41.6+1:11.5+15.89%86.29%6.09%1.99%
20105Glen Riley Solo Male 17-40M 8:42.8+1:12.7+16.15%86.09%5.88%1.77%
21125Sam Lumsden Solo Male Under 17M 8:45.6+1:15.5+16.77%85.64%5.37%1.24%
22136Flynn Fierro Solo Male Under 17M 8:49.0+1:18.9+17.53%85.09%4.76%0.60%
23127Mark Elder Solo Male 17-40M 8:51.3+1:21.2+18.04%84.72%4.35%0.17%
24139Joe Hutchison Solo Male Under 17M 8:52.2+1:22.1+18.24%84.57%4.18%0.00%
24151Stuart Mccann Solo Male 17-40M 8:52.2+1:22.1+18.24%84.57%4.18%0.00%
26145Nate Corrigan Solo Male 17-40M 9:01.5+1:31.4+20.31%83.12%2.51%-1.75%
27119Terry Frank Young Solo Male 17-40M 9:02.4+1:32.3+20.51%82.98%2.35%-1.92%
28132Dan Mitchell Solo Male 17-40M 9:04.9+1:34.8+21.06%82.60%1.90%-2.39%
29141Nick Jeffrey Solo Male 17-40M 9:05.3+1:35.2+21.15%82.54%1.83%-2.46%
30149Stuart Wallace Solo Male 40+M 9:07.5+1:37.4+21.64%82.21%1.43%-2.87%
31144Thomas Brown Solo Male Under 17M 9:08.1+1:38.0+21.77%82.12%1.32%-2.99%
32116Louis Vuleta Solo Male Under 17M 9:09.5+1:39.4+22.08%81.91%1.07%-3.25%
33121Katie O'Neill Solo Female 17-40F 9:12.2+1:42.1+22.68%81.51%0.58%-3.76%
34126Vaughn Blind Solo Male 40+M 9:13.3+1:43.2+22.93%81.35%0.39%-3.96%
35146Toby Carr Solo Male Under 17M 9:14.9+1:44.8+23.28%81.11%0.10%-4.27%
36124Jack Mccutcheon Solo Male 17-40M 9:34.1+2:04.0+27.55%78.40%-3.36%-7.87%
37140Gary Campbell Solo Male 17-40M 9:34.4+2:04.3+27.62%78.36%-3.41%-7.93%
38147Henry Carr Solo Male Under 17M 9:35.2+2:05.1+27.79%78.25%-3.56%-8.08%
39120Cati Pearson Solo Female 17-40F 9:43.7+2:13.6+29.68%77.11%-5.09%-9.68%
40137George Cornwell Solo Male 17-40M 9:51.8+2:21.7+31.48%76.06%-6.55%-11.20%
41128Cameron Beck Solo Male Under 17M 9:52.5+2:22.4+31.64%75.97%-6.67%-11.33%
42150Andrew Nish Solo Male 17-40M 9:59.0+2:28.9+33.08%75.14%-7.84%-12.55%
43130Arron Frost Solo Male 40+M 10:09.8+2:39.7+35.48%73.81%-9.79%-14.58%
44129Matt Barker Solo Male 17-40M 10:41.5+3:11.4+42.52%70.16%-15.49%-20.54%
45122Hannah Sarten Solo Female 17-40F 12:48.4+5:18.3+70.72%58.58%-38.34%-44.38%
46134Jules Granet Solo Male 17-40M 12:52.5+5:22.4+71.63%58.27%-39.08%-45.15%
47142Adam Mills Solo Male 17-40M 20:29.2+12:59.1+173.09%36.62%-121.30%-130.97%
  • Solo Female 17-40
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1121Katie O'NeillSolo Female 17-40F 9:12.2--100%13.01%5.40%
2120Cati PearsonSolo Female 17-40F 9:43.7+0:31.5+5.70%94.60%8.04%0.00%
3122Hannah SartenSolo Female 17-40F 12:48.4+3:36.2+39.15%71.86%-21.05%-31.64%
  • Solo Male 17-40
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
1101Leonard Sonntag Solo Male 17-40M 7:30.1--100%20.95%15.43%
2114Daniel Self Solo Male 17-40M 7:35.8+0:05.7+1.27%98.75%19.95%14.36%
3102Mathew HuntRotorua - Rotorua Solo Male 17-40M 7:50.5+0:20.4+4.53%95.66%17.37%11.59%
4107Douglas Battersby Solo Male 17-40M 7:55.1+0:25.0+5.55%94.74%16.56%10.73%
5131Karl Shaw Solo Male 17-40M 7:58.8+0:28.7+6.38%94.01%15.91%10.03%
6104Cam Osborne Solo Male 17-40M 8:05.5+0:35.4+7.86%92.71%14.73%8.77%
7103Liam Jackson Solo Male 17-40M 8:23.9+0:53.8+11.95%89.32%11.50%5.32%
8148Cameron Dodd Solo Male 17-40M 8:35.6+1:05.5+14.55%87.30%9.45%3.12%
9143Steve Brown Solo Male 17-40M 8:37.9+1:07.8+15.06%86.91%9.04%2.69%
10105Glen Riley Solo Male 17-40M 8:42.8+1:12.7+16.15%86.09%8.18%1.77%
11127Mark Elder Solo Male 17-40M 8:51.3+1:21.2+18.04%84.72%6.69%0.17%
12151Stuart Mccann Solo Male 17-40M 8:52.2+1:22.1+18.24%84.57%6.53%0.00%
13145Nate Corrigan Solo Male 17-40M 9:01.5+1:31.4+20.31%83.12%4.90%-1.75%
14119Terry Frank Young Solo Male 17-40M 9:02.4+1:32.3+20.51%82.98%4.74%-1.92%
15132Dan Mitchell Solo Male 17-40M 9:04.9+1:34.8+21.06%82.60%4.30%-2.39%
16141Nick Jeffrey Solo Male 17-40M 9:05.3+1:35.2+21.15%82.54%4.23%-2.46%
17124Jack Mccutcheon Solo Male 17-40M 9:34.1+2:04.0+27.55%78.40%-0.83%-7.87%
18140Gary Campbell Solo Male 17-40M 9:34.4+2:04.3+27.62%78.36%-0.88%-7.93%
19137George Cornwell Solo Male 17-40M 9:51.8+2:21.7+31.48%76.06%-3.93%-11.20%
20150Andrew Nish Solo Male 17-40M 9:59.0+2:28.9+33.08%75.14%-5.20%-12.55%
21129Matt Barker Solo Male 17-40M 10:41.5+3:11.4+42.52%70.16%-12.66%-20.54%
22134Jules Granet Solo Male 17-40M 12:52.5+5:22.4+71.63%58.27%-35.67%-45.15%
23142Adam Mills Solo Male 17-40M 20:29.2+12:59.1+173.09%36.62%-115.88%-130.97%
  • Solo Male 40+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
1110Jeff Carter Solo Male 40+M 8:12.1--100%8.09%6.87%
2112Erin EgglestonRotorua - RMTBC Solo Male 40+M 8:20.5+0:08.4+1.71%98.32%6.52%5.28%
3113Neil Gellatly Solo Male 40+M 8:29.3+0:17.2+3.50%96.62%4.88%3.61%
4149Stuart Wallace Solo Male 40+M 9:07.5+0:55.4+11.26%89.88%-2.26%-3.61%
5126Vaughn Blind Solo Male 40+M 9:13.3+1:01.2+12.44%88.94%-3.34%-4.71%
6130Arron Frost Solo Male 40+M 10:09.8+1:57.7+23.92%80.70%-13.89%-15.40%
  • Solo Male Under 17
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1115John RichardsonSolo Male Under 17M 7:47.6--100%11.14%11.04%
2133Connor JohnstonSolo Male Under 17M 8:03.7+0:16.1+3.44%96.67%8.08%7.97%
3152Hugh DonovanSolo Male Under 17M 8:16.6+0:29.0+6.20%94.16%5.63%5.52%
4138Perrie ThomasSolo Male Under 17M 8:21.3+0:33.7+7.21%93.28%4.73%4.62%
5135Tom PrierSolo Male Under 17M 8:25.8+0:38.2+8.17%92.45%3.88%3.77%
6117Joshua UmbersSolo Male Under 17M 8:29.4+0:41.8+8.94%91.79%3.19%3.08%
7118Tom VossSolo Male Under 17M 8:41.6+0:54.0+11.55%89.65%0.87%0.76%
8125Sam LumsdenSolo Male Under 17M 8:45.6+0:58.0+12.40%88.96%0.11%0.00%
9136Flynn FierroSolo Male Under 17M 8:49.0+1:01.4+13.13%88.39%-0.53%-0.65%
10139Joe HutchisonSolo Male Under 17M 8:52.2+1:04.6+13.82%87.86%-1.14%-1.26%
11144Thomas BrownSolo Male Under 17M 9:08.1+1:20.5+17.22%85.31%-4.16%-4.28%
12116Louis VuletaSolo Male Under 17M 9:09.5+1:21.9+17.51%85.10%-4.43%-4.55%
13146Toby CarrSolo Male Under 17M 9:14.9+1:27.3+18.67%84.27%-5.45%-5.57%
14147Henry CarrSolo Male Under 17M 9:35.2+1:47.6+23.01%81.29%-9.31%-9.44%
15128Cameron BeckSolo Male Under 17M 9:52.5+2:04.9+26.71%78.92%-12.60%-12.73%