Pukete Spaghetti 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015 09:16 (GMT+13) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn cross-country
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
Start type: Manual wave start
Wave grouping: By distance
Racers: 88
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 1.7
Updated: Sunday, March 8, 2015 13:33 (GMT+13)
Organized by: Hamilton Mountain Bike Club
Race website: www.hamiltonmtb.org.nz

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  • Kids - Kids
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
192Callum CarmichaelKids 15:21.715.202--100%37.97%34.30%09:16:42.3
2100Charlie PrescottKids 17:26.715.202+2:05.0+13.56%88.06%29.56%25.39%09:16:42.3
393Ben WildKids 17:37.015.202+2:15.3+14.68%87.20%28.87%24.66%09:16:42.3
481Alex SweenyKidsM 18:22.215.202+3:00.5+19.58%83.62%25.82%21.43%09:16:42.3
585Anton SlompKids 19:15.715.202+3:54.0+25.39%79.75%22.22%17.62%09:16:42.3
691Ethan CarmichaelKids 19:25.915.202+4:04.2+26.49%79.05%21.54%16.89%09:16:42.3
796Fletcher AdamsKids 20:48.115.202+5:26.4+35.41%73.85%16.01%11.03%09:16:42.3
8103Henry SchwitzerKids 21:21.315.202+5:59.6+39.01%71.93%13.77%8.67%09:16:42.3
998Frankie LowrieKids 21:27.215.202+6:05.5+39.65%71.61%13.37%8.25%09:16:42.3
10101Angus PrescottKids 21:46.815.202+6:25.1+41.78%70.53%12.06%6.85%09:16:42.3
1187Ben EdwardsKids 23:11.615.202+7:49.9+50.98%66.23%6.35%0.81%09:16:42.3
1283Georgia SweenyKidsF 23:14.015.202+7:52.3+51.24%66.12%6.19%0.63%09:16:42.3
1394Jamie VetteKids 23:22.915.202+8:01.2+52.21%65.70%5.59%0.00%09:16:42.3
1488Sam EdwardsKids 23:51.115.202+8:29.4+55.27%64.41%3.69%-2.01%09:16:42.3
1589Connor CarmichaelKids 23:56.615.202+8:34.9+55.86%64.16%3.32%-2.40%09:16:42.3
1686Harper MillsKids 24:19.415.202+8:57.7+58.34%63.16%1.79%-4.03%09:16:42.3
1790Sophie CarmichaelKids 24:22.015.202+9:00.3+58.62%63.04%1.61%-4.21%09:16:42.3
1884Hunter CarrollKidsM 26:45.915.202+11:24.2+74.23%57.39%-8.07%-14.47%09:16:42.3
19106Jadon EmblingKids 26:23.515.202+11:01.8+71.80%58.21%-6.57%-12.87%09:16:42.3
20107Ben McMorranKids 27:20.215.202+11:58.5+77.95%56.19%-10.38%-16.91%09:16:42.3
21104Gerrit AndersonKids 28:51.215.202+13:29.5+87.83%53.24%-16.51%-23.40%09:16:42.3
22108Lucy McMorranKids 35:52.915.202+20:31.2+133.58%42.81%-44.88%-53.46%09:16:42.3
23110Saxon MansellKids 37:19.415.202+21:57.7+142.96%41.16%-50.71%-59.63%09:16:42.3
24105William AndersonKids 37:27.715.202+22:06.0+143.86%41.01%-51.26%-60.22%09:16:42.3
25109Sam McMorranKids 39:57.515.202+24:35.8+160.12%38.44%-61.35%-70.90%09:16:42.3
2697Neva LowrieKids -1 lap7.601-----09:16:42.3
2782Lachlan CarrollKidsM -1 lap7.601-----09:16:42.3
2895Harlow AdamsKids -1 lap7.601-----09:16:42.3
29102Jake PrescottKids -1 lap7.601-----09:16:42.3
3099Noah LowrieKids -1 lap7.601-----09:16:42.3
  • 3hr - Junior Team
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
136Hamish Keighley, Jacob McWhannellHillies Junior TeamM 2:36:07.345.606--100%3.95%3.95%12:59:56.5
249Claudia Vanner, Alex PorritRoadies Junior Team 2:48:58.345.606+12:51.0+8.23%92.40%-3.95%-3.95%12:59:56.5
337POP BAM KRANK!POP BAM KRANK! Junior Team -1 lap38.005-----12:59:56.5
  • 3hr - Male Team
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
142Paul Bidlake , Steve Smith Male Team 2:47:00.453.207--100%0.39%0.39%12:59:56.5
241Robert Bull, Robbie BaskinRob Squared Male Team 2:48:18.653.207+1:18.2+0.78%99.23%-0.39%-0.39%12:59:56.5
  • 3hr - Mixed Team
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
125Gareth Langdon, Claire Rusk2-Minute Noodles! Mixed Team 2:58:35.753.207--100%0.00%0.00%12:59:56.5
  • 3hr - Solo Female
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
148Jessie Lorenzen-HoganMessy Jessy Solo FemaleF 2:48:07.053.207--100%0.00%0.00%12:59:56.5
217Briar McMorran Solo FemaleF -1 lap45.606-----12:59:56.5
339Olivia Baker Solo FemaleF -1 lap45.606-----12:59:56.5
  • 3hr - Solo Junior
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
121Hunter MorganSolo JuniorM 2:56:43.560.808--100%0.00%0.00%12:59:56.5
222Louie VannerSolo JuniorM -4 laps30.404-----12:59:56.5
340Joshua DawsonSolo JuniorM -4 laps30.404-----12:59:56.5
  • 3hr - Solo Male
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
150Neil Vanner Solo MaleM 2:59:16.060.808--100%-0.44%-0.44%12:59:56.5
257Graeme McDougal Solo Male 2:57:42.160.808-1:33.9+0.87%99.13%-0.44%-0.44%10:00:23.6
354John Walmsley Solo MaleM -1 lap53.207-----12:59:56.5
451Bruce Keighley Solo MaleM -2 laps45.606-----12:59:56.5
527Colin Dawson Solo MaleM -2 laps45.606-----12:59:56.5
659Shane Carmichael Solo Male -2 laps45.606-----12:59:56.5
728Greg Harris Solo MaleM -3 laps38.005-----12:59:56.5
826Damian PootjesSteelrider Solo MaleM -4 laps30.404-----12:59:56.5
960Adriano Perazzini Solo Male -6 laps15.202-----12:59:56.5
  • 6hr - Business Team
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
14PWCPWC Business Team 5:38:35.2114.0015--100%0.00%0.00%10:00:23.6
25EVONIK ONEEVONIK ONE Business Team -1 lap106.4014-----10:00:23.6
355Kevin Stuart panel and paintKevin Stuart Panel and Paint Business Team -2 laps98.8013-----10:00:23.6
42Harkness HenryWheels of Justice Business Team -2 laps98.8013-----10:00:23.6
57West HamiltonWest Hamilton Business Team -2 laps98.8013-----10:00:23.6
66Spectrum StallionsSpectrum Stallions Business Team -2 laps98.8013-----10:00:23.6
71Pukete Neighbourhood House1 Lusty, 3 Krusty's Business Team -3 laps91.2012-----10:00:23.6
834PwC RidersPwC Riders Business Team -4 laps83.6011-----10:00:23.6
  • 6hr - Junior Team
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
146JafaJafa Junior Team 5:51:27.0121.6016--100%0.00%0.00%10:00:23.6
244Me,Him and that GuyMe, Him and That Guy Junior Team -2 laps106.4014-----10:00:23.6
345The SkrekinatorsThe Skrekinators Junior Team -6 laps76.0010-----10:00:23.6
447Beef JerkyBeef Jerky Junior Team -6 laps76.0010-----10:00:23.6
  • 6hr - Male Team
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
130On a Mission from GoodOn a Mission from George Male Team 5:59:17.0129.2017--100%0.00%0.00%10:00:23.6
235Ben McLeod, Graham MuggridgeBen & Gray Male Team -1 lap121.6016-----10:00:23.6
333Michael Mansell, Jonathon HutchinsonK Dot Male Team -3 laps106.4014-----10:00:23.6
452The SnailsThe Snails Male Team -3 laps106.4014-----10:00:23.6
532Nic and Hunter AdamsAdams Crew Male Team -3 laps106.4014-----10:00:23.6
631Bag of spudsBag of spuds Male Team -4 laps98.8013-----10:00:23.6
  • 6hr - Mixed Team
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
120KT Design RocketsKT Design Rockets Mixed Team 5:48:05.2121.6016--100%0.00%0.00%10:00:23.6
219Joseph Adams, Sandy GatenbyNewbies Mixed Team -2 laps106.4014-----10:00:23.6
318Grant Baker Vanessa Baker Savannah Olsen Mixed Team -4 laps91.2012-----10:00:23.6
  • 6hr - Solo Female
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
153Harriet MillerSolo FemaleF 5:34:23.898.8013--100%3.47%3.47%10:00:23.6
229Sarah-Jane LowrieSolo FemaleF 5:58:24.598.8013+24:00.7+7.18%93.30%-3.47%-3.47%10:00:23.6
  • 6hr - Solo Junior
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
124Xavier MansellSolo JuniorM 5:27:20.9106.4014--100%0.00%0.00%10:00:23.6
223Jabel MartinSolo JuniorM -4 laps76.0010-----10:00:23.6
  • 6hr - Solo Male
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
19Beau Lowrie Solo MaleM 5:43:34.2114.0015--100%0.96%0.28%10:00:23.6
28Jared Scollay Solo MaleM 5:44:32.6114.0015+0:58.4+0.28%99.72%0.68%0.00%10:00:23.6
312Scott Rhodes Solo MaleM 5:52:33.9114.0015+8:59.7+2.62%97.45%-1.64%-2.33%10:00:23.6
456Paul Page Solo Male -1 lap106.4014-----10:00:23.6
538Steven Wharepapa Solo MaleM -1 lap106.4014-----10:00:23.6
614Toni Cannons Solo MaleM -1 lap106.4014-----10:00:23.6
73Spectrum GeldingSpectrum Geldings Solo Male -2 laps98.8013-----10:00:23.6
815Philip Read Solo MaleM -3 laps91.2012-----10:00:23.6
911Rusty StarkNo Boring Bits Solo Solo MaleM -3 laps91.2012-----10:00:23.6
1010Blair TuppAll my friends are ironman Solo MaleM -5 laps76.0010-----10:00:23.6
1158Kirk Austen Solo Male -8 laps53.207-----10:00:23.6
1216Justin Price Solo MaleM -12 laps22.803-----10:00:23.6