Alameda Race 1

Sunday, October 11, 2020 9:30 AM (GMT-4) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn cross-country
Location: Butler, PA, United States
Start type: Manual wave start
Wave grouping: By category
Racers: 74
Timed on: Amazon KFMUWI
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 4.4
Updated: Sunday, October 11, 2020 6:59 PM (GMT-4)

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Alameda Race 1

  • Beginner Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
11124Brian Byrge Beginner Men 48:18.5--100%29.19%24.99%
21122Dale BlackKoeles/Massage Envy Racing Team Beginner Men 48:21.0+0:02.5+0.09%99.91%29.13%24.92%
31141John McCaffrey Beginner Men 48:51.3+0:32.8+1.13%98.88%28.39%24.14%
41146Shane SmallwoodSnitger's Bicycle Beginner Men 51:38.7+3:20.2+6.91%93.54%24.30%19.80%
51147Joel Vaughn Beginner Men 52:53.8+4:35.3+9.50%91.33%22.46%17.86%
61142Charles Miller Beginner Men 53:09.2+4:50.7+10.03%90.88%22.09%17.46%
71135Kurt Koelling Beginner Men 55:32.5+7:14.0+14.97%86.98%18.58%13.75%
81129Michael Divito Beginner Men 55:34.7+7:16.2+15.05%86.92%18.53%13.70%
91137James Lloyd Beginner Men 55:40.0+7:21.5+15.23%86.78%18.40%13.56%
101120Joshua BeckerSpeed Vision Bikes Beginner Men 56:49.6+8:31.1+17.63%85.01%16.70%11.76%
111125Andrew Case Beginner Men 58:50.9+10:32.4+21.82%82.09%13.74%8.62%
121128Robert DanksDD Racing Beginner Men 59:14.2+10:55.7+22.62%81.55%13.17%8.02%
131131Marcus Faber Beginner Men 59:18.6+11:00.1+22.77%81.45%13.06%7.90%
141143Mike MorganGear Bicycle Sales, Morgan's Car Wash Beginner Men 1:01:14.1+12:55.6+26.76%78.89%10.24%4.91%
151139Tony Manfred Beginner Men 1:02:21.4+14:02.9+29.08%77.47%8.59%3.17%
161123David Brunger Beginner Men 1:06:26.4+18:07.9+37.53%72.71%2.61%-3.17%
171133Martin Howard Beginner Men 1:06:39.3+18:20.8+37.98%72.48%2.29%-3.50%
181127Jamie CoyneTHICK Bikes Uni Squadron Beginner Men 1:09:34.0+21:15.5+44.01%69.44%-1.97%-8.03%
191130Brian DotyHome Beginner Men 1:13:00.8+24:42.3+51.14%66.16%-7.03%-13.38%
201121Christopher BeechThick Bikes Beginner Men 1:14:07.3+25:48.8+53.43%65.17%-8.65%-15.10%
211140Jack Mason Beginner Men 1:18:13.0+29:54.5+61.91%61.76%-14.65%-21.46%
221132Gary Hite Beginner Men 1:18:16.1+29:57.6+62.02%61.72%-14.73%-21.54%
231145Saurabh Sharma Beginner Men 1:18:42.8+30:24.3+62.94%61.37%-15.38%-22.23%
241138Trey Lorenzini Beginner Men 1:19:15.8+30:57.3+64.08%60.95%-16.19%-23.08%
251134Michael Hull Beginner Men 1:23:24.1+35:05.6+72.64%57.92%-22.25%-29.51%
261136John Lasichak Beginner Men 1:23:34.2+35:15.7+72.99%57.81%-22.50%-29.77%
271118Mike Ames Beginner Men 1:25:44.7+37:26.2+77.50%56.34%-25.69%-33.15%
281119Tim AscheTim Asche Auto Beginner Men 1:30:29.3+42:10.8+87.31%53.39%-32.64%-40.51%
291144Jacob Pfab Beginner Men 1:37:07.5+48:49.0+101.05%49.74%-42.37%-50.82%
301126Anthony Costanza Beginner Men 1:54:12.2+1:05:53.7+136.41%42.30%-67.40%-77.34%
  • Beginner Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
11067Julie Grabiak Beginner Women 1:06:25.3--100%15.90%13.99%
21071Jessi Ruscher Beginner Women 1:07:12.1+0:46.8+1.17%98.84%14.92%12.98%
31069Morgan McLaughlinJmac cycling Beginner Women 1:15:47.2+9:21.9+14.10%87.64%4.05%1.86%
41070Michele Napoletan Beginner Women 1:17:13.3+10:48.0+16.26%86.01%2.23%0.00%
51068CARRIE MASON Beginner Women 1:19:41.8+13:16.5+19.99%83.34%-0.90%-3.21%
61066Rebecca CutrightSnaggletooth Cycles Beginner Women 1:23:01.2+16:35.9+24.99%80.01%-5.11%-7.51%
71065Amber Bervinkle Beginner Women 1:43:31.9+37:06.6+55.87%64.16%-31.08%-34.07%
  • High School Boys 15-18
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
11226Torin PottingerPittsburgh East Composite MTB Team/NICA High School Boys 15-18 46:58.7--100%22.11%19.23%
21225Alex PlattDirty Harry's High School Boys 15-18 48:52.8+1:54.1+4.05%96.11%18.95%15.96%
31227Colin Schawl High School Boys 15-18 48:53.3+1:54.6+4.07%96.09%18.94%15.94%
41218Jesse CoyneTHICK Bikes Uni Squadron High School Boys 15-18 49:33.0+2:34.3+5.47%94.81%17.84%14.81%
51221Sam Hersick High School Boys 15-18 50:24.6+3:25.9+7.30%93.19%16.42%13.33%
61224Isaac Mroz High School Boys 15-18 58:08.7+11:10.0+23.77%80.80%3.59%0.03%
71228Cole Schrecengost High School Boys 15-18 58:10.6+11:11.9+23.84%80.75%3.54%-0.03%
81220Conor Griffin High School Boys 15-18 1:00:26.1+13:27.4+28.64%77.73%-0.20%-3.91%
91229Noah Stoudt High School Boys 15-18 1:04:07.2+17:08.5+36.49%73.27%-6.31%-10.25%
101219Dawson Davis High School Boys 15-18 1:04:28.0+17:29.3+37.23%72.87%-6.89%-10.84%
111217Dillan AscheTim Asche Auto High School Boys 15-18 1:17:50.2+30:51.5+65.69%60.36%-29.06%-33.83%
121223Jacob Mizer High School Boys 15-18 1:35:51.2+48:52.5+104.04%49.01%-58.93%-64.81%
  • High School Girls 15-18
Place Bib Racer name Category Finish time
11251Emma BrungerHigh School Girls 15-18 1:05:27.1--100%0.00%0.00%
  • Junior Boys 14 and Under
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
11335Everett RadockRad Rides Racing/ NWPA Junior Boys 14 and Under 51:38.7--100%19.37%19.80%
21333Becket PottingerPittsburgh East Composite MTB Team/NICA Junior Boys 14 and Under 51:42.7+0:04.0+0.13%99.87%19.27%19.69%
31326Vincent DeloPittsburgh East Composite Junior Boys 14 and Under 54:50.9+3:12.2+6.20%94.16%14.37%14.82%
41330Kaden KoellingTrailer Park Racing Junior Boys 14 and Under 55:58.9+4:20.2+8.40%92.25%12.60%13.06%
51331Alex LeavittPittsburgh East Composite Junior Boys 14 and Under 57:23.9+5:45.2+11.14%89.98%10.39%10.86%
61332Andy Palm Junior Boys 14 and Under 58:10.4+6:31.7+12.64%88.78%9.18%9.66%
71324Wyatt Case Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:03:27.1+11:48.4+22.86%81.39%0.94%1.46%
81337Maxwell WeilandGEAR Cycle sales / Honey Stinger Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:04:23.5+12:44.8+24.68%80.20%-0.53%0.00%
91334Justin PrunzikIndependent Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:07:22.4+15:43.7+30.45%76.65%-5.18%-4.63%
101323Ben Ames Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:09:22.3+17:43.6+34.32%74.45%-8.30%-7.73%
111328Levi Jackson Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:09:30.5+17:51.8+34.59%74.30%-8.51%-7.95%
121327Will Griffin Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:10:09.6+18:30.9+35.85%73.61%-9.53%-8.96%
131325Caden ChristieTim Asche Auto Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:14:44.3+23:05.6+44.72%69.10%-16.68%-16.07%
141336Andrew Rolinson Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:15:15.6+23:36.9+45.73%68.62%-17.49%-16.88%
151329Evan Kapsin Junior Boys 14 and Under 1:16:49.0+25:10.3+48.74%67.23%-19.92%-19.30%
  • Junior Girls 14 and Under
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
11354Larkin MccloskeyPittsburgh East Junior Girls 14 and Under 59:53.5--100%5.93%5.93%
21353Isabella CoyneTHICK Bikes Uni Squadron Junior Girls 14 and Under 1:07:26.9+7:33.4+12.62%88.80%-5.93%-5.93%
  • Kids 10 and Under
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
11410Josiah BowerStinkbug Naturals Kids 10 and Under 32:42.8--100%27.91%29.29%
21412Cameron CramerStinkbug Naturals Kids 10 and Under 34:34.4+1:51.6+5.69%94.62%23.81%25.27%
31413Parker Graham Kids 10 and Under 38:19.2+5:36.4+17.14%85.37%15.55%17.17%
41414Jacob Shafer Kids 10 and Under 46:15.7+13:32.9+41.42%70.71%-1.95%0.00%
51416Mason WertmanDolfi Racing Kids 10 and Under 46:17.1+13:34.3+41.49%70.68%-2.00%-0.05%
61415Weston Transue Kids 10 and Under 54:39.5+21:56.7+67.08%59.85%-20.45%-18.15%
71411MEILI CLARK Kids 10 and Under 1:04:50.0+32:07.2+98.19%50.46%-42.87%-40.14%