Raynedeer Run 2019

Sunday, December 8, 2019 09:31 (GMT+0) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Rayne, United Kingdom
Start type: Mass start
Racers: 104
Timed on: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. VivoBook 14_ASUS Laptop X407
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 4.1
Chip timing: RFID - LLRP
RFID reader: Impinj
Updated: Sunday, December 8, 2019 16:01 (GMT+0)
Organized by: Hare and Tortoise Running
Race website: www.hareandtortoiserunning.co.uk

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Raynedeer Run 2019

  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Age Gender Finish time
1831Mark Prigg100 Marathon Club 48M 5:47:11.939.3612--100%0.50%0.50%09:31:45.2
2753Anthony Chatters 38M 5:50:40.239.3612+3:28.3+1.00%99.01%-0.50%-0.50%09:31:45.2
3760Neil CorneliusHockley Trail Runners 47M -2 laps32.8010-----09:31:45.2
4855James WhiteVegan Runners UK 38M -2 laps32.8010-----09:31:45.2
5745Ian BrazierLittle Baddow Ridge Runners 47M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
6789Lisa HoughtonRunning Colchester 49F -2 laps32.8010-----09:31:45.2
7823Darren Pascoe 31M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
8806Ian LawsonGrange Farm & Dunmow Runners 59M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
9754Dan Taylor 46M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
10815Dan Miller 48M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
11790Mark Howard 39M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
12819Hollie Munson 31F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
13811Mary LloydBrentwood Running Club 50F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
14820James Nicholls 35M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
15781Apryl Hammett100 Marathon Club 47F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
16837Ian Rowley 50M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
17785Peter HeffordMudda Fudders OCR 38M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
17834Tony RawsonHarold Wood Running Club 51M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
19730Neil AddingtonLonely Goat Running Club 54M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
20750Christopher CantIpswich Triathlon Club 46M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
21810Dave CaseyIpswich Triathlon 46M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
22778Adrian FrostColchester Harriers 50M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
23738Michael BallHarwich Runners 51M -6 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
24731Tina AgombarMRG 44F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
25814Cliff Manning 58M -3 laps29.529-----09:31:45.2
26765Chris Davey 49M -6 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
27813David Mackay 51M -6 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
28857Chris Aylett 47M -7 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
29763Ruth Cowlin 54F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
30787Andrew HollockRunning Colchester 47M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
31825Dean Pepper 32M -7 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
32762Keith PassinghamFlyers Southend 68M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
33792Robert Hunt 59M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
34776Christina Foreman 74F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
35740Helen Barnes-MartinHarlow Running Club 52F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
36853Teresa WarrenHarlow Running Club 58F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
37777Kim FosterGirls Go Running 47F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
38779Deb GarfieldVegan Runners UK 46F -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
39741Tessa Bates 41F -7 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
40817Anthony MayneRunning Colchester 48M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
41761Matt Coughlan 39M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
42752Darren ChastonRayleigh RAT Runners 38M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
43733Sean AllisonBenfleet Running Club 51M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
44856Julie WilsonBrentwood Running Club 47F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
45850Judy Ward 74F -5 laps22.967-----09:31:45.2
46736Paul Arnold 46M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
47737Yolande Arnold 50F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
48854Emma WelhamGreat Bentley Running Club 36F -7 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
49829Claire PooleGreat Bentley Running Club 47F -6 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
50818Lisa MillarSPS Oddballs 38F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
51812Sue LongTiptree Road Runners 54F -6 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
52756Teresa Clark 55F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
53780Samantha Godden 34F -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
54734Carla Allison 45F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
55770Jo EldredMRG 65F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
56751Scott ChapmanSPS Oddballs 34M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
57739Allen BallRunning Colchester 47M -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
58808Claire LefortMRG 44F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
59758Jackie CollinsFelixstowe Road Runners 55F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
60794Lynwen James 48F -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
61830Paul Press 52M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
62835Zoe ReynoldsGreat Bentley Running Club 45F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
63844Mark Greensides 48M -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
64744Vic Bojan 69M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
65821Emma Nicholson 47F -7 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
66822Fiona Park 50F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
67858Nicole Woulfe 32F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
68791Andrea Hunt 40F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
68767Lisa Dove 37F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
70807Annabel Marriott 37F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
71772Paula EvansMRG 47F -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
72809Fraser Lewis 47F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
73845Lin TaylorFlyers Southend 47F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
74801Felicity KempRunning Colchester 38F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
75800Martin KempRunning Colchester 47M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
76838Nicky Santomauro 48F -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
77839Robert SavilleGarden City Runners 49M -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
78788Sylvia Houghton 45F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
79840Thomas Searles 29M -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
80799Lucy Keam-George 38F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
81775Sue Fleming 60F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
82805Mark Lashmar 37M -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
83851Sara WarneClapham Chasers RC 27F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
84852John WarneHalstead Road Runners 66M -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
85816Julie MatthewsMRG 52F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
86755Jane Clark 51F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
87824Lindsey PearsonHarlow Running Club 40F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
88802Nastassja Kirk 31F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
89796Maxine Jones 59F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
90797Jill Joyce 48F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
91842Claire Smith 36F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
92764Bryony CrazeEnvironment Agency 36F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
93782Kayleigh Heard 30F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
94766Katherine DavisonFlyers Southend 46F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
95768Deirdre Duffy 38F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
96846Royston Theobald 37M -11 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
97833Carole Randall 48F -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
98759Katrina CoppingFelixstowe Road Runners 51F -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
99774Cathryn FifieldLonely Goat Running Club 53F -11 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
100828Sharon Plowman 47F -11 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
101827Barry PlowmanBraintree & District AC 51M -11 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
102832Alison Pursehouse 48F -11 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
103743Liz Bernard 51F -11 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
104735Amanda Armstrong 54F -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
  • Female - Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Age Gender Finish time
1789Lisa HoughtonRunning Colchester 49F 5:54:21.932.8010-----09:31:45.2
2819Hollie Munson 31F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
3811Mary LloydBrentwood Running Club 50F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
4781Apryl Hammett100 Marathon Club 47F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
5731Tina AgombarMRG 44F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
6763Ruth Cowlin 54F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
7776Christina Foreman 74F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
8740Helen Barnes-MartinHarlow Running Club 52F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
9853Teresa WarrenHarlow Running Club 58F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
10777Kim FosterGirls Go Running 47F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
11779Deb GarfieldVegan Runners UK 46F -2 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
12741Tessa Bates 41F -5 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
13856Julie WilsonBrentwood Running Club 47F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
14850Judy Ward 74F -3 laps22.967-----09:31:45.2
15737Yolande Arnold 50F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
16854Emma WelhamGreat Bentley Running Club 36F -5 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
17829Claire PooleGreat Bentley Running Club 47F -4 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
18818Lisa MillarSPS Oddballs 38F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
19812Sue LongTiptree Road Runners 54F -4 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
20756Teresa Clark 55F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
21780Samantha Godden 34F -7 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
22734Carla Allison 45F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
23770Jo EldredMRG 65F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
24808Claire LefortMRG 44F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
25758Jackie CollinsFelixstowe Road Runners 55F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
26794Lynwen James 48F -7 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
27835Zoe ReynoldsGreat Bentley Running Club 45F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
28821Emma Nicholson 47F -5 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
29822Fiona Park 50F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
30858Nicole Woulfe 32F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
31791Andrea Hunt 40F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
31767Lisa Dove 37F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
33807Annabel Marriott 37F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
34772Paula EvansMRG 47F -7 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
35809Fraser Lewis 47F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
36845Lin TaylorFlyers Southend 47F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
37801Felicity KempRunning Colchester 38F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
38838Nicky Santomauro 48F -7 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
39788Sylvia Houghton 45F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
40799Lucy Keam-George 38F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
41775Sue Fleming 60F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
42851Sara WarneClapham Chasers RC 27F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
43816Julie MatthewsMRG 52F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
44755Jane Clark 51F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
45824Lindsey PearsonHarlow Running Club 40F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
46802Nastassja Kirk 31F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
47796Maxine Jones 59F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
48797Jill Joyce 48F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
49842Claire Smith 36F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
50764Bryony CrazeEnvironment Agency 36F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
51782Kayleigh Heard 30F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
52766Katherine DavisonFlyers Southend 46F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
53768Deirdre Duffy 38F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
54833Carole Randall 48F -6 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
55759Katrina CoppingFelixstowe Road Runners 51F -7 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
56774Cathryn FifieldLonely Goat Running Club 53F -9 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
57828Sharon Plowman 47F -9 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
58832Alison Pursehouse 48F -9 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
59743Liz Bernard 51F -9 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
60735Amanda Armstrong 54F -8 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
  • Male - Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Age Gender Finish time
1831Mark Prigg100 Marathon Club 48M 5:47:11.939.3612--100%0.50%0.50%09:31:45.2
2753Anthony Chatters 38M 5:50:40.239.3612+3:28.3+1.00%99.01%-0.50%-0.50%09:31:45.2
3760Neil CorneliusHockley Trail Runners 47M -2 laps32.8010-----09:31:45.2
4855James WhiteVegan Runners UK 38M -2 laps32.8010-----09:31:45.2
5745Ian BrazierLittle Baddow Ridge Runners 47M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
6823Darren Pascoe 31M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
7806Ian LawsonGrange Farm & Dunmow Runners 59M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
8754Dan Taylor 46M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
9815Dan Miller 48M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
10790Mark Howard 39M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
11820James Nicholls 35M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
12837Ian Rowley 50M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
13785Peter HeffordMudda Fudders OCR 38M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
13834Tony RawsonHarold Wood Running Club 51M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
15730Neil AddingtonLonely Goat Running Club 54M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
16750Christopher CantIpswich Triathlon Club 46M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
17810Dave CaseyIpswich Triathlon 46M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
18778Adrian FrostColchester Harriers 50M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
19738Michael BallHarwich Runners 51M -6 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
20814Cliff Manning 58M -3 laps29.529-----09:31:45.2
21765Chris Davey 49M -6 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
22813David Mackay 51M -6 laps19.686-----09:31:45.2
23857Chris Aylett 47M -7 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
24787Andrew HollockRunning Colchester 47M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
25825Dean Pepper 32M -7 laps16.405-----09:31:45.2
26762Keith PassinghamFlyers Southend 68M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
27792Robert Hunt 59M -4 laps26.248-----09:31:45.2
28817Anthony MayneRunning Colchester 48M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
29761Matt Coughlan 39M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
30752Darren ChastonRayleigh RAT Runners 38M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
31733Sean AllisonBenfleet Running Club 51M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
32736Paul Arnold 46M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
33751Scott ChapmanSPS Oddballs 34M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
34739Allen BallRunning Colchester 47M -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
35830Paul Press 52M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
36844Mark Greensides 48M -9 laps9.843-----09:31:45.2
37744Vic Bojan 69M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
38800Martin KempRunning Colchester 47M -8 laps13.124-----09:31:45.2
39839Robert SavilleGarden City Runners 49M -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
40840Thomas Searles 29M -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
41805Mark Lashmar 37M -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
42852John WarneHalstead Road Runners 66M -10 laps6.562-----09:31:45.2
43846Royston Theobald 37M -11 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2
44827Barry PlowmanBraintree & District AC 51M -11 laps3.281-----09:31:45.2