2019 PCPS 6 - Brisbane River Marathon

Sunday, July 14, 2019 09:06 (GMT+10) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Paddling
Location: Graceville, Australia
Start type: Manual wave start
Wave grouping: Custom
Racers: 91
Timed on: LENOVO Lenovo TB2-X30F
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 4.0
Updated: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 13:25 (GMT+10)
Organized by: Brisbane Canoeing club
Race notes
Results updated with all new competitors moved into their right divisions, as of 16 July.
Distances approx.
Long = 15.6km
Middle = 10.3km
Short = 5.15km
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  • Long - L1
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1101Andrew BavageSandgate Paddling club L1 1:11:05.7--100%1.70%0.04%13.2
2100Luke ChapmanBrisbane Paddling club L1 1:11:07.2+0:01.5+0.04%99.96%1.66%0.00%13.2
3113Craig ChapmanBrisbane Paddling club L1 1:14:45.2+3:39.5+5.15%95.11%-3.36%-5.11%12.5
  • Long - L2
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1118Tegan FraserIndooroopilly Canoe club L2 1:13:26.0--100%3.34%2.65%12.7
2114Gavin CookBrisbane Paddling club L2 1:14:48.4+1:22.4+1.87%98.16%1.54%0.83%12.5
3116Craig SpenderKawana Waters Canoe club L2 1:15:24.6+1:58.6+2.69%97.38%0.74%0.03%12.4
4115Tom ArmittBrisbane Paddling club L2 1:15:26.1+2:00.1+2.73%97.35%0.71%0.00%12.4
5112Peter HopwoodBrisbane Canoeing club L2 1:16:32.0+3:06.0+4.22%95.95%-0.74%-1.46%12.2
6120Matthew PhylandVarsity Lakes Paddlers Club L2 1:18:05.3+4:39.3+6.34%94.04%-2.78%-3.52%12.0
7117Gareth FordWest End Canoe club L2 1:18:06.7+4:40.7+6.37%94.01%-2.81%-3.55%12.0
  • Long - L3
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1129George SpinkBrisbane Paddling club L3 1:16:26.0--100%1.86%1.93%12.2
2131John GallagherBrisbane Paddling club L3 1:17:29.7+1:03.7+1.39%98.63%0.49%0.57%12.1
3127Vance MurphyKawana Waters Canoe club L3 1:17:56.2+1:30.2+1.97%98.07%-0.07%0.00%12.0
4128Stuart BrysonBrisbane Canoeing club L3 1:18:23.3+1:57.3+2.56%97.51%-0.65%-0.58%11.9
5132John FredericksBrisbane Paddling club L3 1:19:08.3+2:42.3+3.54%96.58%-1.62%-1.54%11.8
  • Long - L4
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1150Grant Epple & Amanda RankinCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club L4 1:17:42.6--100%3.25%1.87%12.0
2141Tony BowmanBrisbane Paddling club L4 1:17:44.5+0:01.9+0.04%99.96%3.21%1.83%12.0
3145Gary & April DavieCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club L4 1:17:50.9+0:08.3+0.18%99.82%3.08%1.69%12.0
4142David KnightBrisbane Paddling club L4 1:18:43.6+1:01.0+1.31%98.71%1.98%0.58%11.9
5143Glen & Karen BlackstockMooloolaba Paddlers club L4 1:18:48.4+1:05.8+1.41%98.61%1.88%0.48%11.9
6151Jamie BoyleVarsity Lakes Paddles club L4 1:19:34.2+1:51.6+2.39%97.66%0.93%-0.48%11.8
7134Murray BurgessNo Club L4 1:20:03.3+2:20.7+3.02%97.07%0.33%-1.09%11.7
8144Peter BillingtonKawana Waters Canoe club L4 1:21:56.4+4:13.8+5.44%94.84%-2.02%-3.47%11.4
9147Brennar HuftNo Club L4 1:23:36.3+5:53.7+7.59%92.95%-4.09%-5.58%11.2
10149Armand Le-RouxSandgate Paddling club L4 1:27:11.5+9:28.9+12.20%89.13%-8.56%-10.11%10.7
  • Long - L5
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1206Ben LloydBrisbane Paddling club L5 1:21:54.5--100%3.57%3.36%11.4
2204Trent LitherlandSandgate Paddling club L5 1:23:30.0+1:35.5+1.94%98.09%1.69%1.48%11.2
3200Raymond HastieBrisbane Paddling club L5 1:23:32.9+1:38.4+2.00%98.04%1.64%1.42%11.2
4207Brian RoyMooloolaba Paddlers club L5 1:24:38.8+2:44.3+3.34%96.76%0.34%0.13%11.1
5208Mazi AgahVarsity Lakes Paddles club L5 1:24:51.7+2:57.2+3.61%96.52%0.09%-0.13%11.0
6201Tony BrownCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club L5 1:26:17.3+4:22.8+5.35%94.92%-1.59%-1.81%10.8
7203Steve foxBrisbane Canoeing club L5 1:27:13.3+5:18.8+6.49%93.91%-2.69%-2.91%10.7
8205Jeff StuartWest End Canoe club L5 1:27:31.9+5:37.4+6.87%93.58%-3.05%-3.28%10.7
  • Long - L6
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1221Rhett JohnsonBrisbane Paddling club L6 1:28:52.1--100%1.20%0.44%10.5
2220Ben SutherlandBrisbane Paddling club L6 1:28:53.9+0:01.8+0.03%99.97%1.17%0.41%10.5
3222Ray BrandtSandgate Paddling club L6 1:29:37.7+0:45.6+0.86%99.15%0.35%-0.41%10.4
4223Rhonda McSweeneyBrisbane Paddling club L6 1:32:23.4+3:31.3+3.96%96.19%-2.72%-3.50%10.1
  • Long - L7
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1243Deborah Beacroft & Mark KennedyNo Club L7 1:23:55.2--100%6.43%6.43%11.2
2241Marilyn DrynanNorth West Canoe club L7 1:35:27.4+11:32.2+13.75%87.91%-6.43%-6.43%9.8
  • Long - L8
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1252Michael KearneyNo Club L8 1:36:06.8--100%12.88%13.17%9.7
2253William & Elle WildIndooroopilly Canoe club L8 1:38:13.9+2:07.1+2.20%97.84%10.95%11.25%9.5
3250Julieanne WhiteCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club L8 2:03:08.6+27:01.8+28.12%78.05%-11.63%-11.25%7.6
4251Richard DowerBrisbane Sup L8 2:03:46.7+27:39.9+28.78%77.65%-12.20%-11.83%7.6
  • Middle - M1
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1500Thomas King Koi & Liam WarrinerBrisbane Canoeing club M1 49:37.3--100%0.00%0.00%12.5
  • Middle - M4
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1537Michael MorganWynnum Redlands Canoe club M4 54:09.6--100%2.44%0.99%11.4
2524Phillip MakingsFar North Coast Canoe club M4 54:42.1+0:32.5+1.00%99.01%1.47%0.00%11.3
3523Graeme HudsonSunshine Coast Paddlesports club M4 57:41.2+3:31.6+6.51%93.89%-3.91%-5.46%10.7
  • Middle - M5
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1539Ingo SchroderCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club M5 56:58.0--100%3.22%3.06%10.8
2536Mark & Trish SandersonGreater Logan Canoe club M5 58:29.6+1:31.6+2.68%97.39%0.63%0.46%10.6
3540Vince HudsonSandgate Paddling club M5 59:02.0+2:04.0+3.63%96.50%-0.29%-0.46%10.5
4538Dave KairCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club M5 1:00:57.1+3:59.1+7.00%93.46%-3.55%-3.72%10.1
  • Middle - M6
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1409Eva HoskingBrisbane Canoeing club M6 59:15.1--100%1.42%1.22%10.4
2403Jenny TheissSandgate Paddling club M6 59:22.3+0:07.2+0.20%99.80%1.22%1.02%10.4
3404John SmallwoodSunshine Coast Paddlesports club M6 59:42.1+0:27.0+0.76%99.25%0.67%0.47%10.4
4406John MurphyNo Club M6 1:00:16.2+1:01.1+1.72%98.31%-0.28%-0.47%10.3
5400Lisa HayesKawana Waters Canoe club M6 1:00:34.7+1:19.6+2.24%97.81%-0.79%-0.99%10.2
6408Nikki BamforthBrisbane Paddling club M6 1:01:26.7+2:11.6+3.70%96.43%-2.23%-2.43%10.1
  • Middle - M7
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1431Ray Lillis-CrepBrisbane Paddling club M7 1:00:34.6--100%4.29%4.29%10.2
2428Mark XanthoNo Club M7 1:00:47.3+0:12.7+0.35%99.65%3.95%3.96%10.2
3421Ian BoddyBrisbane Paddling club M7 1:01:07.7+0:33.1+0.91%99.10%3.42%3.42%10.1
4422Mark LaraghyWynnum Redlands Canoe club M7 1:02:55.7+2:21.1+3.88%96.26%0.57%0.58%9.8
5425Mark MustchinSandgate Paddling club M7 1:03:39.5+3:04.9+5.09%95.16%-0.58%-0.58%9.7
6429Darren StuartKarana District Canoe Club M7 1:05:08.6+4:34.0+7.54%92.99%-2.93%-2.92%9.5
7426Anthony BennGreater Logan Canoe club M7 1:05:52.2+5:17.6+8.74%91.96%-4.08%-4.07%9.4
8423Donna WilsonSandgate Paddling club M7 1:06:13.9+5:39.3+9.34%91.46%-4.65%-4.64%9.3
  • Middle - M8
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1345Jack CuddihyBrisbane Canoeing club M8 1:03:00.4--100%2.77%2.14%9.8
2344Michael GoutCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club M8 1:03:09.1+0:08.7+0.23%99.77%2.54%1.91%9.8
3346Ross JardineSpringfield Centenary Canoe M8 1:03:57.7+0:57.3+1.52%98.51%1.29%0.66%9.7
4342Natasha ParkinsonVarsity Lakes Paddles club M8 1:04:48.4+1:48.0+2.86%97.22%-0.01%-0.66%9.5
5341Woody VidgenCape Byron Bay Lifesaving Club M8 1:04:59.3+1:58.9+3.15%96.95%-0.29%-0.94%9.5
6424Allen JacksonNo Club M8 1:08:52.6+5:52.2+9.32%91.48%-6.29%-6.98%9.0
-340John DonkerslootGreater Logan Canoe club M8 DNF------
  • Middle - M9
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
1343Cameron GeorgeMooloolaba Paddlers club M9 1:12:25.6--100%6.44%8.03%8.5
2347Rewiina MihaereSupsa M9 1:18:45.1+6:19.5+8.73%91.97%-1.73%0.00%7.8
3324Joshua ParkinsonVarsity Lakes Paddles club M9 1:21:03.9+8:38.3+11.93%89.34%-4.72%-2.94%7.6
  • Short - S1
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
14Daniel HardwickCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club S1 24:39.4--100%0.14%0.14%12.5
21Paraka MitchellCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club S1 24:43.6+0:04.2+0.28%99.72%-0.14%-0.14%12.5
  • Short - S2
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
110Samuel King KoiBrisbane Canoeing club S2 27:37.4--100%0.00%0.00%11.2
  • Short - S3
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
119Susan SeipelBrisbane Canoeing club S3 28:41.1--100%4.04%4.94%10.8
220Tim WhitburnNo Club S3 29:51.1+1:10.0+4.07%96.09%0.14%1.07%10.4
318Delia WestSunshine Coast Paddlesports club S3 30:30.0+1:48.9+6.33%94.05%-2.03%-1.07%10.1
430Sean Ryannone S3 30:32.0+1:50.9+6.44%93.95%-2.14%-1.18%10.1
  • Short - S4
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
131Electra JensenFar North Coast Canoe club S4 32:17.9--100%6.69%8.26%9.6
232Shelby CottrellVarsity Lakes Paddles club S4 35:12.4+2:54.5+9.00%91.74%-1.71%0.00%8.8
333Peter CookeSpringfield Centenary Canoe S4 36:20.2+4:02.3+12.50%88.89%-4.98%-3.21%8.5
  • Short - S5
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
149Tracie ScottMooloolaba Paddlers club S5 32:24.5--100%4.67%4.67%9.5
250John BlackleySandgate Paddling club S5 35:34.8+3:10.3+9.79%91.09%-4.67%-4.67%8.7
  • Short - S6
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
171Lacy ChurchCurrumbin Creek Paddlers club S6 35:30.9--100%5.86%6.69%8.7
269Joelie EneverSandgate Paddling club S6 38:03.7+2:32.8+7.17%93.31%-0.89%0.00%8.1
370Hannah PetersSandgate Paddling club S6 39:36.3+4:05.4+11.52%89.67%-4.98%-4.05%7.8
  • Short - S7
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
184Sallyanne GardnerIndooroopilly S7 42:56.7--100%0.00%0.00%7.2