Wednesday, May 1, 2019 5:40 PM (GMT-7) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - road
Location: Bend, OR, United States
Start type: Interval start
Racers: 35
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO
Updated: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 6:06 PM (GMT-7)
Organized by: Athletes Without Limits
Race website: www.athleteswithoutlimits.org

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  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1567Justin Guidroz Men 339M 19:25.0--100%18.41%15.88%
23000Paul Armstrong Men 336M 19:51.0+0:26.0+2.23%97.82%16.59%14.01%
353Andrew Steele Men 1/230M 20:01.0+0:36.0+3.09%97.00%15.89%13.29%
463Eric MartinFulcrum Prop/WebCyclery Men 1/253M 20:09.0+0:44.0+3.78%96.36%15.33%12.71%
561Sophie AndrewsPoint S Racing Women 1/225F 20:48.0+1:23.0+7.12%93.35%12.60%9.89%
666Mickey Mcdonald Men 50+57M 20:54.0+1:29.0+7.64%92.90%12.18%9.46%
7272Kristi CutterTherapeutic Associates Women 1/243F 21:02.0+1:37.0+8.33%92.31%11.62%8.88%
85187Jeff NarySagebrush Cycles Men 50+54M 21:11.0+1:46.0+9.10%91.66%10.99%8.23%
98008Ian BrownBend Endurance Academy Men Junior14M 21:20.0+1:55.0+9.87%91.02%10.36%7.58%
10606Michael BrownFulcrum Prop/WebCyclery Eddy Men48M 21:26.0+2:01.0+10.39%90.59%9.94%7.15%
118026Jacob OlanderBend Endurance Academy Men Junior16M 21:48.0+2:23.0+12.27%89.07%8.39%5.56%
1258Lisa MagnessSunnyside Sports Women 1/260F 21:49.0+2:24.0+12.36%89.00%8.32%5.49%
13236Andrea SmithSunnyside Sports Women 1/253F 21:50.0+2:25.0+12.45%88.93%8.25%5.42%
1460Gavin BowenBowen Sport Performance Men Junior17M 21:52.0+2:27.0+12.62%88.80%8.11%5.27%
154253Jason Bavuso Eddy Men46M 22:23.0+2:58.0+15.28%86.75%5.94%3.03%
165439Jason Bell Eddy Men46M 22:34.0+3:09.0+16.22%86.04%5.17%2.24%
1759Tanner BowenBowen Sport Performance Men Junior14M 23:04.0+3:39.0+18.80%84.18%3.07%0.07%
184119Scott WilcoxField Work Swarm Collective Men 60+67M 23:05.0+3:40.0+18.88%84.12%3.00%0.00%
1967Jeff Lundin Men 4/533M 23:10.0+3:45.0+19.31%83.81%2.65%-0.36%
205024Barry Galvin Eddy Men52M 23:17.0+3:52.0+19.91%83.39%2.16%-0.87%
21667Thane JenningsSunnyside Sports Men 50+58M 24:01.0+4:36.0+23.69%80.85%-0.92%-4.04%
2265Kerry MartinSunnyside Sports Women 1/251F 24:24.0+4:59.0+25.67%79.58%-2.53%-5.70%
23351Dan DavisWebCyclery.com Men 60+61M 24:30.0+5:05.0+26.18%79.25%-2.95%-6.14%
248092Boden CokerSunnyside Sports Men Junior15M 24:34.0+5:09.0+26.52%79.04%-3.23%-6.43%
254094Bob KuehnHammer Nuttrition / 53x11 Men 60+68M 24:55.0+5:30.0+28.33%77.93%-4.70%-7.94%
267064Susan KolbSunnyside Sports Eddy Women50F 25:00.0+5:35.0+28.76%77.67%-5.05%-8.30%
2764Greg Hoard Men 60+60M 25:27.4+6:02.4+31.11%76.27%-6.97%-10.28%
2857Oriana Noren Eddy Women64F 25:57.0+6:32.0+33.65%74.82%-9.04%-12.42%
298017Bjorn BlankenshipBend Endurance Academy Men Junior11M 26:00.9+6:35.9+33.98%74.64%-9.32%-12.70%
3068Sally PresslerDeschutes Multisport Club Women 50+55F 26:32.0+7:07.0+36.65%73.18%-11.50%-14.95%
3156Jimmie Porter Eddy Men56M 26:48.0+7:23.0+38.03%72.45%-12.62%-16.10%
3250Megan MacNeill-YeomanRadical Hens Eddy Women30F 27:34.0+8:09.0+41.97%70.44%-15.84%-19.42%
337105Lori GierloffSunnyside Sports Women 4/544F 28:08.0+8:43.0+44.89%69.02%-18.22%-21.88%
344032Larry HunterTrinity-Dryve Men 60+76M 30:21.0+10:56.0+56.31%63.98%-27.53%-31.48%
358085Kayla McCarthySunnyside Sports Women Junior11F 37:44.0+18:19.0+94.33%51.46%-58.56%-63.47%
  • TimeTrial 8m Female - Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
161Sophie AndrewsPoint S Racing Women 1/225F 20:48.0--100%18.52%16.80%
2272Kristi CutterTherapeutic Associates Women 1/243F 21:02.0+0:14.0+1.12%98.89%17.60%15.87%
358Lisa MagnessSunnyside Sports Women 1/260F 21:49.0+1:01.0+4.89%95.34%14.54%12.73%
4236Andrea SmithSunnyside Sports Women 1/253F 21:50.0+1:02.0+4.97%95.27%14.47%12.67%
565Kerry MartinSunnyside Sports Women 1/251F 24:24.0+3:36.0+17.31%85.25%4.42%2.40%
67064Susan KolbSunnyside Sports Eddy Women50F 25:00.0+4:12.0+20.19%83.20%2.07%0.00%
757Oriana Noren Eddy Women64F 25:57.0+5:09.0+24.76%80.15%-1.66%-3.80%
868Sally PresslerDeschutes Multisport Club Women 50+55F 26:32.0+5:44.0+27.56%78.39%-3.94%-6.13%
950Megan MacNeill-YeomanRadical Hens Eddy Women30F 27:34.0+6:46.0+32.53%75.45%-7.99%-10.27%
107105Lori GierloffSunnyside Sports Women 4/544F 28:08.0+7:20.0+35.26%73.93%-10.21%-12.53%
118085Kayla McCarthySunnyside Sports Women Junior11F 37:44.0+16:56.0+81.41%55.12%-47.82%-50.93%
  • TimeTrial 8m Female - Eddy Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
17064Susan KolbSunnyside Sports Eddy Women50F 25:00.0--100%4.48%3.66%
257Oriana Noren Eddy Women64F 25:57.0+0:57.0+3.80%96.34%0.85%0.00%
350Megan MacNeill-YeomanRadical Hens Eddy Women30F 27:34.0+2:34.0+10.27%90.69%-5.33%-6.23%
  • TimeTrial 8m Female - Women 1/2
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
161Sophie AndrewsPoint S Racing Women 1/225F 20:48.0--100%5.35%4.66%
2272Kristi CutterTherapeutic Associates Women 1/243F 21:02.0+0:14.0+1.12%98.89%4.29%3.59%
358Lisa MagnessSunnyside Sports Women 1/260F 21:49.0+1:01.0+4.89%95.34%0.73%0.00%
4236Andrea SmithSunnyside Sports Women 1/253F 21:50.0+1:02.0+4.97%95.27%0.65%-0.08%
565Kerry MartinSunnyside Sports Women 1/251F 24:24.0+3:36.0+17.31%85.25%-11.03%-11.84%
  • TimeTrial 8m Female - Women 4/5
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
17105Lori GierloffSunnyside Sports Women 4/544F 28:08.0--100%0.00%0.00%
  • TimeTrial 8m Female - Women 50+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
168Sally PresslerDeschutes Multisport Club Women 50+55F 26:32.0--100%0.00%0.00%
  • TimeTrial 8m Female - Women Junior
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
18085Kayla McCarthySunnyside Sports Women Junior11F 37:44.0--100%0.00%0.00%
  • TimeTrial 8m Male - Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1567Justin Guidroz Men 339M 19:25.0--100%15.60%14.90%
23000Paul Armstrong Men 336M 19:51.0+0:26.0+2.23%97.82%13.71%13.00%
353Andrew Steele Men 1/230M 20:01.0+0:36.0+3.09%97.00%12.99%12.27%
463Eric MartinFulcrum Prop/WebCyclery Men 1/253M 20:09.0+0:44.0+3.78%96.36%12.41%11.69%
566Mickey Mcdonald Men 50+57M 20:54.0+1:29.0+7.64%92.90%9.15%8.40%
65187Jeff NarySagebrush Cycles Men 50+54M 21:11.0+1:46.0+9.10%91.66%7.92%7.16%
78008Ian BrownBend Endurance Academy Men Junior14M 21:20.0+1:55.0+9.87%91.02%7.27%6.50%
8606Michael BrownFulcrum Prop/WebCyclery Eddy Men48M 21:26.0+2:01.0+10.39%90.59%6.83%6.06%
98026Jacob OlanderBend Endurance Academy Men Junior16M 21:48.0+2:23.0+12.27%89.07%5.24%4.46%
1060Gavin BowenBowen Sport Performance Men Junior17M 21:52.0+2:27.0+12.62%88.80%4.95%4.16%
114253Jason Bavuso Eddy Men46M 22:23.0+2:58.0+15.28%86.75%2.70%1.90%
125439Jason Bell Eddy Men46M 22:34.0+3:09.0+16.22%86.04%1.91%1.10%
1359Tanner BowenBowen Sport Performance Men Junior14M 23:04.0+3:39.0+18.80%84.18%-0.27%-1.10%
144119Scott WilcoxField Work Swarm Collective Men 60+67M 23:05.0+3:40.0+18.88%84.12%-0.34%-1.17%
1567Jeff Lundin Men 4/533M 23:10.0+3:45.0+19.31%83.81%-0.70%-1.53%
165024Barry Galvin Eddy Men52M 23:17.0+3:52.0+19.91%83.39%-1.21%-2.05%
17667Thane JenningsSunnyside Sports Men 50+58M 24:01.0+4:36.0+23.69%80.85%-4.40%-5.26%
18351Dan DavisWebCyclery.com Men 60+61M 24:30.0+5:05.0+26.18%79.25%-6.50%-7.38%
198092Boden CokerSunnyside Sports Men Junior15M 24:34.0+5:09.0+26.52%79.04%-6.79%-7.67%
204094Bob KuehnHammer Nuttrition / 53x11 Men 60+68M 24:55.0+5:30.0+28.33%77.93%-8.31%-9.20%
2164Greg Hoard Men 60+60M 25:27.4+6:02.4+31.11%76.27%-10.66%-11.57%
228017Bjorn BlankenshipBend Endurance Academy Men Junior11M 26:00.9+6:35.9+33.98%74.64%-13.08%-14.02%
2356Jimmie Porter Eddy Men56M 26:48.0+7:23.0+38.03%72.45%-16.50%-17.46%
244032Larry HunterTrinity-Dryve Men 60+76M 30:21.0+10:56.0+56.31%63.98%-31.93%-33.02%
  • TimeTrial 8m Male - Eddy Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1606Michael BrownFulcrum Prop/WebCyclery Eddy Men48M 21:26.0--100%7.99%5.02%
24253Jason Bavuso Eddy Men46M 22:23.0+0:57.0+4.43%95.76%3.91%0.81%
35439Jason Bell Eddy Men46M 22:34.0+1:08.0+5.29%94.98%3.12%0.00%
45024Barry Galvin Eddy Men52M 23:17.0+1:51.0+8.63%92.05%0.04%-3.18%
556Jimmie Porter Eddy Men56M 26:48.0+5:22.0+25.04%79.98%-15.05%-18.76%
  • TimeTrial 8m Male - Men 1/2
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
153Andrew Steele Men 1/230M 20:01.0--100%0.33%0.33%
263Eric MartinFulcrum Prop/WebCyclery Men 1/253M 20:09.0+0:08.0+0.67%99.34%-0.33%-0.33%
  • TimeTrial 8m Male - Men 3
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1567Justin GuidrozMen 339M 19:25.0--100%1.10%1.10%
23000Paul ArmstrongMen 336M 19:51.0+0:26.0+2.23%97.82%-1.10%-1.10%
  • TimeTrial 8m Male - Men 4/5
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
167Jeff LundinMen 4/533M 23:10.0--100%0.00%0.00%
  • TimeTrial 8m Male - Men 50+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
166Mickey Mcdonald Men 50+57M 20:54.0--100%5.14%1.34%
25187Jeff NarySagebrush Cycles Men 50+54M 21:11.0+0:17.0+1.36%98.66%3.86%0.00%
3667Thane JenningsSunnyside Sports Men 50+58M 24:01.0+3:07.0+14.91%87.02%-9.00%-13.38%
  • TimeTrial 8m Male - Men 60+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
14119Scott WilcoxField Work Swarm Collective Men 60+67M 23:05.0--100%10.05%7.36%
2351Dan DavisWebCyclery.com Men 60+61M 24:30.0+1:25.0+6.14%94.22%4.53%1.67%
34094Bob KuehnHammer Nuttrition / 53x11 Men 60+68M 24:55.0+1:50.0+7.94%92.64%2.90%0.00%
464Greg Hoard Men 60+60M 25:27.4+2:22.4+10.28%90.68%0.80%-2.17%
54032Larry HunterTrinity-Dryve Men 60+76M 30:21.0+7:16.0+31.48%76.06%-18.27%-21.81%
  • TimeTrial 8m Male - Men Junior
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
18008Ian BrownBend Endurance Academy Men Junior14M 21:20.0--100%7.68%5.04%
28026Jacob OlanderBend Endurance Academy Men Junior16M 21:48.0+0:28.0+2.19%97.86%5.66%2.97%
360Gavin BowenBowen Sport Performance Men Junior17M 21:52.0+0:32.0+2.50%97.56%5.37%2.67%
459Tanner BowenBowen Sport Performance Men Junior14M 23:04.0+1:44.0+8.13%92.49%0.18%-2.67%
58092Boden CokerSunnyside Sports Men Junior15M 24:34.0+3:14.0+15.16%86.84%-6.31%-9.35%
68017Bjorn BlankenshipBend Endurance Academy Men Junior11M 26:00.9+4:40.9+21.95%82.00%-12.58%-15.79%