2019 TMTB Series - Tanglewood Park

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 6:14 PM (GMT-4) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn cross-country
Location: Clemmons, NC, United States
Start type: Manual wave start
Wave grouping: By distance or category
Racers: 94
Timed on: iPhone
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 3.1
Chip timing: RFID - LLRP
RFID reader: Impinj
Updated: Thursday, April 18, 2019 11:49 PM (GMT-4)
Organized by: The Sport Management Group, Inc.
Race website: www.racinginthewoods.com

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  • 1 Lap - Beginner Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1439Ellen JamesPink Dirt Beginner Women52F 39:25.9--100%1.41%1.47%
2442Cynthia BoucherPink Dirt Beginner Women63F 40:01.2+0:35.3+1.49%98.53%-0.06%0.00%
3325Christina Faust Beginner Women45F 40:31.9+1:06.0+2.79%97.29%-1.34%-1.28%
  • 1 Lap - Juniors 11 Under
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1450Emily Hobby Juniors 11 UnderF 39:24.8--100%15.81%17.81%
2441Uriah Valentine Juniors 11 Under10M 41:49.7+2:24.9+6.13%94.23%10.65%12.77%
3344Courtney Bamberger Juniors 11 UnderF 47:57.2+8:32.4+21.67%82.19%-2.43%0.00%
4427Eliza ElkHammercross Juniors 11 Under10F 51:00.3+11:35.5+29.41%77.27%-8.95%-6.36%
5445Zack TharingtonJLT Welding&Fab Juniors 11 Under9M 53:52.5+14:27.7+36.69%73.16%-15.08%-12.35%
  • 2 Laps - Beginner Men 19-39
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1200Liam Hare Beginner Men 19-39M 53:00.8--100%16.06%14.11%
2331Noah PawlikGreensboro Velo Club Beginner Men 19-3918M 56:32.7+3:31.9+6.66%93.75%10.47%8.39%
3292Samuel CowanUS Postal Service Beginner Men 19-3936M 57:39.3+4:38.5+8.76%91.95%8.71%6.59%
4309Santiago ArteagaRolling Sloths Beginner Men 19-3934M 1:00:35.6+7:34.8+14.30%87.49%4.06%1.83%
5302Seth Heath Beginner Men 19-3932M 1:01:40.1+8:39.3+16.33%85.97%2.36%0.09%
6301Ben Hess Beginner Men 19-3938M 1:01:43.3+8:42.5+16.43%85.89%2.27%0.00%
7423Hayden DupontPaul's Cycling Beginner Men 19-3920M 1:03:45.3+10:44.5+20.26%83.15%-0.95%-3.29%
8304Joshua Loflin Beginner Men 19-3934M 1:06:06.0+13:05.2+24.69%80.20%-4.66%-7.09%
9431Steven Ashworth Beginner Men 19-3937M 1:07:03.1+14:02.3+26.48%79.06%-6.17%-8.64%
10433Joseph VaughanCoastal Bike Supply Beginner Men 19-3931M 1:09:15.3+16:14.5+30.64%76.55%-9.66%-12.21%
11400Matt PintoPerfect Aircraft Beginner Men 19-3927M 1:17:21.3+24:20.5+45.92%68.53%-22.48%-25.33%
  • 2 Laps - Beginner Men 40+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1432Brent GallmanClemmons Bicycle Racing Beginner Men 40+44M 58:30.1--100%13.68%7.57%
2430Ken Gillie Beginner Men 40+51M 59:05.5+0:35.4+1.01%99.00%12.81%6.63%
3438Jeff EatonClemmons Bike Beginner Men 40+53M 59:15.7+0:45.6+1.30%98.72%12.56%6.36%
4313Bryan HightThe Cycle Path - S2F P/B Classic Cycling Beginner Men 40+55M 1:03:17.4+4:47.3+8.18%92.43%6.62%0.00%
5443Michael O'BrienMock Orange Beginner Men 40+49M 1:09:45.3+11:15.2+19.24%83.87%-2.92%-10.21%
6312Mike Adams Beginner Men 40+54M 1:21:09.5+22:39.4+38.73%72.08%-19.75%-28.23%
7437Ron Hare Beginner Men 40+M 1:23:22.2+24:52.1+42.51%70.17%-23.01%-31.73%
  • 2 Laps - Expert Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
148Andrea MillerClemmons Bicycle Expert Women39F 1:01:05.6--100%2.51%1.50%
212Michelle CanadaClemmons Bicycle Expert Women44F 1:02:01.6+0:56.0+1.53%98.50%1.02%0.00%
349Julie PaisantJulie Villarrubia Paisant Expert Women49F 1:04:52.2+3:46.6+6.18%94.18%-3.52%-4.58%
  • 2 Laps - Juniors 12-14 Boys
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1336Tanner FletcherGalactic Bike Juniors 12-14 Boys14M 56:24.8--100%16.10%15.28%
2339Brett Fox Juniors 12-14 Boys13M 56:32.7+0:07.9+0.23%99.77%15.91%15.09%
3426Evan ElkHammercross Juniors 12-14 Boys14M 59:13.1+2:48.3+4.97%95.26%11.93%11.07%
4337Hunter Hensley Juniors 12-14 Boys14M 1:00:34.3+4:09.5+7.37%93.13%9.92%9.04%
5446Will ZylstraVelocious Sport Juniors 12-14 Boys13M 1:06:35.5+10:10.7+18.04%84.72%0.96%0.00%
6428Jacksen Peabody Juniors 12-14 Boys13M 1:06:52.9+10:28.1+18.56%84.35%0.53%-0.44%
7335Logan Whitt Juniors 12-14 Boys12M 1:09:27.5+13:02.7+23.12%81.22%-3.30%-4.30%
8440Wesley KoewingForsyth County Composite Juniors 12-14 Boys13M 1:15:09.7+18:44.9+33.23%75.06%-11.78%-12.87%
9448Uzziah Peterson Juniors 12-14 Boys13M 1:34:19.0+37:54.2+67.19%59.81%-40.27%-41.63%
-429David Dishman Juniors 12-14 Boys12M DNF-----
  • 2 Laps - Juniors 15-18 Boys
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1329Alex BauldryGalactic Juniors 15-18 Boys14M 51:48.5--100%10.41%6.54%
2330Ian DossJ.A. King MTB Race Team Juniors 15-18 Boys15M 52:14.9+0:26.4+0.85%99.16%9.65%5.75%
3327Robie VinesRecycle Juniors 15-18 Boys15M 52:40.6+0:52.1+1.68%98.35%8.91%4.97%
4332Ethan WhiteJA King Jr Juniors 15-18 Boys14M 53:24.4+1:35.9+3.09%97.01%7.65%3.66%
5326John Clark Juniors 15-18 Boys15M 54:47.0+2:58.5+5.74%94.57%5.27%1.17%
6434Ben Sunde Juniors 15-18 Boys15M 56:05.1+4:16.6+8.25%92.37%3.02%-1.17%
7435Max BraetzkusJA King Junior Juniors 15-18 Boys17M 57:39.2+5:50.7+11.28%89.86%0.31%-4.00%
8328Trevor Childs Juniors 15-18 Boys15M 58:26.0+6:37.5+12.79%88.66%-1.04%-5.41%
9396Ruben Perez Juniors 15-18 BoysM 1:06:45.8+14:57.3+28.87%77.60%-15.45%-20.44%
10444Riley TuckerKERNERSVILLE Juniors 15-18 Boys16M 1:14:26.4+22:37.9+43.68%69.60%-28.72%-34.29%
  • 2 Laps - Sport Women
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1219Lexi WhittSport Women14F 1:07:58.8--100%0.00%0.00%
  • 2 Laps - Super Senior Class (60+)
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1447Jimmy HerrinThe Cycle Path - S2F P/B Classic Cycling Super Senior Class (60+)60M 55:12.6--100%14.57%13.78%
2449Andrew Ammon Super Senior Class (60+)64M 58:45.6+3:33.0+6.43%93.96%9.08%8.23%
3322Robert BreedloveBlue Sky Bicycles Super Senior Class (60+)66M 1:02:49.6+7:37.0+13.80%87.88%2.78%1.88%
4424David Garvey Super Senior Class (60+)60M 1:04:01.9+8:49.3+15.98%86.22%0.92%0.00%
5436William HarperFreeindeed Super Senior Class (60+)64M 1:05:10.4+9:57.8+18.05%84.71%-0.85%-1.78%
6324David FullerGVC/ Cycles Deoro Super Senior Class (60+)73M 1:09:51.7+14:39.1+26.54%79.03%-8.10%-9.10%
7321Bob EdwardsLewisville Super Senior Class (60+)61M 1:16:30.8+21:18.2+38.59%72.16%-18.40%-19.49%
  • 3 Laps - Clydesdale
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1218Dalin ParkerClemmons Bicycle Racing Clydesdale46M 1:24:43.4--100%5.16%5.16%
2296Tod PhelpsThe Generals Clydesdale51M 1:33:56.6+9:13.2+10.88%90.19%-5.16%-5.16%
  • 3 Laps - Expert Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
17Nathan LemonsKen's Bike Shop Expert Men28M 1:13:50.2--100%7.27%2.85%
247Jake Bryant Expert Men35M 1:14:10.8+0:20.6+0.46%99.54%6.84%2.39%
35Josh RamseyGVC/Cycle De Oro Expert Men32M 1:14:45.3+0:55.1+1.24%98.77%6.11%1.64%
444Ali Arasta Expert Men57M 1:16:00.0+2:09.8+2.93%97.15%4.55%0.00%
53Dylan RichardsonScott Richardson Expert Men17M 1:21:32.9+7:42.7+10.44%90.54%-2.42%-7.30%
646Calvin HinkleHammercross / Wenzel Coaching Expert Men15M 1:23:34.8+9:44.6+13.20%88.34%-4.97%-9.97%
74William Wolverton Expert Men27M 1:33:27.5+19:37.3+26.57%79.00%-17.38%-22.97%
-45Joe PenleyTeam Jigawatt Expert Men19M DNF-----
  • 3 Laps - Singlespeed
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1212Randall DossJ.A. King MTB Race Team Singlespeed46M 1:18:11.9--100%9.86%10.15%
2214Bruce StaufferCycle Works Performance Bike Shop Singlespeed51M 1:22:07.6+3:55.7+5.02%95.22%5.33%5.63%
3285Antonio DonaboPerseverance Singlespeed43M 1:27:01.8+8:49.9+11.29%89.85%-0.32%0.00%
4213Kelley Montoya SinglespeedM 1:32:53.4+14:41.5+18.79%84.18%-7.07%-6.73%
5284William KeslerSALISBURY Singlespeed52M 1:33:31.3+15:19.4+19.60%83.62%-7.80%-7.46%
  • 3 Laps - Sport Men 19-39
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1277Josh Tucker Sport Men 19-3935M 1:18:29.2--100%6.39%6.28%
2201David Payne Sport Men 19-3934M 1:19:59.5+1:30.3+1.92%98.12%4.60%4.48%
3280Andrew Norman Sport Men 19-3930M 1:22:54.2+4:25.0+5.63%94.67%1.13%1.00%
4281Jesse TeetorGVC Race Team/Cycles De Oro Sport Men 19-3925M 1:23:44.6+5:15.4+6.70%93.72%0.12%0.00%
5279Jacob Bernas Sport Men 19-39M 1:25:13.3+6:44.1+8.58%92.10%-1.64%-1.77%
6299Andrew Benbow Sport Men 19-39M 1:28:01.9+9:32.7+12.16%89.16%-4.99%-5.12%
7283Shawn Levan Sport Men 19-3936M 1:28:33.3+10:04.1+12.83%88.63%-5.61%-5.75%
-288Josh HobsonLive It Extreme Sport Men 19-3926M DNF-----
-425Eli ElkHammercross Sport Men 19-3915M DNF-----
  • 3 Laps - Sport Men 40-49
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1289Farrell Smith Sport Men 40-49M 1:16:53.1--100%4.29%2.77%
2278Mark Kendall Sport Men 40-4950M 1:17:27.4+0:34.3+0.74%99.26%3.58%2.05%
3202Raul Gutierrez-GarciaGVC Sport Men 40-4944M 1:18:01.0+1:07.9+1.47%98.55%2.88%1.34%
4287Tom LazzaroFree Fly Endurance Coaching Sport Men 40-4941M 1:18:55.6+2:02.5+2.66%97.41%1.75%0.19%
5207Braggi Bamberger Sport Men 40-49M 1:19:13.8+2:20.7+3.05%97.04%1.37%-0.19%
6298Robbie Morris Sport Men 40-49M 1:21:47.2+4:54.1+6.38%94.01%-1.81%-3.42%
7204Gary RelloIndependent Rider Sport Men 40-4941M 1:23:25.7+6:32.6+8.51%92.16%-3.86%-5.50%
8205Scott Richardson Sport Men 40-4945M 1:26:54.3+10:01.2+13.03%88.47%-8.19%-9.90%
  • 3 Laps - Sport Men 50-59
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1208Jack Hobby Sport Men 50-5951M 1:19:48.7--100%3.74%2.90%
2282Eric Sauer Sport Men 50-59M 1:21:31.0+1:42.3+2.14%97.91%1.68%0.83%
3210David CoxGreensboro Velo Club/Cycles De Oro Sport Men 50-5954M 1:22:11.7+2:23.0+2.99%97.10%0.87%0.00%
4291David Phlegar Sport Men 50-59M 1:24:45.7+4:57.0+6.20%94.16%-2.23%-3.12%
5286William MacyThe Cyclepath-S2F P/B Classic Cycling Sport Men 50-5959M 1:26:16.8+6:28.1+8.10%92.50%-4.06%-4.97%