Fat Turkey: OFBS 1 Half Marathon

Saturday, December 15, 2018 11:00 AM (GMT-5) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - fat bike
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Start type: Mass start
Racers: 31
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 3.1
Updated: Saturday, December 15, 2018 8:34 PM (GMT-5)
Organized by: Substance Projects
Race website: www.substanceprojects.com

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  • Short Course - Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1229Joel LeeSpeed River CC Chubby (3.0-3.6)Cat Open38M 1:01:05.1--100%19.90%14.92%
2221Neil GoldCannondale Men's 35-4939M 1:01:15.9+0:10.8+0.29%99.71%19.66%14.66%
3214Adam Zietara Men's Masters (50 and up)51M 1:02:16.0+1:10.9+1.93%98.10%18.35%13.27%
4205Jennifer BennettTPMBC - LOST Women's Open54F 1:02:41.4+1:36.3+2.63%97.44%17.79%12.68%
5222Oscar Te Men's 20-3431M 1:02:50.7+1:45.6+2.88%97.20%17.59%12.46%
6213Russ HigginbottomOutspokin Cycles Men's Masters (50 and up)60M 1:06:50.2+5:45.1+9.42%91.39%12.35%6.90%
7219Shaun RoachWoodstock Cycling Club Men's 35-4941M 1:06:52.4+5:47.3+9.48%91.34%12.31%6.85%
8206Cheryl Ridgers Women's Open47F 1:07:16.8+6:11.7+10.14%90.79%11.77%6.29%
9208Sarah ShikazeOakville Cyclepath Race Team Women's Open16F 1:08:55.6+7:50.5+12.84%88.62%9.61%3.99%
10227Brad RodgesWoodstock Men's 35-4942M 1:08:56.7+7:51.6+12.87%88.60%9.59%3.97%
11210Steve Bator Men's Masters (50 and up)54M 1:09:00.0+7:54.9+12.96%88.53%9.52%3.89%
12224Steve Hunt Men's 35-4937M 1:09:02.3+7:57.2+13.02%88.48%9.47%3.84%
13200Kelly Hoffman Women's Open49F 1:09:22.2+8:17.1+13.56%88.06%9.03%3.38%
14225Brian LahieTPMBC Men's Masters (50 and up)63M 1:10:12.2+9:07.1+14.93%87.01%7.94%2.21%
15226Bill CaldwellTPMBC Men's Masters (50 and up)59M 1:11:06.9+10:01.8+16.42%85.90%6.74%0.94%
16212Don GilroyLantern Rouge Men's Masters (50 and up)58M 1:11:47.6+10:42.5+17.53%85.08%5.85%0.00%
17211Mimmo Gallo Men's Masters (50 and up)52M 1:12:46.4+11:41.3+19.13%83.94%4.57%-1.37%
18209Jack PalermoTPMBC - LOST Men's U2011M 1:13:18.0+12:12.9+20.00%83.34%3.88%-2.10%
19215Doug Snodgrass Men's Masters (50 and up)56M 1:13:54.3+12:49.2+20.99%82.65%3.08%-2.94%
20218Brett Leng Men's 35-4950M 1:14:51.3+13:46.2+22.54%81.60%1.84%-4.26%
21223Jacob BanderobOxygen Bike Company Men's 20-3427M 1:18:19.6+17:14.5+28.23%77.99%-2.71%-9.10%
22207Angela Gervase Women's Open44F 1:20:30.9+19:25.8+31.81%75.87%-5.58%-12.15%
23201Tracy Roth Women's Open37F 1:24:27.7+23:22.6+38.27%72.32%-10.76%-17.65%
24220Everett Wilkinson Men's U2016M 1:24:38.4+23:33.3+38.56%72.17%-10.99%-17.89%
25204Sarah Mendez Women's Open31F 1:29:06.6+28:01.5+45.88%68.55%-16.85%-24.12%
26232Lisa Aurini Women's Open33F 1:32:35.4+31:30.3+51.58%65.97%-21.42%-28.97%
27231Lee-Anne Watson Women's Open39F 1:34:29.8+33:24.7+54.70%64.64%-23.92%-31.62%
28228Rechelle RodgesWoodstock Women's Open18F 1:37:28.6+36:23.5+59.58%62.67%-27.83%-35.77%
29230Lindsay LevinMilk Was A Bad Choice Women's Open30F 1:39:05.2+38:00.1+62.21%61.65%-29.94%-38.02%
30217Leigh HendersonEnergy Cycling Club Men's 35-4938M 1:39:26.0+38:20.9+62.78%61.43%-30.39%-38.50%
31202Heather Henderson Women's Open32F 1:39:27.7+38:22.6+62.83%61.42%-30.43%-38.54%
  • Short Course - Chubby (3.0-3.6)Cat Open
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1229Joel LeeSpeed River CC Chubby (3.0-3.6)Cat Open38M 1:01:05.1--100%0.00%0.00%
  • Short Course - Men's 20-34
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1222Oscar Te Men's 20-3431M 1:02:50.7--100%10.97%10.97%
2223Jacob BanderobOxygen Bike Company Men's 20-3427M 1:18:19.6+15:28.9+24.63%80.23%-10.97%-10.97%
  • Short Course - Men's 35-49
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1221Neil GoldCannondale Men's 35-4939M 1:01:15.9--100%16.53%11.20%
2219Shaun RoachWoodstock Cycling Club Men's 35-4941M 1:06:52.4+5:36.5+9.15%91.61%8.89%3.07%
3227Brad RodgesWoodstock Men's 35-4942M 1:08:56.7+7:40.8+12.54%88.86%6.07%0.07%
4224Steve Hunt Men's 35-4937M 1:09:02.3+7:46.4+12.69%88.74%5.94%-0.07%
5218Brett Leng Men's 35-4950M 1:14:51.3+13:35.4+22.18%81.84%-1.98%-8.50%
6217Leigh HendersonEnergy Cycling Club Men's 35-4938M 1:39:26.0+38:10.1+62.30%61.61%-35.46%-44.12%
  • Short Course - Men's Masters (50 and up)
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1214Adam Zietara Men's Masters (50 and up)51M 1:02:16.0--100%10.71%11.88%
2213Russ HigginbottomOutspokin Cycles Men's Masters (50 and up)60M 1:06:50.2+4:34.2+7.34%93.16%4.16%5.41%
3210Steve Bator Men's Masters (50 and up)54M 1:09:00.0+6:44.0+10.81%90.24%1.06%2.35%
4225Brian LahieTPMBC Men's Masters (50 and up)63M 1:10:12.2+7:56.2+12.75%88.69%-0.67%0.65%
5226Bill CaldwellTPMBC Men's Masters (50 and up)59M 1:11:06.9+8:50.9+14.21%87.56%-1.98%-0.65%
6212Don GilroyLantern Rouge Men's Masters (50 and up)58M 1:11:47.6+9:31.6+15.30%86.73%-2.95%-1.61%
7211Mimmo Gallo Men's Masters (50 and up)52M 1:12:46.4+10:30.4+16.87%85.56%-4.35%-2.99%
8215Doug Snodgrass Men's Masters (50 and up)56M 1:13:54.3+11:38.3+18.69%84.25%-5.98%-4.59%
  • Short Course - Men's U20
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1209Jack PalermoTPMBC - LOST Men's U2011M 1:13:18.0--100%7.18%7.18%
2220Everett Wilkinson Men's U2016M 1:24:38.4+11:20.4+15.47%86.60%-7.18%-7.18%
  • Short Course - Women's Open
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1205Jennifer BennettTPMBC - LOST Women's Open54F 1:02:41.4--100%25.18%27.76%
2206Cheryl Ridgers Women's Open47F 1:07:16.8+4:35.4+7.32%93.18%19.70%22.48%
3208Sarah ShikazeOakville Cyclepath Race Team Women's Open16F 1:08:55.6+6:14.2+9.95%90.95%17.74%20.58%
4200Kelly Hoffman Women's Open49F 1:09:22.2+6:40.8+10.66%90.37%17.21%20.07%
5207Angela Gervase Women's Open44F 1:20:30.9+17:49.5+28.43%77.86%3.91%7.23%
6201Tracy Roth Women's Open37F 1:24:27.7+21:46.3+34.73%74.22%-0.80%2.68%
7204Sarah Mendez Women's Open31F 1:29:06.6+26:25.2+42.14%70.35%-6.35%-2.68%
8232Lisa Aurini Women's Open33F 1:32:35.4+29:54.0+47.70%67.71%-10.50%-6.69%
9231Lee-Anne Watson Women's Open39F 1:34:29.8+31:48.4+50.74%66.34%-12.78%-8.88%
10228Rechelle RodgesWoodstock Women's Open18F 1:37:28.6+34:47.2+55.49%64.31%-16.34%-12.32%
11230Lindsay LevinMilk Was A Bad Choice Women's Open30F 1:39:05.2+36:23.8+58.06%63.27%-18.26%-14.17%
12202Heather Henderson Women's Open32F 1:39:27.7+36:46.3+58.66%63.03%-18.71%-14.61%