GVC Downhill Winter Series Round 2 Run 1

Sunday, December 9, 2018 11:16 (GMT+0) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn downhill
Location: , Guernsey
Start type: Interval start
Racers: 29
Timing mode: Multi-device splits
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 3.1
Updated: Sunday, December 9, 2018 14:08 (GMT+0)

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GVC Downhill Winter Series Round 2 Run 1

  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
17Ant RenoufGVC DHR Advanced 18+M 4:02.2--100%80.14%79.90%
22Joe Collenette Advanced 18+M 6:07.3+2:05.1+51.65%65.94%69.88%69.52%
33Gary RobertGvc Advanced 18+M 7:07.0+3:04.8+76.30%56.72%64.98%64.57%
45Mike Toll Advanced 18+M 8:06.7+4:04.5+100.95%49.76%60.09%59.61%
58James Le CheminantGuernsey Velo Club Advanced 18+M 10:06.4+6:04.2+150.37%39.94%50.27%49.68%
613Alex SmedleyGVC DH Advanced 18+M 11:05.7+7:03.5+174.86%36.38%45.41%44.76%
720Dan Owen Advanced 18+M 12:04.2+8:02.0+199.01%33.44%40.61%39.91%
812Phill Eyre Advanced 18+M 13:06.1+9:03.9+224.57%30.81%35.54%34.77%
922Rob LoweGVC DHR Senior 18+M 14:03.3+10:01.1+248.18%28.72%30.85%30.02%
1018Miles Davey Senior 18+M 15:04.5+11:02.3+273.45%26.78%25.83%24.94%
1123Sam Clark Senior 18+M 16:03.0+12:00.8+297.61%25.15%21.03%20.09%
1246Jac LindleyGuernsey Velo Club Senior 18+M 16:59.6+12:57.4+320.97%23.75%16.39%15.39%
1347Brad Vaudin Senior 18+M 17:58.9+13:56.7+345.46%22.45%11.53%10.47%
1415Ben MillsGvc Senior 18+M 19:05.4+15:03.2+372.91%21.15%6.07%4.95%
1516Alex Van Katwyk Senior 18+M 20:05.1+16:02.9+397.56%20.10%1.18%0.00%
1617Alex SymonsGuernsey Velo Club Senior 18+M 21:04.8+17:02.6+422.21%19.15%-3.72%-4.95%
1728Glenn Skillett Master 30+M 23:02.4+19:00.2+470.77%17.52%-13.36%-14.71%
1829Peter Guilbert Master 30+M 24:02.1+19:59.9+495.42%16.79%-18.26%-19.67%
1921Rheino Redelinghuys Master 30+M 25:03.9+21:01.7+520.93%16.10%-23.33%-24.79%
2032Jamie RiveGuernsey Velo Club Master 30+M 26:01.2+21:59.0+544.59%15.51%-28.02%-29.55%
2125Gareth LindleyGsy Velo Club Master 30+M 27:02.7+23:00.5+569.98%14.93%-33.07%-34.65%
2235Dan ThwaiteGuernsey Velo Club Master 30+F 28:00.9+23:58.7+594.01%14.41%-37.84%-39.48%
2331Kevin MechemGuernsey Veteran 40+M 29:01.5+24:59.3+619.03%13.91%-42.81%-44.51%
2430Kent GaveyGvc Veteran 40+M 30:01.8+25:59.6+643.93%13.44%-47.75%-49.51%
2548Mark Le Page Junior 15-17M 30:58.6+26:56.4+667.38%13.03%-52.41%-54.23%
2640Josh BishopGvc Junior 15-17M 32:00.2+27:58.0+692.82%12.61%-57.46%-59.34%
2736Finlay MechemVale Juvenile 12-14M 33:00.6+28:58.4+717.75%12.23%-62.42%-64.35%
2843Dan Clarke Juvenile 12-14M 33:59.9+29:57.7+742.24%11.87%-67.28%-69.27%
2950Finn Jeffrey Juvenile 12-14M 34:58.3+30:56.1+766.35%11.54%-72.07%-74.12%
  • Advanced 18+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
17Ant RenoufGVC DHR Advanced 18+M 4:02.2--100%55.00%55.69%
22Joe Collenette Advanced 18+M 6:07.3+2:05.1+51.65%65.94%31.75%32.80%
33Gary RobertGvc Advanced 18+M 7:07.0+3:04.8+76.30%56.72%20.66%21.87%
45Mike Toll Advanced 18+M 8:06.7+4:04.5+100.95%49.76%9.57%10.95%
58James Le CheminantGuernsey Velo Club Advanced 18+M 10:06.4+6:04.2+150.37%39.94%-12.67%-10.95%
613Alex SmedleyGVC DH Advanced 18+M 11:05.7+7:03.5+174.86%36.38%-23.69%-21.80%
720Dan Owen Advanced 18+M 12:04.2+8:02.0+199.01%33.44%-34.56%-32.50%
812Phill Eyre Advanced 18+M 13:06.1+9:03.9+224.57%30.81%-46.06%-43.83%
  • Junior 15-17
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
148Mark Le Page Junior 15-17M 30:58.6--100%1.63%1.63%
240Josh BishopGvc Junior 15-17M 32:00.2+1:01.6+3.31%96.79%-1.63%-1.63%
  • Juvenile 12-14
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
136Finlay MechemVale Juvenile 12-14M 33:00.6--100%2.89%2.91%
243Dan Clarke Juvenile 12-14M 33:59.9+0:59.3+2.99%97.09%-0.01%0.00%
350Finn Jeffrey Juvenile 12-14M 34:58.3+1:57.7+5.94%94.39%-2.88%-2.86%
  • Master 30+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
128Glenn Skillett Master 30+M 23:02.4--100%9.78%9.80%
229Peter Guilbert Master 30+M 24:02.1+0:59.7+4.32%95.86%5.88%5.90%
321Rheino Redelinghuys Master 30+M 25:03.9+2:01.5+8.79%91.92%1.85%1.87%
432Jamie RiveGuernsey Velo Club Master 30+M 26:01.2+2:58.8+12.93%88.55%-1.89%-1.87%
525Gareth LindleyGsy Velo Club Master 30+M 27:02.7+4:00.3+17.38%85.19%-5.91%-5.88%
635Dan ThwaiteGuernsey Velo Club Master 30+F 28:00.9+4:58.5+21.59%82.24%-9.70%-9.68%
  • Senior 18+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
122Rob LoweGVC DHR Senior 18+M 14:03.3--100%19.92%19.63%
218Miles Davey Senior 18+M 15:04.5+1:01.2+7.26%93.23%14.11%13.80%
323Sam Clark Senior 18+M 16:03.0+1:59.7+14.19%87.57%8.55%8.22%
446Jac LindleyGuernsey Velo Club Senior 18+M 16:59.6+2:56.3+20.91%82.71%3.18%2.83%
547Brad Vaudin Senior 18+M 17:58.9+3:55.6+27.94%78.16%-2.45%-2.83%
615Ben MillsGvc Senior 18+M 19:05.4+5:02.1+35.82%73.62%-8.77%-9.16%
716Alex Van Katwyk Senior 18+M 20:05.1+6:01.8+42.90%69.98%-14.44%-14.85%
817Alex SymonsGuernsey Velo Club Senior 18+M 21:04.8+7:01.5+49.98%66.67%-20.11%-20.54%
  • Veteran 40+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
131Kevin MechemGuernsey Veteran 40+M 29:01.5--100%1.70%1.70%
230Kent GaveyGvc Veteran 40+M 30:01.8+1:00.3+3.46%96.65%-1.70%-1.70%