2018 Central West Interclub Race1 Rydal

Sunday, June 10, 2018 10:00 (GMT+10) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn cross-country
Location: Rydal, Australia
Start type: Mass start
Racers: 95
Timed on: Notepad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO
Updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2018 23:03 (GMT+10)
Organized by: CTMBC
Race website: ctmbc.net

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  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
11Brendan DaviesDubbo Male OpenM 3:08:03.78--100%5.55%5.62%
22Stephen TomczykWestern Sydney Male +40M 3:13:37.28+5:33.5+2.96%97.13%2.76%2.83%
33Craig HuttonCTMBC Male OpenM 3:15:17.58+7:13.8+3.84%96.30%1.92%2.00%
44Liam DowningOrange Male OpenM 3:16:37.58+8:33.8+4.55%95.64%1.25%1.33%
55Simon EbbelingWestern Sydney Male +40M 3:18:05.58+10:01.8+5.33%94.94%0.52%0.59%
610Brad And CrummyWestern Sydney Team male 3:20:26.88+12:23.1+6.59%93.82%-0.67%-0.59%
76Peter BeggsCTMBC Male +40M 3:20:47.58+12:43.8+6.77%93.66%-0.84%-0.76%
87Scott CAMPBELLWestern Sydney Male +40M 3:24:42.98+16:39.2+8.86%91.87%-2.81%-2.73%
98Mark ChapmanOrange Male +40M 3:26:01.38+17:57.6+9.55%91.28%-3.47%-3.39%
109Todd And IanWestern Sydney Team male 3:27:32.28+19:28.5+10.36%90.62%-4.23%-4.15%
1111Lean MachineBathurst Team male -1 lap7-----
1212Joel BurkeMudgee Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1313Mrs Price Is RightWestern Sydney Team mixed -1 lap7-----
1414Neil DiamondDubbo Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1515Gerard ScifoWestern Sydney Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1616Rodney LovettBathurst Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1717Jasko AlispahicWestern Sydney Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
1818Old FartsCTMBC Team male -1 lap7-----
1919Erin OrpwoodBathurst Junior U17M -1 lap7-----
2020Stuart HarlandDubbo Male +40M -1 lap7-----
2121Kirk BrownOrange Male +40M -1 lap7-----
2222Are We There YetOrange Team male -1 lap7-----
2323The OnionWestern Sydney Team mixed -1 lap7-----
2424Tony Williams Male +40M -1 lap7-----
2525Scott TurnerCTMBC Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
2626Marty TinkDubbo Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
2727Tony ShawCTMBC Male +40M -1 lap7-----
2828Jeremy StacyWestern Sydney Male +40M -1 lap7-----
2929Evan CratchleyWestern Sydney Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
3030Dane JohnstonCTMBC Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
3131Nathan McFarlaneBathurst Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
3232Natalie AndersonWestern Sydney Female OpenF -1 lap7-----
3333Phillip SmithWestern Sydney Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
3434Derek BrookeWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
3535Lachlan BurkeMudgee Junior U17M -2 laps6-----
3636James SirmaisWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
3737Phillip StapletonCTMBC Male +40M -2 laps6-----
3838Joel LambCTMBC Junior U13M -2 laps6-----
3939David HughesBathurst Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
404073Land Male +40M -2 laps6-----
4141Lyndon OrpwoodBathurst Male +40M -2 laps6-----
4242Bruce HuttonBathurst Male +40M -2 laps6-----
4343Angus KirkpatrickWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
4444Craig FlynnCTMBC Male +40M -2 laps6-----
4545Russell HandClandulla Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
4646Adrian MckeownClundulla Male +40M -2 laps6-----
4747Reid ClarkeWestern Sydney Junior U17M -2 laps6-----
4848Shane KeechCTMBC Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
4949Ian ButlerWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
5050David MclennanWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
5151L and SDubbo Team male -2 laps6-----
5252Sam HussainWestern Sydney Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
5353Madhu TamilarasanCTMBC Female +40F -2 laps6-----
5454Hamish PorterBathurst Junior U17M -2 laps6-----
5555Christine PorterBathurst Female +40F -2 laps6-----
5656Danielle PattersonBathurst Female +40F -2 laps6-----
5757Graeme ScottMudgee Male +40M -2 laps6-----
5858JeffScottWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
5959Thomas EbbelingWestern Sydney Junior U13M -2 laps6-----
6060Malik HussainWestern Sydney Junior U13M -2 laps6-----
6161Sudeep DhitalOrange Male +40M -2 laps6-----
6262Julian GraceBathurst Junior U17M -2 laps6-----
6363Kendal ClarkWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
6464Brett RobertsonDubbo Male OpenM -3 laps5-----
6565Malcolm HaighOrange Male +40M -3 laps5-----
6666Geoff ShortBathurst Male +40M -3 laps5-----
6767Tim HathawayOrange Male OpenM -3 laps5-----
6868Tonya GrahamOrange Female +40F -3 laps5-----
6969Luke PattersonBathurst Male +40M -3 laps5-----
7070Joshua cookOrange Male +40M -3 laps5-----
7171Dave StandfieldClandulla Single speedM -3 laps5-----
7272Josiah CookOrange Junior U17M -3 laps5-----
7373Tony HoganBathurst Male +40M -3 laps5-----
7474Adrian ShoobridgeWestern Sydney Male OpenM -3 laps5-----
7575Leanne PalmerOrange Female +40F -3 laps5-----
7676Peter BennettBathurst Male +40M -3 laps5-----
7777Stiff NecksCTMBC Team male -3 laps5-----
7878Anna MoodieOrange Female OpenF -3 laps5-----
7979Lesley CollierCTMBC Female +40F -3 laps5-----
8080Angus Pryse Jones Male +40M -3 laps5-----
8181Michael BrownWestern Sydney Team mixedM -4 laps4-----
8282Matt WalkerCTMBC Male OpenM -4 laps4-----
8383Pat DallimoreBathurst Male +40M -4 laps4-----
8484Howard GraceBathurst Male +40M -4 laps4-----
8585Sonia WorsleyCTMBC Female +40F -4 laps4-----
8686Susan WrightOrange Female +40F -4 laps4-----
8787Candace BrownWestern Sydney Team mixedF -5 laps3-----
8888Kim BroadfootOrange Female +40F -5 laps3-----
8989Anne O,ConnorOrange Female OpenF -5 laps3-----
9090Julie ChapmanOrange Female +40F -5 laps3-----
9191Tim JohnmanCTMBC Male +40M -5 laps3-----
9292Rebecca FordCTMBC Female OpenF -5 laps3-----
9393Benjamin EbbelingWestern Sydney Junior U13M -6 laps2-----
9494Brett McfarlandCTMBC Male OpenM -6 laps2-----
9595Joe Williams Junior U13M -7 laps1-----
  • Female +40
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
153Madhu TamilarasanCTMBC Female +40F 3:15:24.96--100%1.43%0.92%
255Christine PorterBathurst Female +40F 3:17:14.16+1:49.2+0.93%99.08%0.51%0.00%
356Danielle PattersonBathurst Female +40F 3:22:04.26+6:39.3+3.41%96.71%-1.93%-2.45%
468Tonya GrahamOrange Female +40F -1 lap5-----
575Leanne PalmerOrange Female +40F -1 lap5-----
679Lesley CollierCTMBC Female +40F -1 lap5-----
785Sonia WorsleyCTMBC Female +40F -2 laps4-----
886Susan WrightOrange Female +40F -2 laps4-----
988Kim BroadfootOrange Female +40F -3 laps3-----
1090Julie ChapmanOrange Female +40F -3 laps3-----
  • Female Open
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
132Natalie AndersonWestern Sydney Female OpenF 3:29:41.97--100%0.00%0.00%
278Anna MoodieOrange Female OpenF -2 laps5-----
389Anne O,ConnorOrange Female OpenF -4 laps3-----
492Rebecca FordCTMBC Female OpenF -4 laps3-----
  • Junior U13
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
138Joel LambCTMBC Junior U13M 2:58:00.86--100%9.18%13.13%
259Thomas EbbelingWestern Sydney Junior U13M 3:24:55.56+26:54.7+15.12%86.87%-4.55%0.00%
360Malik HussainWestern Sydney Junior U13M 3:25:03.76+27:02.9+15.19%86.81%-4.62%-0.07%
493Benjamin EbbelingWestern Sydney Junior U13M -4 laps2-----
595Joe Williams Junior U13M -5 laps1-----
  • Junior U17
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
119Erin OrpwoodBathurst Junior U17M 3:08:00.17--100%0.00%0.00%
235Lachlan BurkeMudgee Junior U17M -1 lap6-----
347Reid ClarkeWestern Sydney Junior U17M -1 lap6-----
454Hamish PorterBathurst Junior U17M -1 lap6-----
562Julian GraceBathurst Junior U17M -1 lap6-----
672Josiah CookOrange Junior U17M -2 laps5-----
  • Male +40
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
12Stephen TomczykWestern Sydney Male +40M 3:13:37.28--100%3.50%3.57%
25Simon EbbelingWestern Sydney Male +40M 3:18:05.58+4:28.3+2.31%97.74%1.27%1.34%
36Peter BeggsCTMBC Male +40M 3:20:47.58+7:10.3+3.70%96.43%-0.07%0.00%
47Scott CAMPBELLWestern Sydney Male +40M 3:24:42.98+11:05.7+5.73%94.58%-2.03%-1.95%
58Mark ChapmanOrange Male +40M 3:26:01.38+12:24.1+6.41%93.98%-2.68%-2.60%
612Joel BurkeMudgee Male +40M -1 lap7-----
714Neil DiamondDubbo Male +40M -1 lap7-----
815Gerard ScifoWestern Sydney Male +40M -1 lap7-----
916Rodney LovettBathurst Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1020Stuart HarlandDubbo Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1121Kirk BrownOrange Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1224Tony Williams Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1327Tony ShawCTMBC Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1428Jeremy StacyWestern Sydney Male +40M -1 lap7-----
1534Derek BrookeWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
1636James SirmaisWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
1737Phillip StapletonCTMBC Male +40M -2 laps6-----
184073Land Male +40M -2 laps6-----
1941Lyndon OrpwoodBathurst Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2042Bruce HuttonBathurst Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2143Angus KirkpatrickWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2244Craig FlynnCTMBC Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2346Adrian MckeownClundulla Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2449Ian ButlerWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2550David MclennanWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2657Graeme ScottMudgee Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2758JeffScottWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2861Sudeep DhitalOrange Male +40M -2 laps6-----
2963Kendal ClarkWestern Sydney Male +40M -2 laps6-----
3065Malcolm HaighOrange Male +40M -3 laps5-----
3166Geoff ShortBathurst Male +40M -3 laps5-----
3269Luke PattersonBathurst Male +40M -3 laps5-----
3370Joshua cookOrange Male +40M -3 laps5-----
3473Tony HoganBathurst Male +40M -3 laps5-----
3576Peter BennettBathurst Male +40M -3 laps5-----
3680Angus Pryse Jones Male +40M -3 laps5-----
3783Pat DallimoreBathurst Male +40M -4 laps4-----
3884Howard GraceBathurst Male +40M -4 laps4-----
3991Tim JohnmanCTMBC Male +40M -5 laps3-----
  • Male Open
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
11Brendan DaviesDubbo Male OpenM 3:08:03.78--100%2.72%3.70%
23Craig HuttonCTMBC Male OpenM 3:15:17.58+7:13.8+3.84%96.30%-1.02%0.00%
34Liam DowningOrange Male OpenM 3:16:37.58+8:33.8+4.55%95.64%-1.71%-0.68%
417Jasko AlispahicWestern Sydney Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
525Scott TurnerCTMBC Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
626Marty TinkDubbo Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
729Evan CratchleyWestern Sydney Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
830Dane JohnstonCTMBC Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
931Nathan McFarlaneBathurst Male OpenM -1 lap7-----
1033Phillip SmithWestern Sydney Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
1139David HughesBathurst Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
1245Russell HandClandulla Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
1348Shane KeechCTMBC Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
1452Sam HussainWestern Sydney Male OpenM -2 laps6-----
1564Brett RobertsonDubbo Male OpenM -3 laps5-----
1667Tim HathawayOrange Male OpenM -3 laps5-----
1774Adrian ShoobridgeWestern Sydney Male OpenM -3 laps5-----
1882Matt WalkerCTMBC Male OpenM -4 laps4-----
1994Brett McfarlandCTMBC Male OpenM -6 laps2-----
  • Single speed
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
171Dave StandfieldClandulla Single speedM 2:50:19.75--100%0.00%0.00%
  • Team male
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Finish time
110Brad And CrummyWestern Sydney Team male 3:20:26.88--100%1.74%1.74%
29Todd And IanWestern Sydney Team male 3:27:32.28+7:05.4+3.54%96.58%-1.74%-1.74%
311Lean MachineBathurst Team male -1 lap7-----
418Old FartsCTMBC Team male -1 lap7-----
522Are We There YetOrange Team male -1 lap7-----
651L and SDubbo Team male -2 laps6-----
777Stiff NecksCTMBC Team male -3 laps5-----
  • Team mixed
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
113Mrs Price Is RightWestern Sydney Team mixed 3:02:57.47--100%2.28%2.28%
223The OnionWestern Sydney Team mixed 3:11:29.17+8:31.7+4.66%95.55%-2.28%-2.28%
381Michael BrownWestern Sydney Team mixedM -3 laps4-----
487Candace BrownWestern Sydney Team mixedF -4 laps3-----