Single-device race timing


The Webscorer timing app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets (iOS 8 or later - and Android 5.0 or later) and for Windows devices (Winodws 10 or later) and for Mac devices (macOS 10.15 or later):
  • iPhones / iPads: Tap the “App Store” icon, and search for “Webscorer”
  • Android devices: Tap the “Google Play” icon and search for “Webscorer”
  • Kindle devices: Tap the “AppStore” icon and search for “Webscorer”
  • Windows devices: Tap the “AppStore” icon and search for “Webscorer”
  • Mac devices: Click on the “App Store” icon and search for “Webscorer”

The Webscorer PRO timing app is FREE to trial - no expiration date, just limited to 10 racers.
  • Download entries directly from Webscorer online registration
  • Import start lists via XLS, CSV or TXT file
  • Multiple start types:
    • Mass start
    • Interval start
    • Individual start
    • Pursuit start
    • Manual wave start
    • Interval wave start
  • Multiple distances, multiple categories
  • Lap times, split times, relay races
  • Exclude certain laps from total time (transition stages)
  • Handicaps:
    • Time-based
    • Percentage
    • Fractional
    • Age / gender-based
    • Sailboat racing
  • Penalties / bonuses:
    • Numeric or time-based
    • Multiple entries per racer
  • Team scoring:
    • An additional race-within-race for team totals
    • Combine times or points per place
  • Predicted-time race
  • Live results
  • Results listed by distance, by category, by gender
  • Exclude top overall finishers from category results
  • Easy error correction during & after the race
  • Complete tap history for figuring out timing issues
  • Integration with Webscorer results series tool: Tutorial - Results series tool
Mobile timing solution
  • The Webscorer timing app runs on a smart phone or a tablet - no need for laptops & generators
  • Start & finish line can be anywhere - no need for timing buildings, campers or canopies
  • Results can be shared via Bluetooth or posted LIVE - no need for printing
Fraction of the cost of PC-based timing software
  • The PRO Single-device timing subscription costs just $50 / year
  • The subscription covers one PRO device at a time, which can be iOS, Android or Windows
Live results
  • Results are posted to within seconds of each racer finishing
  • If there's no internet access, results can be share via Bluetooth with any device running the Webscorer app
High-end features, yet super easy to use
  • Supports practically any type of race from 1 to 1000+ racers in 40+ sports
  • An integrated solution for race registration, timing & results
  • Intuitive, innovative, easy-to-use graphical user interface for scoring racers
See complete pricing info here: Pricing info.

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