2018 WNRS Week 3

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 7:01 PM (GMT-4) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn cross-country
Location: Egbert, ON, Canada
Start type: Manual wave start
Wave grouping: By category
Racers: 79
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 2.9
Updated: Thursday, May 24, 2018 7:23 PM (GMT-4)

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2018 WNRS Week 3

  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
16Luke HlavenkaU39 Expert MenF/M 52:02.04--100%8.61%9.82%
27Corey BrioschiU39 Expert Men 52:02.44+0:00.4+0.01%99.99%8.60%9.81%
330Calvin LoneyU39 Expert MenF/M 52:35.64+0:33.6+1.08%98.94%7.63%8.85%
435Chris BarsonU39 Expert MenF/M 55:31.64+3:29.6+6.71%93.71%2.48%3.77%
533Michelle NazU39 Expert MenF/M 56:06.24+4:04.2+7.82%92.75%1.47%2.77%
617Eric DeareU39 Expert MenF/M 56:17.44+4:15.4+8.18%92.44%1.14%2.44%
737Cody MurrayU39 Expert Men 57:34.04+5:32.0+10.63%90.39%-1.10%0.23%
8124Jack GilliesU39 Expert MenF/M 57:42.04+5:40.0+10.89%90.18%-1.34%0.00%
921Arek Cur40+ Expert MenF/M 58:05.74+6:03.7+11.65%89.57%-2.03%-0.68%
1029Neil Ireland40+ Expert MenF/M 58:37.34+6:35.3+12.66%88.76%-2.96%-1.60%
1116Gordon Ruder40+ Expert MenF/M 58:41.64+6:39.6+12.80%88.65%-3.08%-1.72%
1234Joe Morin40+ Expert MenF/M 59:24.04+7:22.0+14.16%87.60%-4.32%-2.95%
13249Peter ForrestSinglespeed OpenF/M 59:37.44+7:35.4+14.59%87.27%-4.72%-3.33%
1419Oggie Sokolovic40+ Expert MenF/M 59:51.24+7:49.2+15.03%86.93%-5.12%-3.73%
1510Craig Hoddy40+ Expert MenF/M 59:55.54+7:53.5+15.17%86.83%-5.25%-3.86%
16203Andrew WojteczkaU39 Expert Men -1 lap3-----
1727Trevor Jordan40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
1842Rob Sidhu40+ Expert Men -1 lap3-----
199Andrew BeardsallU39 Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
2012Clive Toomey40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
21114Damian FleetwoodJunior Men 14-19F/M -1 lap3-----
2226Lubomir JirasekU39 Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
238Chris BoumaU39 Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
2411Craig Fleetwood40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
2540Jeffrey Heacock40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
2615Rob Givens40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
27119Michael SchaferVet Men 35-49F/M -1 lap3-----
28208Will DedoraSenior Men 19-34F/M -1 lap3-----
29127Tom GilliesVet Men 35-49F/M -1 lap3-----
3023Glenn GoodwinSinglespeed OpenF/M -1 lap3-----
3128Kelly ClarkU39 Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
32145Sean KehoeGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
33147Brian LoneyGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
34154Liam BuratynskyJunior Men 14-19F/M -1 lap3-----
35141Duncan VernonVet Men 35-49F/M -1 lap3-----
36206Murray DobsonVet Men 35-49 -1 lap3-----
37156Michael PopoffGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
38106Paul TenagliaGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
39263Mark McIssacGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
40120John ReedVet Men 35-49F/M -1 lap3-----
41109David BrunningGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
4224Larry SullivanSinglespeed OpenF/M -1 lap3-----
43246Troy LeyburneVet Men 35-49F/M -1 lap3-----
44161Steve SchaferGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
45204Bob HauflerSinglespeed OpenF/M -1 lap3-----
46209John DempseyGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
47165Amanda LoneyGrandmaster Women 35+F/M -1 lap3-----
48142Robert HyndGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
49102Mark HornerVet Men 35-49 -1 lap3-----
50159Gus De GrooteKids 12-13F/M -1 lap3-----
51260Craig BondGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
52155Michael WilkinsGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap3-----
53118Trevor HornerJunior Men 14-19F/M -1 lap3-----
5449Nathan GarrodU39 Expert Men -2 laps2-----
55146Beck KehoeJunior Men 14-19F/M -2 laps2-----
56251Daniel Rafique40+ Expert Men -2 laps2-----
57116Dan BeardsallGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -2 laps2-----
58149Steve BrotherstonVet Men 35-49F/M -2 laps2-----
59140Michael BuratynskyGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -2 laps2-----
60101Michael GryczanVet Men 35-49 -2 laps2-----
61205Rocco CasulloSenior Men 19-34F/M -2 laps2-----
62158Carl De GrooteSquirt-XF/M -2 laps2-----
63129Harish MarwahaVet Men 35-49F/M -2 laps2-----
64117Tony WelchGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -2 laps2-----
65112Maddox HeacockKids 12-13 -2 laps2-----
66202Phil AttanasioSenior Men 19-34F/M -2 laps2-----
67162Craig HansenVet Men 35-49F/M -2 laps2-----
68143Gary BryantGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -2 laps2-----
69115Marianne BeardsallGrandmaster Women 35+F/M -2 laps2-----
70153Griffin BrotherstonSquirt-XF/M -2 laps2-----
7122Theo De GrooteU39 Expert MenF/M -3 laps1-----
7220Ryan De GrooteU39 Expert MenF/M -3 laps1-----
73200Dominic FaraoneSquirt-X -3 laps1-----
74201Steve FaraoneVet Men 35-49 -3 laps1-----
75164Danny ThompsonGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -3 laps1-----
76160Clair HansenSquirt-XF/M -3 laps1-----
77157Josie De GrooteSquirt-XF/M -3 laps1-----
78113Felicia FleetwoodSquirt-XF/M -3 laps1-----
-31Trent MeyersU39 Expert MenF/M DNF0-----
  • 40+ Expert Men
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
121Arek Cur40+ Expert MenF/M 58:05.74--100%1.70%1.61%
229Neil Ireland40+ Expert MenF/M 58:37.34+0:31.6+0.91%99.10%0.81%0.72%
316Gordon Ruder40+ Expert MenF/M 58:41.64+0:35.9+1.03%98.98%0.68%0.60%
434Joe Morin40+ Expert MenF/M 59:24.04+1:18.3+2.25%97.80%-0.51%-0.60%
519Oggie Sokolovic40+ Expert MenF/M 59:51.24+1:45.5+3.03%97.06%-1.28%-1.37%
610Craig Hoddy40+ Expert MenF/M 59:55.54+1:49.8+3.15%96.95%-1.40%-1.49%
727Trevor Jordan40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
842Rob Sidhu40+ Expert Men -1 lap3-----
912Clive Toomey40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
1011Craig Fleetwood40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
1140Jeffrey Heacock40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
1215Rob Givens40+ Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
13251Daniel Rafique40+ Expert Men -2 laps2-----
  • Grandmaster Men 50+
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1145Sean KehoeGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 51:30.53--100%7.96%6.20%
2147Brian LoneyGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 51:54.13+0:23.6+0.76%99.24%7.25%5.48%
3156Michael PopoffGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 54:05.43+2:34.9+5.01%95.23%3.34%1.50%
4106Paul TenagliaGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 54:21.73+2:51.2+5.54%94.75%2.86%1.00%
5263Mark McIssacGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 54:31.23+3:00.7+5.85%94.48%2.57%0.72%
6109David BrunningGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 54:54.83+3:24.3+6.61%93.80%1.87%0.00%
7161Steve SchaferGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 57:00.53+5:30.0+10.68%90.35%-1.87%-3.82%
8209John DempseyGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 57:33.43+6:02.9+11.74%89.49%-2.85%-4.81%
9142Robert HyndGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 58:19.43+6:48.9+13.23%88.32%-4.22%-6.21%
10260Craig BondGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 59:19.23+7:48.7+15.17%86.83%-6.00%-8.02%
11155Michael WilkinsGrandmaster Men 50+F/M 1:02:03.63+10:33.1+20.49%83.00%-10.90%-13.01%
12116Dan BeardsallGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap2-----
13140Michael BuratynskyGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap2-----
14117Tony WelchGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap2-----
15143Gary BryantGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -1 lap2-----
16164Danny ThompsonGrandmaster Men 50+F/M -2 laps1-----
  • Grandmaster Women 35+
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1165Amanda LoneyGrandmaster Women 35+F/M 58:00.43--100%0.00%0.00%
2115Marianne BeardsallGrandmaster Women 35+F/M -1 lap2-----
  • Junior Men 14-19
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1114Damian FleetwoodJunior Men 14-19F/M 47:35.53--100%13.25%10.02%
2154Liam BuratynskyJunior Men 14-19F/M 52:53.53+5:18.0+11.14%89.98%3.59%0.00%
3118Trevor HornerJunior Men 14-19F/M 1:04:05.63+16:30.1+34.67%74.25%-16.83%-21.18%
4146Beck KehoeJunior Men 14-19F/M -1 lap2-----
  • Kids 12-13
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1159Gus De GrooteKids 12-13F/M 58:43.43--100%0.00%0.00%
2112Maddox HeacockKids 12-13 -1 lap2-----
  • Senior Men 19-34
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1208Will DedoraSenior Men 19-34F/M 49:58.63--100%0.00%0.00%
2205Rocco CasulloSenior Men 19-34F/M -1 lap2-----
3202Phil AttanasioSenior Men 19-34F/M -1 lap2-----
  • Singlespeed Open
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1249Peter ForrestSinglespeed OpenF/M 59:37.44--100%0.00%0.00%
223Glenn GoodwinSinglespeed OpenF/M -1 lap3-----
324Larry SullivanSinglespeed OpenF/M -1 lap3-----
4204Bob HauflerSinglespeed OpenF/M -1 lap3-----
  • Squirt-X
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1158Carl De GrooteSquirt-XF/M 44:29.52--100%20.03%20.03%
2153Griffin BrotherstonSquirt-XF/M 1:06:46.52+22:17.0+50.08%66.63%-20.03%-20.03%
3200Dominic FaraoneSquirt-X -1 lap1-----
4160Clair HansenSquirt-XF/M -1 lap1-----
5157Josie De GrooteSquirt-XF/M -1 lap1-----
6113Felicia FleetwoodSquirt-XF/M -1 lap1-----
  • U39 Expert Men
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
16Luke HlavenkaU39 Expert MenF/M 52:02.04--100%5.36%6.78%
27Corey BrioschiU39 Expert Men 52:02.44+0:00.4+0.01%99.99%5.35%6.76%
330Calvin LoneyU39 Expert MenF/M 52:35.64+0:33.6+1.08%98.94%4.34%5.77%
435Chris BarsonU39 Expert MenF/M 55:31.64+3:29.6+6.71%93.71%-0.99%0.52%
533Michelle NazU39 Expert MenF/M 56:06.24+4:04.2+7.82%92.75%-2.04%-0.52%
617Eric DeareU39 Expert MenF/M 56:17.44+4:15.4+8.18%92.44%-2.38%-0.85%
737Cody MurrayU39 Expert Men 57:34.04+5:32.0+10.63%90.39%-4.70%-3.14%
8124Jack GilliesU39 Expert MenF/M 57:42.04+5:40.0+10.89%90.18%-4.94%-3.38%
9203Andrew WojteczkaU39 Expert Men -1 lap3-----
109Andrew BeardsallU39 Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
1126Lubomir JirasekU39 Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
128Chris BoumaU39 Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
1328Kelly ClarkU39 Expert MenF/M -1 lap3-----
1449Nathan GarrodU39 Expert Men -2 laps2-----
1522Theo De GrooteU39 Expert MenF/M -3 laps1-----
1620Ryan De GrooteU39 Expert MenF/M -3 laps1-----
-31Trent MeyersU39 Expert MenF/M DNF0-----
  • Vet Men 35-49
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1119Michael SchaferVet Men 35-49F/M 49:23.03--100%8.04%7.48%
2127Tom GilliesVet Men 35-49F/M 50:23.33+1:00.3+2.04%98.01%6.17%5.60%
3141Duncan VernonVet Men 35-49F/M 53:05.83+3:42.8+7.52%93.01%1.13%0.52%
4206Murray DobsonVet Men 35-49 53:22.53+3:59.5+8.08%92.52%0.61%0.00%
5120John ReedVet Men 35-49F/M 54:53.13+5:30.1+11.14%89.98%-2.20%-2.83%
6246Troy LeyburneVet Men 35-49F/M 56:22.53+6:59.5+14.16%87.60%-4.98%-5.62%
7102Mark HornerVet Men 35-49 58:24.63+9:01.6+18.28%84.55%-8.77%-9.43%
8149Steve BrotherstonVet Men 35-49F/M -1 lap2-----
9101Michael GryczanVet Men 35-49 -1 lap2-----
10129Harish MarwahaVet Men 35-49F/M -1 lap2-----
11162Craig HansenVet Men 35-49F/M -1 lap2-----
12201Steve FaraoneVet Men 35-49 -2 laps1-----