PCC Cross #11 Elmhirst; Presidents Cup

Saturday, November 25, 2017 10:22 AM (GMT-5) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - cyclocross
Location: Keene, ON, Canada
Start type: Interval wave start
Wave grouping: By category
Racers: 64
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 2.8
Updated: Saturday, November 25, 2017 11:11 PM (GMT-5)

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PCC Cross #11 Elmhirst; Presidents Cup

  • Overall
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
120Christian RicciExpert MenM 49:04.07--100%6.99%6.45%
22Kai ChristensenExpert MenM 49:17.47+0:13.4+0.46%99.55%6.57%6.03%
31Rob BrownExpert MenM 49:51.57+0:47.5+1.61%98.41%5.49%4.94%
43Brian De LeenheerExpert MenM 49:57.57+0:53.5+1.82%98.22%5.30%4.75%
54Zac WheelerExpert MenM 50:17.87+1:13.8+2.51%97.55%4.66%4.11%
65Jeff FauldsExpert MenM 51:56.67+2:52.6+5.86%94.46%1.54%0.97%
716John HauserExpert MenM 52:15.17+3:11.1+6.49%93.90%0.96%0.38%
822Chris WhiteExpert MenM 52:27.17+3:23.1+6.90%93.55%0.58%0.00%
96Michael TrippExpert MenM 53:28.07+4:24.0+8.97%91.77%-1.35%-1.94%
108John NobleExpert MenM 53:50.87+4:46.8+9.74%91.12%-2.07%-2.66%
1151Justin MinicolaSport MenM 54:09.47+5:05.4+10.37%90.60%-2.65%-3.25%
1231Kathy EggenbergerExpert/Sport WomenF 55:58.07+6:54.0+14.06%87.67%-6.09%-6.70%
139Richard HighamExpert MenM 56:06.97+7:02.9+14.36%87.44%-6.37%-6.98%
147Peter HennessyExpert MenM 56:16.97+7:12.9+14.70%87.18%-6.68%-7.30%
1553Tim MatthewsSport MenM 56:23.67+7:19.6+14.93%87.01%-6.89%-7.51%
1662Robert BrownSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1741Nichola BendleExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
1854Isaac WhiteSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1956Scott MurisonSport MenM -1 lap6-----
2067Dean McGregorSport MenM -1 lap6-----
2163Michael WeirSport MenM -1 lap6-----
2232Rebecca ChristensenExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
2314Rob CampbellExpert MenM -1 lap6-----
2475Arlen PenalaganSport Men -1 lap6-----
2555David NewportSport MenM -1 lap6-----
2666David FellSport MenM -1 lap6-----
2758Ben PyeSport MenM -1 lap6-----
2859Scott PattersonSport MenM -1 lap6-----
2976Mikhail ClarksonSport Men -1 lap6-----
3086Chris FehrSport MenM -1 lap6-----
3133Katy ShufeltExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
3235Deb ParberryExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
3342Deanna HutchisonExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
3471Greg ElmhirstSport MenM -1 lap6-----
3568Bill BlairSport MenM -1 lap6-----
3636Sarah AndersonExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
3770Kris SieberSport MenM -1 lap6-----
3864Stu CuretonSport MenM -1 lap6-----
3957Joel AndersonSport MenM -1 lap6-----
4034Heather HallahanExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
4110Phil HallahanExpert MenM -1 lap6-----
42103Chris HertenBeginner MenM -2 laps5-----
4312John HunterExpert MenF -2 laps5-----
44116Mark PettyBeginner MenM -2 laps5-----
45119David WallBeginner MenM -2 laps5-----
46101Mark RobinsonBeginner MenM -2 laps5-----
47102Chris HeydonBeginner MenM -2 laps5-----
48105Jamie TompkinsBeginner MenM -2 laps5-----
4952Jonathan MorenoSport MenM -2 laps5-----
5040Tanya MacNeilExpert/Sport WomenF -2 laps5-----
51136Jenn McCallumBeginner WomenM -3 laps4-----
52134Rose HarrisonBeginner WomenF -3 laps4-----
53131Joanna SamsonBeginner WomenF -3 laps4-----
54106Mark WickhamBeginner MenM -3 laps4-----
55141Paige TiberioBeginner WomenF -3 laps4-----
56111John LohrenzBeginner Men -3 laps4-----
57113Des PenalaganBeginner MenM -4 laps3-----
58135Kathryn MooreBeginner Women -4 laps3-----
59115Shaun RitchieBeginner MenM -4 laps3-----
60158Aislin HallahanYouthF -5 laps2-----
61153Finn CuretonYouth -5 laps2-----
62132Sue CarlsonBeginner WomenF -6 laps1-----
6365Rhys PenalaganSport MenM -6 laps1-----
64114Mike EatsonBeginner MenM -6 laps1-----
  • Beginner Men
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1103Chris HertenBeginner MenM 40:59.75--100%7.98%7.78%
2116Mark PettyBeginner MenM 43:03.65+2:03.9+5.04%95.20%3.35%3.14%
3119David WallBeginner MenM 43:28.65+2:28.9+6.05%94.29%2.41%2.20%
4101Mark RobinsonBeginner MenM 45:26.15+4:26.4+10.83%90.23%-1.98%-2.20%
5102Chris HeydonBeginner MenM 46:21.35+5:21.6+13.07%88.44%-4.05%-4.27%
6105Jamie TompkinsBeginner MenM 47:59.25+6:59.5+17.05%85.43%-7.71%-7.94%
7106Mark WickhamBeginner MenM -1 lap4-----
8111John LohrenzBeginner Men -1 lap4-----
9113Des PenalaganBeginner MenM -2 laps3-----
10115Shaun RitchieBeginner MenM -2 laps3-----
11114Mike EatsonBeginner MenM -4 laps1-----
  • Beginner Women
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1136Jenn McCallumBeginner WomenM 41:43.54--100%3.12%2.08%
2134Rose HarrisonBeginner WomenF 42:19.14+0:35.6+1.42%98.60%1.74%0.69%
3131Joanna SamsonBeginner WomenF 42:54.44+1:10.9+2.83%97.25%0.38%-0.69%
4141Paige TiberioBeginner WomenF 45:19.54+3:36.0+8.63%92.06%-5.24%-6.37%
5135Kathryn MooreBeginner Women -1 lap3-----
6132Sue CarlsonBeginner WomenF -3 laps1-----
  • Expert Men
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
120Christian RicciExpert MenM 49:04.07--100%5.77%5.82%
22Kai ChristensenExpert MenM 49:17.47+0:13.4+0.46%99.55%5.34%5.39%
31Rob BrownExpert MenM 49:51.57+0:47.5+1.61%98.41%4.25%4.30%
43Brian De LeenheerExpert MenM 49:57.57+0:53.5+1.82%98.22%4.05%4.11%
54Zac WheelerExpert MenM 50:17.87+1:13.8+2.51%97.55%3.40%3.46%
65Jeff FauldsExpert MenM 51:56.67+2:52.6+5.86%94.46%0.24%0.30%
716John HauserExpert MenM 52:15.17+3:11.1+6.49%93.90%-0.35%-0.30%
822Chris WhiteExpert MenM 52:27.17+3:23.1+6.90%93.55%-0.74%-0.68%
96Michael TrippExpert MenM 53:28.07+4:24.0+8.97%91.77%-2.68%-2.63%
108John NobleExpert MenM 53:50.87+4:46.8+9.74%91.12%-3.41%-3.36%
119Richard HighamExpert MenM 56:06.97+7:02.9+14.36%87.44%-7.77%-7.71%
127Peter HennessyExpert MenM 56:16.97+7:12.9+14.70%87.18%-8.09%-8.03%
1314Rob CampbellExpert MenM -1 lap6-----
1410Phil HallahanExpert MenM -1 lap6-----
1512John HunterExpert MenF -2 laps5-----
  • Expert/Sport Women
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
131Kathy EggenbergerExpert/Sport WomenF 55:58.07--100%0.00%0.00%
241Nichola BendleExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
332Rebecca ChristensenExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
433Katy ShufeltExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
535Deb ParberryExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
642Deanna HutchisonExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
736Sarah AndersonExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
834Heather HallahanExpert/Sport WomenF -1 lap6-----
940Tanya MacNeilExpert/Sport WomenF -2 laps5-----
  • Sport Men
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
151Justin MinicolaSport MenM 54:09.47--100%2.02%2.02%
253Tim MatthewsSport MenM 56:23.67+2:14.2+4.13%96.03%-2.02%-2.02%
362Robert BrownSport MenM -1 lap6-----
454Isaac WhiteSport MenM -1 lap6-----
556Scott MurisonSport MenM -1 lap6-----
667Dean McGregorSport MenM -1 lap6-----
763Michael WeirSport MenM -1 lap6-----
875Arlen PenalaganSport Men -1 lap6-----
955David NewportSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1066David FellSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1158Ben PyeSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1259Scott PattersonSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1376Mikhail ClarksonSport Men -1 lap6-----
1486Chris FehrSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1571Greg ElmhirstSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1668Bill BlairSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1770Kris SieberSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1864Stu CuretonSport MenM -1 lap6-----
1957Joel AndersonSport MenM -1 lap6-----
2052Jonathan MorenoSport MenM -2 laps5-----
2165Rhys PenalaganSport MenM -6 laps1-----
  • Youth
Place Bib Racer name Category Gender Finish time
1158Aislin HallahanYouthF 24:47.72--100%2.32%2.32%
2153Finn CuretonYouth 25:58.32+1:10.6+4.75%95.47%-2.32%-2.32%