Kajo Triathlon

Racer info
Hometown: Kouvola
Country: Finland
Sports: Aquabike - swim and bike
Aquathlon - swim and run
Cycling - road
Duathlon - bike and run
Skiing - cross-country
Swimming - open water
Swimming - pool
Updated: Thursday, March 8, 2018

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My race results 2 total
Halliuinti 750m/400m
Place: 3rd
Time: 12:44.6
Distance: 750m
Category: Aikuiset
Gender: M
Sport: Swimming - pool
Location: Kouvola, Finland
Date: Mar 8, 2018
Hillitön hiihto-juoksu 20-5km/10-2,5km
Place: 1st
Time: 1:41:40.0
Distance: 20km+5km
Category: Aikuiset
Gender: M
Sport: Other
Location: Kouvola, Finland
Date: Feb 10, 2018