Makes organizing timing-sport competitions of all sizes easy and affordable

Redmond, WA - May 29, 2012 - Webscorer Inc. introduced today a comprehensive platform to automate many manual steps involved in organizing timing sport races, such as running, cycling, kayaking and skiing. The Webscorer platform includes three integrated components, also usable separately: (1) an easy to use race registration tool, (2) a sophisticated manual race timing app that runs on the iPad and iPhone, and (3) a robust website that supports race results posting from the Webscorer timing app and other sources via an open interface.

"As a racer myself, I witnessed the difficulty race organizers were having in timing races and providing timely results to racers." said Vesa Suomalainen, CEO of Webscorer. "With the emergence of the mobile internet, we saw an opportunity to help modernize the pen & paper method still widely used in recreational racing today."

The Webscorer platform can save hours of manual race setup time for the race director, reduce the number of volunteers required to time the event and speed up the processing of results from hours to mere seconds. Coaches benefit by being able to track their athletes' efforts more easily. Racers get instant results usually available only at national-level events. This first-of-its-kind integrated mobile race management system has been in development and extensive testing since 2009.

Roger Michel, Race Director for www.4thDimensionracing.com in Redmond, WA, USA stated, "I timed my entire 2011 season of trail-running, mountain-biking and duathlon races with Webscorer. Racers loved the live results, and it saved me hours of post-race results processing. Webscorer is very versatile and easy to use."

"Webscorer has been an integral part of our team's toolbox since December 2010 for split-timing, team time trials and other training purposes." said Justin Wadsworth, Head Coach for the Canadian National Cross-Country Ski Team in Canmore, AB, Canada (www.cccski.com). "Finally, coaches have an intuitive tool that's affordable and fits in the pocket!"

The full Webscorer platform is available worldwide. Webscorer has identified 36 timing-sports that can benefit from its products. For more information, visit www.webscorer.com/resources/faq.

About Webscorer

Webscorer Inc. was founded in July 2009 with a mission to make race timing easier and more affordable. More information at www.webscorer.com/pressmaterial/press