Are you organizing e.g. a cross-country running meet where multiple schools will participate - and you’re tasked with getting all the racer info together onto a start list?

Typically, a coach would send you an XLS file over email, and it would be your task to merge the data from multiple XLS files into one, then post the combined list as a start list.  

A simpler way is to:

1. Setup an online registration for your event
    - Navigate to Organizers / My registrations
    - Click on the “Create a new event” menu button
    - Fill out the details in the reg setup & click “Save event setup"

2. Send a link to the registration page to each coach
    - Your reg can include an entry fee that would be paid by the coach
    - The coach would enter all his / her racers, then pay the combined entry fee on a credit card
    - If there’s no entry fee, there’s no Webscorer fee for the registration

3. Have each coach register their own team members
    - The coach should create his / her own Webscorer account
    - This will auto-fill the coach’s email as the contact email for each team member
    - The coach enters each racer’s details, including the team name, submitting one entry at a time
    - Entering the data should take no more than 30 seconds per team member

4. Once you close the registration
    - There are no files to upload or download
    - All the team data can be edited via the reg admin page
    - The reg list can be downloaded directly to the Webscorer PRO timing app

Attached are screenshots from a sample reg setup for a cross-country running meet:
- Categories for High school and Middle school boys & girls races
- Schools participating:  Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish and Woodinville
- Team scoring per category (the team scoring rules are set in the Webscorer PRO app)

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