We just updated the Webscorer website with several enhancements to the racer profile functionality:
1. Updates to "My racer profile" page
    - You can now create your own custom URL for your racer profile
       -> Example: https://www.webscorer.com/profile/Vesa-Suomalainen
    - You can specify your Club & Sponsor to be shown on your profile page
    - When registering for a race (while signed in to Webscorer.com), your racer profile
      -> Name
      -> Email address
      -> Hometown / Club / Sponsor
      -> Age / Date of birth
      will be auto-filled on the registration page, speeding up registration
    - Additional page controls to show all races on the same page
    - You can print your profile page ("Print this page" menu item)
2. Updates to "Find racer profiles" page
    - The "Find racer profiles" page now works the same way as the "Find results" page
      -> Profile search page: https://www.webscorer.com/profilesearch
    - The map & table shows the 100 most recently updated racer profiles
    - You can filter racers by sport, location or search by name
    - If no profile photo is supplied, a stock sports photo will be shown
    - If you've specified your club / sponsor in your profile, it's shown with your name

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