In road running, it is customary to exclude the top male and female racers from their respective category results - to allow multiple racers to share the top honors. Some races also apply the this principle to "Masters" (age 40+) and also to "Grand Masters" (age 50+) in addition to the fastest male and female.
Here are the steps to get the results to reflect the exclusions with Webscorer PRO:
1. Assign racers to age categories as usual
   - You can either specify "Gender" for each racer, or
   - Set gender-specific distnace names (e.g. "5k Men", "5k Women")
2. Set the results options as follows:
   - Category results = On
   - Overall results = On
   - Overall by gender = On
   - Exclude top racers from category results = On
     -> Exclude top = 1
If you just want too exclude the top male & female racers from category results, you're done. If you want to exclude also the top male & female master and grand master from category results, follow these additional steps:
3. In addition to the age categories, create the following categories (but do not assign them to anyone yet):
   - Master Male
   - Master Female
   - Grand Master Male
   - Grand Master Female
4. Time the race and when complete, navigate to the "Results" panel
5. Reassign the categories listed in #3 to the top racers (in this order):
   - Tap the "Overall" results
   - Go down the results and skip over the top overall male and female (these will be excluded automatically)
   - To reassign a category, tap the racer, then tap the "Category" option on the "Racer Info" panel
   - Assign “Master Male” and “Master Female” category to the fastest 40+ male & female racer
   - Assign “Grand Master Male” and “Grand Master Female” category to the fastest 50+ male & female racer
6. Notes on special situations:
   - If the fastest male is a master, then you'd assign the "Master Male" category to the 2nd fastest male racer age 40+
   - If the fastest male master is a grand master male, you'd assign the "Master Male" category to the next fastest 40+ racer
7. Post the results to
   - An example here:

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