Let's assume you've mastered Webscorer PRO well enough and feel confident to time your race with it.  However, if your race involves multiple stages and hence multiple devices, you can't do it all yourself even if you wanted to.  So what can you do to get largely untrained volunteers to succeed in performing the timing?
The system we’ve had had success with is as follows:

1. Do the race setup yourself, and hand the device to the volunteer with the race clock already started
2. Instruct the device operator to only tap the time stamps - not bibs during the timing task
3. Switch the app to the "keypad view", to prevent the accidental tapping of the racer box
4. Each timing team should consist of two persons:
   - Device operator tapping time stamps only
   - Bib recorder writing down bibs on paper in order of finish
5. The bib recording person should use the bib recording sheets from
6. The assistant should also write down each time stamp (copied from the timer's device) on the bib recording sheet.
6. When the timing task is done, both the timer & the assistant would sit down and enter the bibs on the timing device
7. You'd do the combining of the results after reviewing the data & collect the bib sheets for later investigations

There have been several instances where the app data is wrong / unreliable due to an inexperienced operator – but most cases the assistant has been diligent and had all the data duplicated on paper.  Reentering the data into a single device is far easier to do that entering all of it to Excel after the race.

Other tips:

- There are big differences in who’s apt to time a race and who’s likely to get nervous under stress
- Younger operators tend do much better than older ones
- We’ve found that prior timing experience it totally irrelevant
- Knowledge how to operate a touch screen is required
- A steady hand and a cool mind is essential
- Never let the actual race director to do the timing (too distracted !!!)

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