Race organizer question:

I have a question on how to use Webscorer for a race my paddling club is running mid July. The race is two laps. First lap is mass start and at the end of the first lap, the boats are stopping in the order they come in. Second lap is started in reverse order of finish on the first lap.  The boats are started in interval starts for that second lap.  Winner is determined on the total time of the two laps.
Is Webscorer able to make the timing of this easier?  In the past we have had a team of people manually timing this with a lot of calculations happening.

Webscorer answer:

Yes, here’s how you can do it:
1. Specify the race as a mass start, 3 laps.
2. Lap 1 is the first stage.
3. Use the “Exclude laps” feature and exclude lap 2 (this is the transition time after 1st lap and before the racers start again).
4. To start the racers for the 2nd stage, you’d tap their racer box as it to time the 2nd lap.
5. The starting intervals can be anything you decide appropriate – a fixed # of seconds or a random interval.
6. You can post the 1st lap times as preliminary results and get the starting order for 2nd stage from there.
7. When racers finish the 2nd stage, you’ll tap them to finish as usual.
The app automatically calculates the total time by combining lap 1 and lap 3 times.  The results will show the race as a 2-lap race – the excluded lap is just a trick to get the app to time it with the transition time in between.


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