IIAAG Series Race 1

Saturday, April 8, 2017 14:57 (GMT+10) - Start list

Race info
Sport: Paddling - outrigger
Location: Tamuning, Guam
Start type: Manual wave start
Wave grouping: Custom
Racers: 76
Updated: Sunday, April 9, 2017 09:35 (GMT+10)

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IIAAG Series Race 1

Bib Racer name
Distance Category Wave Start time
1001 OK Bulldogs 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1001MFOK Bulldogs 0:00
1002 SH Dolphins 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1002MFSH Dolphins 0:00
1004 JFK Islanders 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1004MFJFK Islanders 0:00
1005 SJ Knights 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1005MFSJ Knights 10:13
1006 ND Royals 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1006MFND Royals 10:13
1007 SS Sharks 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1007MFSS Sharks 10:13
1008 GH Panthers 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1008MFGH Panthers 10:13
1009 FD Friars 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1009MLFD Friars 16:28
1010 GH Panthers 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1010MLGH Panthers 16:28
1011 ND Royals 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1011MLND Royals 16:28
1012 SH Dolphins 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1012MLSH Dolphins 16:28
1013 JFK Islanders 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1013MLJFK Islanders 23:15
1014 SS Sharks 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1014MLSS Sharks 23:15
1015 OK Bulldogs 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1015MLOK Bulldogs 23:15
1017 GH Panthers 500M1 Sottera 1017SAGH Panthers 28:32
1018 TH Titans 500M1 Sottera 1018SATH Titans 28:32
1019 OK Bulldogs 500M1 Sottera 1019SAOK Bulldogs 28:32
1020 ND Royals 500M1 Sottera 1020SAND Royals 28:32
1021 JFK Islanders 500M1 Sottera 1021SAJFK Islanders 34:11
1022 SS Sharks 500M1 Sottera 1022SASS Sharks 34:11
1023 AOLG Cougars 500M1 Sottera 1023SAAOLG Cougars 34:11
1024 SH Dolphins 500M1 Sottera 1024SASH Dolphins 34:11
1025 SS Sharks 500M1 Sotteru 1025SUSS Sharks 39:31
1026 JFK Islanders 500M1 Sotteru 1026SUJFK Islanders 39:31
1027 FD Friars 500M1 Sotteru 1027SUFD Friars 39:31
1029 TH Titans 500M1 Sotteru 1029SUTH Titans 44:02
1030 OK Bulldogs 500M1 Sotteru 1030SUOK Bulldogs 44:02
1031 GW Geckos 500M1 Sotteru 1031SUGW Geckos 44:02
1032 GH Panthers 500M1 Sotteru 1032SUGH Panthers 44:02
1033 SH Dolphins 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1033MMSH Dolphins 50:42
1034 GH Panthers 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1034MMGH Panthers 50:42
1035 SJ Knights 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1035MMSJ Knights 50:42
1037 ND Royals 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1037MMND Royals 56:17
1038 OK Bulldogs 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1038MMOK Bulldogs 56:17
1039 GW Geckos 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1039MMGW Geckos 56:17
1041 FD/AOLG 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1041MMFD/AOLG 1:02:03
1042 JFK Islanders 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1042MMJFK Islanders 1:02:03
1043 SS Sharks 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1043MMSS Sharks 1:02:03
1045 FD/AOLG 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1045SMFD/AOLG 1:07:39
1046 GH Panthers 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1046SMGH Panthers 1:07:39
1047 OK Bulldogs 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1047SMOK Bulldogs 1:07:39
1049 SS Sharks 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1049SMSS Sharks 1:12:59
1050 TH Titans 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1050SMTH Titans 1:12:59
1051 JFK Islanders 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1051SMJFK Islanders 1:12:59
1003 GW Geckos 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1003MFGW Geckos 18:36:39
1016 OPEN ML 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1016MLOPEN ML
1028 OPEN MM 500M1 Sotteru 1028SUOPEN MM
1036 OPEN MM 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1036MMOPEN MM
1040 OPEN MM 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1040MMOPEN MM
1044 OPEN MM 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1044MMOPEN MM
1048 OPEN SM 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1048SMOPEN SM
1052 OPEN SM 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1052SMOPEN SM
1053 OPEN MF 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1053MFOPEN MF
1054 OPEN MF 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1054MFOPEN MF
1055 OPEN MF 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1055MFOPEN MF
1056 OPEN MF 500M1 Manhoben Famalaoan 1056MFOPEN MF
1057 OPEN ML 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1057MLOPEN ML
1058 OPEN ML 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1058MLOPEN ML
1059 OPEN ML 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1059MLOPEN ML
1060 OPEN ML 500M1 Manhoben Lalahi 1060MLOPEN ML
1061 OPEN MM 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1061MMOPEN MM
1062 OPEN MM 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1062MMOPEN MM
1063 OPEN MM 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1063MMOPEN MM
1064 OPEN MM 500M1 Manhoben Mixed 1064MMOPEN MM
1065 OPEN SA 500M1 Sottera 1065SAOPEN SA
1066 OPEN SA 500M1 Sottera 1066SAOPEN SA
1067 OPEN SA 500M1 Sottera 1067SAOPEN SA
1068 OPEN SA 500M1 Sottera 1068SAOPEN SA
1069 OPEN SU 500M1 Sotteru 1069SUOPEN SU
1070 OPEN SU 500M1 Sotteru 1070SUOPEN SU
1071 OPEN SU 500M1 Sotteru 1071SUOPEN SU
1072 OPEN SU 500M1 Sotteru 1072SUOPEN SU
1073 OPEN SM 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1073SMOPEN SM
1074 OPEN SM 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1074SMOPEN SM
1075 OPEN SM 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1075SMOPEN SM
1076 OPEN SM 500M1 Sotteru Mixed 1076SMOPEN SM