Corn Maze Craze

Saturday, September 25, 2021 7:30 AM (GMT-7)

Event info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Snohomish, WA, United States
Registrations: 133
Registration closes: Thursday, September 23, 2021 11:59 PM (GMT-7)
Organized by: Northwest Trail Runs
Event website:

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Distance Category Wave Age Gender
Agra Monagan 5k ADULT 8:10am 44 F
Aleshia Truong 5k ADULT 8:10am 31 M
Alison Phillips 5k ADULT 8:30am 40 F
Alyssa Smith 7k ADULT 7:50am 32 F
Amanda Pollard 5k ADULT 8:30am 41 F
Amir Sheibani 5k ADULT 8:30am 48 M
Ana Short 7k ADULT 8:10am 54 F
Andrea Johansen 5k ADULT 7:30am 28 F
Andy Burt 5k ADULT 8:30am 36 M
Angela Grant 5k ADULT 8:10am 51 F
Arielle Jones 7k ADULT 8:10am 36 F
Ashley Basinger 7k ADULT 8:10am 35 F
Ashley Coberly 7k ADULT 8:30am 39 F
Ashley Hauser 7k ADULT 7:30am 34 F
Barbara Mahoney 7k ADULT 7:30am 57 F
Bonica Teja 5k YOUTH 8:30am 10 F
Brenda Schultz 5k ADULT 8:10am 50 F
Caitie Hawley 7k ADULT 7:50am 34 F
Cari Crandall 5k ADULT 8:10am 45 F
Carrie Horton 7k ADULT 8:30am 51 F
Cassie Graham 5k YOUTH 8:10am 10 F
Cecilie Cappel 7k ADULT 8:10am 49 F
Charles Ruggiero 5k ADULT 8:30am 43 M
Christina Jahncke 5k ADULT 8:30am 43 F
Christina Reville 5k ADULT 8:30am 39 F
Christine Addams 5k ADULT 8:30am 29 F
Christopher Clark 7k ADULT 8:10am 41 M
Corso Roy 5k YOUTH 8:30am 6 M
Cuong Le 7k ADULT 8:30am 31 M
Dan Curry 7k ADULT 7:30am 48 M
Dan Johnson 5k ADULT 7:50am 43 M
Darcey Axon 5k ADULT 8:30am 45 F
Dave Enger 7k ADULT 8:30am 68 M
Deanna Arens 7k ADULT 7:30am 51 F
Denise Lund 5k ADULT 7:50am 37 F
Derek Harlin 7k ADULT 7:50am 57 M
Elizabeth Rodock 7k ADULT 8:30am 37 F
Elliot Robles 5k ADULT 8:10am 26 M
Elliott Weiss 7k ADULT 7:50am 38 M
Elya Teja 5k YOUTH 8:30am 8 F
Emily Birchman 7k ADULT 7:30am 38 F
Emily Brain 7k ADULT 7:30am 38 F
Emily Greer 5k ADULT 8:10am 46 F
Emmy Heimann 5k ADULT 8:10am 50 F
Ernie Frederick 5k ADULT 7:30am 68 M
Faye Doll 7k ADULT 8:30am 62 F
Garett Roy 5k ADULT 8:30am 42 M
George Thomas 7k ADULT 8:10am 58 M
Gretchen Miller Carpenter 7k ADULT 8:10am 67 F
Haley Burton 5k ADULT 7:50am 29 F
Heather Thomas 5k ADULT 8:30am 28 F
Janine Johnson 5k ADULT 7:50am 44 F
Jason Graham 5k ADULT 8:10am 43 M
Jason Sacks 5k ADULT 7:30am 55 M
Jayne Smith 5k ADULT 8:10am 61 F
Jen Rozler 7k ADULT 7:50am 51 F
Jennifer Roy 5k ADULT 8:30am 41 F
Jessica Tanimowo 5k ADULT 8:30am 35 F
Jody Klineburger 7k ADULT 7:50am 70 F
John Carpenter 7k ADULT 7:30am 56 M
John Gerken 5k ADULT 8:10am 24 M
John Mooney 5k ADULT 8:10am 29 M
Johnathan Hughes 5k ADULT 7:50am 34 M
Julia Carolina 5k ADULT 8:30am 35 F
Julie Ring 5k ADULT 8:30am 48 F
Julie Thorne 5k ADULT 7:50am 34 F
Justin Duke 7k ADULT 7:50am 29 M
Karen Lee 5k ADULT 8:30am 37 F
Kathryn Mhatre 5k ADULT 8:30am 35 F
Kathy Brown 5k ADULT 8:10am 58 F
Katie Roden 7k ADULT 8:10am 39 F
Kelly Moore 7k ADULT 7:30am 37 M
Kimberly Craker 5k ADULT 8:30am 46 F
Kyle Willett 5k ADULT 8:30am 38 M
Larisa Harvey 7k ADULT 8:10am 52 F
Larissa Kolasinski 7k ADULT 7:30am 24 F
Laura Frederick 7k ADULT 7:30am 39 F
Laura Ichikawa 7k ADULT 8:10am 57 F
Laura Morrissey 7k ADULT 8:30am 42 F
Lauren Lamb 5k ADULT 8:30am 26 F
Les Frederick 7k ADULT 7:30am 72 M
Liisa Sacks 7k ADULT 8:10am 55 F
Lisa Graham 5k ADULT 8:10am 41 F
Lisa Kraft 5k ADULT 7:30am 60 F
Lorrie Baldevia 5k ADULT 7:30am 43 F
Machell Collier 5k ADULT 8:10am 46 F
Maria Benjamin 5k ADULT 8:10am 45 F
Marisa Carter 7k ADULT 7:30am 38 F
Mary Frances Chesnut 5k ADULT 7:30am 65 F
Max Maliska 5k ADULT 8:30am 37 M
Melissa Iverson 5k ADULT 8:30am 41 F
Meridith Weiss 5k ADULT 8:30am 34 F
Merlinda Harlin 7k ADULT 7:50am 44 F
Michael Mendiola 5k ADULT 8:30am 55 M
Michael Ring 5k ADULT 8:30am 46 M
Michelle Parson 5k ADULT 8:10am 53 F
Missy Davis 7k ADULT 7:30am 48 F
Nathan Phillips 5k ADULT 7:30am 40 M
Nathan Ruggiero 5k YOUTH 8:30am 12 M
Nicole Marinez 7k ADULT 7:30am 54 F
Noah Ring 5k YOUTH 8:30am 8 M
Olivia Zhu 5k ADULT 8:10am 27 F
Penelope Latham 7k ADULT 7:30am 78 F
Rebecca M Aquino 5k ADULT 8:30am 30 F
Rob Schultz 7k ADULT 8:10am 53 M
Robert Hahn 5k ADULT 8:10am 30 M
Robyn Coleman 7k ADULT 8:10am 53 F
Sara Seelmeyer 5k ADULT 7:50am 28 F
Sarah Brewer 5k ADULT 8:30am 49 F
Sarah Krawczak 7k ADULT 7:50am 27 F
Sarah Mcdevitt 7k ADULT 8:10am 34 F
Sarah Pickard 7k ADULT 7:30am 27 F
Scott Anderson 5k ADULT 8:30am 52 M
Scott Thiessen 7k ADULT 8:30am 37 M
Shannon Robles 5k ADULT 8:10am 26 F
Sheila Gruner 7k ADULT 8:10am 58 F
Shristhy Naidu 5k ADULT 7:30am 28 F
Sierra Ruggiero 5k YOUTH 8:30am 8 F
Sophia Lynch 7k ADULT 7:50am 27 F
Spencer Watkins 7k ADULT 8:30am 32 M
Susie Barry 5k ADULT 8:30am 66 F
Suzanne Childress 7k ADULT 8:10am 41 F
Tara Gregory 5k ADULT 8:30am 25 F
Theresa Burlingame 5k ADULT 8:30am 39 F
Tiffany Carl 5k ADULT 8:30am 45 F
Tina Bergman 7k ADULT 7:30am 58 F
Tina Marchion 5k ADULT 7:30am 43 F
Tom Gallagher 7k ADULT 7:30am 65 M
Tricia Miller 5k ADULT 8:10am 60 F
Tru Truong 5k ADULT 8:10am 35 M
Whitney Millington 5k ADULT 7:50am 48 F
William Marchion 5k ADULT 7:30am 43 M
Zack Graham 5k YOUTH 8:10am 13 M